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If anyone is getting the time bonus, it's me, Avdul, I'm sorry to say.
—Urmd Avdul, SBR Chapter 5: First Stage: 15,000 Meters

Urmd Avdul (ウルムド・アブドゥル Urumudo Abuduru) is a tertiary character featured in the seventh part of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Steel Ball Run.

Coming from Egypt, Urmd is a nomad participating in the Steel Ball Run race.


Urmd is an Egyptian man of average build. He wears a turban that covers his hair, if he has any.


Little is known about Urmd Avdul's personality, as he is swiftly defeated by Gyro Zeppeli. However, he is a competitive racer, being a champion candidate of the Steel Ball Run race. He appears ambitious to some degree, as he is said to cross the Sahara Desert three times annually.[1]



Urmd Avdul is a racer who hails from Egypt. It is mentioned that he crosses the Sahara Desert three times annually.

Steel Ball Run


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It's not even a Stand! It's an organism! I don't know what the hell it is, but this was the thing that was attacking us incredibly quickly!
Ermes Costello, SO Chapter 113: Sky High, Part 2

The Rods (ロッズ Rozzu) are a group of tertiary antagonists featured in the sixth part of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Stone Ocean, specifically the "Sky High" story arc.

They are a mysterious species that absorb body heat. Under the influence of Rikiel's Stand, Sky High, they are led into battle against Jolyne Cujoh, Ermes Costello, and Emporio Alnino.


The rods are long, worm-like creatures of small size. They usually have a total of eight propeller-like wings, four on each side. They are sexually dimorphous, though both genders seem to look alike and only experts can discern the differences.[1] Rods have a cavity, presumably their mouth, located in their center, where they absorb other organisms' nutrients. Like cacti, the rods absorb water through the pores of their skin.[1]

When a rod dies, their body immediately decomposes to nothing, making any discovery of a rod almost impossible.[1]


The rods are parasitic, as it feasts on other organisms' body heat. They live in remote locations and travel in swarms.[2] Under the influence of Sky High, they act on Rikiel's will, though these mechanisms are rather described more of a trust relationship.[3] Whenever Rikiel loses his confidence, the rods either suspend in midair[2][4] or turn against him. After Rikiel's defeat, the rods simply leave their master.[5]

The males procreate with the females via an organ similar to a snail, and the females lay their eggs in midair.[1]


Super Speed

The rods are almost undetectable to the naked eye

The rods can travel at remarkably incredible speeds, up to 200 kilometers per hour (124.274 mph).[1] Because of this, they are nearly difficult to be seen by the naked eye, and can only be captured through cameras and video recordings.[2] Moreover, they are especially nimble and can slip through the tiniest opening[6] or evade Stone Free's punches.[4]

Super Strength

The rods are surprisingly strong, despite their small size. This is demonstrated by their ability to twist ankles just by flying past them.[7]

Enhanced Senses

Each rod has an enhanced sense of smell. They also have an organ that detects heat.[1]

Body Heat Absorption

The rods forcing Rikiel's eyelids shut

The rods' most notable ability is being able to absorb body heat as sustenance. Just by flying past an organism, the rods can absorb their body heat as food and use it as fuel. The effects of body heat dramatically decreasing brings out a variety of severe diseases and effects, ranging from eyelids being forced shut[2] to making entire muscles shut down or even decompose. At some point, they even demonstrate the ability to manipulate one's hand gestures and speech.[4][7]



The rods were accidentally discovered

Emporio Alnino believes the rods have descended from a species called Anomalocarids (パラノグロスス属 Paranogurosusu-zoku). The species existed 3 to 4 hundred million years ago, probably during the Jurassic period, and is believed to have targeted other aquatic dinosaurs.[1]

In the spring of 2000, a group of skydivers filmed themselves parachuting down the pit cave Sótano de las Golondrinas in San Luis Potosí, Mexico. However, they inadvertently filmed the rods as well.[2] Later, Japanese reporters tried to capture them but failed.[2]

Prior to discovering Sky High, Rikiel would get constantly attacked by the rods, which ruined his life.

Stone Ocean

Rikiel sics the rods on Jolyne and company

After discovering his Stand, Rikiel is sent to eliminate Jolyne Cujoh. One of the rods is sent to attack Jolyne, Ermes Costello, and Emporio Alnino in a helicopter, causing their eyelids to force shut. They jump out, and Ermes finds multiple rods swarming around them. She uses her Stand Kiss to punch one of them, killing it.[6]

When the group lands, Rikiel confronts them and sics the rods on them. However, he momentarily loses his confidence, and the rods linger in the air, with some even attacking him, but he eventually regains confidence and continues to sic the rods at the group. The rods inflict a variety of diseases upon the group, such as Ermes's fingers decaying and falling off and Emporio urinating his own blood. However, Jolyne lights herself on fire so that the rods can't absorb her body heat. She eventually manages to defeat Rikiel, and the rods fly away.[5]


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  • The rods are based on the real-life phenomenon. They are little unidentified flying objects that were eventually discovered to be an optical illusion/collusion captured on camera during free fall, typically caused by traces of a flying insect's wingbeats.


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