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This is "Shakedown Road"... Someone's gonna get shook down.

Shakedown Road (カツアゲロード, Katsuage Rōdo) is a neighborhood in Morioh where the residents are known for extorting visitors. Strange events take place there due to the effects of the Stand Les Feuilles.


Shakedown Road

Officially known as the Mutsu-kabe Promenade (六壁遊歩道, Mutsukabe Yūhodō) and also nicknamed Deadman's Curve (デッドマンズ・カーブ, Deddomanzu Kābu), Shakedown Road is a curved hundred-fifty meter car-free street that connects to Hasekura High School in Morioh, S-City, Japan.[1] Along the street's path are Ginkgo biloba trees, whose leaves litter the ground and are the means by which the Stand Les Feuilles causes the neighborhood's unique phenomenon that objects that touch the leaves are moved at imperceptibly fast speeds along them, consciously directed by those aware of its nature. Legends say that the area gained its strange ability back in 1901 when Johnny Joestar brought the Saint's Corpse to Morioh in an attempt to cure his wife Rina Higashikata of a strange illness that turned her body to stone. While Johnny was ultimately successful, his attempts led to his infant son George being struck by the same illness, before he used the Corpse and his own mysterious power to transfer the illness to himself before he died under mysterious circumstances as a large boulder suddenly appeared and crushed his head. In his memory, locals erected a jizō statue that is carefully maintained to the present day, even decorated with a SBR brand hat not unlike the one worn by Josuke Higashikata in the modern day.[2]

As its name suggests, people passing through Shakedown Road are financially extorted by its residents who have all managed to discover the phenomenon caused by Les Feuilles, however none of the residents possess a Stand themselves and are thus unaware of the actual nature of the phenomenon.[3] It is only during the events of the Shakedown Road story arc that Josuke manages to spot Les Feuilles underneath the leaves after he and Joshu Higashikata are assailed by many of Shakedown Road's residents and they both independently identify that the strange phenomenon exists for themselves, even before Joshu develops his own Stand Nut King Call during the events of the arc. Residents otherwise keep the truth of Shakedown Road a secret, with the open knowledge that anyone unaware is free game to be extorted by those who do know, with even local police aware of the nature of the secret in some form.[3][4]



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When a person steps on or an object is placed on the leaves, a group of countless ladybug-like Stands move them around instantaneously, usually causing the person to accidentally break something.

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