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The character featured in this article is commonly referred to as "Magenta Magenta".
Once I decide to take revenge, I always take revenge.
—Magent Magent, Steel Ball Run Chapter 62: Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

Magent Magent (マジェント・マジェント, Majento Majento) is a tertiary antagonist featured in the seventh part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, Steel Ball Run, introduced in the "Wrecking Ball" story arc.

Magent Magent is one of Funny Valentine's henchmen. Partnered with Wekapipo, he attacks Johnny Joestar and Gyro Zeppeli during the 6th stage for the possession of the Saint's Corpse's Legs. Magent is a Stand user who wields the invulnerable 20th Century BOY.


Magent is a slender man of above-average height and dark curly hair. Outside a bolero hat, his attire generally consists of what appears to be a thick quilted stud jacket, accompanied by long sleeves, finger-less gloves, a fur collar, and a single stud-embedded cravat.

Later on, he is given a noticeable scar on the left side of his face after his bout with Johnny and Gyro.

Because his Stand is entirely defensive in nature, Magent Magent carries firearms with him. Against Johnny and Gyro, he wields a shotgun, was shown to use a pistol with a silencer for quiet assassinations, and was seen wearing an explosive belt.

Color Schemes

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.
Skin(Pale, pink lipstick.)
Hair(Black, outlined in magenta.)
(Purple and magenta hat and coat with lighter purple studs and a pink collar, lavender cravat, magenta gloves.)


Looks like I’m gonna have to teach you that people who don’t have anything to lose are the scariest types, Mr. Smartass!
—Magent Magent to Wekapipo, Steel Ball Run Chapter 62: Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
Magent likes silly jokes such as mock-crying with ice shards

Magent Magent is presented as an affable and genial henchman to Funny Valentine, trying to bond with his new partner Wekapipo through idle chat or questionable jokes. However, he is quickly exasperated by Wekapipo's gloomy attitude and comes to hate him for leaving him behind in the cold.

In contrast to Wekapipo's more dignified manners, Magent has several bad habits such as licking his own snot, or is quick to express nervousness or frustration during his battles. Magent's unprofessional behavior also causes him to botch most of his actions, such as when he wastes time taunting and threatening Wekapipo during their battle and allows the latter to counterattack and win.

Magent Magent supposedly has a nasal, gravelly and thus irritating voice. This is represented by his lines tending to be written phonetically rather than the more usual style.

Magent Magent has a fondness for airplanes, marvelling at their potential for crossing great distances in a short time. After being left for dead in the frozen wilderness, he also complains that airplanes weren't invented earlier so that his wounds could be treated earlier.



Main article: 20th Century BOY

Magent Magent can summon 20th Century BOY in order to become invulnerable to all harm, including explosions and drowning, as long as he adopts a kneeling position and puts his hands on the ground.

20th Century BOY (20th Century BOY(トウェンティース・センチュリー・ボーイ))Link to this section
Absolute Defense


Wrecking Ball

Magent attacks Johnny & Gyro alongside Wekapipo

Wekapipo is dispatched alongside Magent Magent. The two stand guard in a vantage point overlooking the frozen strait between Lake Michigan and Lake Superior. Magent tries to converse, mentioning the newly invented airplanes and then attempts a joke. However, Wekapipo doesn't let himself be distracted by Magent's antics and his gloom frustrates Magent. Knowing about a wolf who's the host of the new Corpse Part, Wekapipo and Magent wait for Johnny Joestar and Gyro Zeppeli to appear. Wekapipo advises Magent not to take the Spin lightly. The pair see Johnny and Gyro and approach to attack. Wekapipo throws his Steel Ball. Gyro throws his own Steel Ball to stop it, but Wekapipo's Ball shoots the small beads embedded on it at the duo. The left side ataxia sets in for Johnny and Gyro; Magent Magent goes to their left on his sled and tries to shoot, but Johnny turns to the right until he sees Magent and shoots him. Magent shoots thus unveils his Stand 20th Century BOY, which makes him invulnerable as long as he's sitting or kneeling. Gyro also throws a Steel Ball but Magent remains impervious to the Spin. Moreover, Gyro's left hand is wounded because of Magent's shots. Wekapipo notices the wolf and throws two Balls at Gyro. When Gyro tries to counter them, his Balls are pushed aside and Gyro understands Wekapipo's strategy. By attacking them on the water and attacking his hands, Wekapipo has isolated Gyro in a battlefield where he cannot closely observe nature to create a perfect Spin, thus depowering him greatly.

Magent is taken out by a falling bullet

Johnny stops the satellites of the second ball, allowing Magent to shoot the wolf. Then, a stray satellite flies towards and Gyro is forced to shield Johnny with his other hand, damaging it and preventing Gyro from faking the Golden Rectangle with his hands. Wekapipo induces the left side ataxia again and Magent disappears from the heroes' sight. Gyro only manage to grab one Steel Ball before the effects fully kick in. He throws his Ball in the general direction of Magent and does hit his shoulder. Gyro ducks to avoid two bullets to the head but receives one in the guts. Gyro uses the bullet as a weapon and throws it at Magent, who deflects the bullet upward. Despite Wekapipo's warning, Magent drops his guard and the bullet then falls down. It pierces Magent's face and takes him out. Gyro subsequently defeats Wekapipo and turns him into an ally. Johnny, Gyro and Wekapipo leave the straits, also leaving Magent.

However, Magent Magent survives his wounds. He manages to crawl across the straits and cross the 15 km of snow towards Mackinaw City. He has heard about Lucy Steel being an enemy of Valentine. He's found by Diego Brando, who brings him back to civilization and the two cooperate loosely. Magent is at last treated back to a semblance of health and goes to Philadelphia.

In Philadelphia

Wekapipo fights Magent

To find Lucy, Magent seeks Steel in his coach and hands him a ruler. Because of his lost eye, Magent has trouble perceiving perspective and he uses this trick to shoot better, hitting Steel in the chest with two bullets. However, Wekapipo arrives on the scene. When Wekapipo finds Steel in his coach, the old man has been shot. Magent tries to ambush Wekapipo, hidden on the coach and tries to shoot. However, the horses are startled and Wekapipo sees Magent's shadow. Magent shoots and Wekapipo throws a Wrecking Ball through the roof, grazing each other. The satellites fly towards Magent, who protects himself with 20th Century BOY. Magent sneakily lights up his belt of dynamite sticks. With Magent immobilized, Wekapipo climbs on the coach whose horses start to gallop. Wekapipo tries to stab Magent in the face with a knife, but it breaks. He then tries to smash his head with a direct throw to the skull but 20th Century BOY makes Magent invulnerable.

Magent is trapped at the bottom of the Delaware

Near the Delaware river, Wekapipo sees that Magent has lit a bunch of dynamite sticks. He throws a Steel Ball at Steven Steel to harden his body and uses his other ball to induce left side ataxia on the horses, making them turn right and throw both Wekapipo and Magent in the water. The explosion still sends shrapnel at Wekapipo, who is hurt and in the water. Magent cancels his Stand and takes out his gun, preparing to shoot the Neapolitan. Magent gloats, stating that he always takes his revenge. However, Magent is suddenly tied by cables. The Ball Wekapipo had used on the horse has pulled cables around the tire axle and tied Magent, pulling him underwater. Nearly drowning, Magent activates his Stand and waits for Diego to come save him. However, Magent eventually stops waiting and stops thinking as neither Diego, nor anyone else, comes to save him, leaving Magent to rest indefinitely at the bottom of the river. It is unclear whether his stand has the ability to make him immortal, leaving his ultimate fate unknown.


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Quote.png Quotes
  • Wekapipo ! I thought I’d find you eventually if I kept on tracking Steel… I purposefully didn’t hit you right in the vitals! Since you’re older, I’ll be more respectful! I’ll rip your limbs apart first, one by one… for you, I’ll make sure to let you have a taste of the worst kind of living hell and kill you slowly, Mr “High and Mighty”…
    —Magent Magent , Steel Ball Run Chapter 60 : Both Sides Now, Part 1
  • Once I decide to take revenge, I always take revenge.
    —Magent Magent , Steel Ball Run Chapter 62 : Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
  • That’s for treating people like me like shit! Looks like I’m gonna have to teach you that people who don’t have anything to lose are the scariest types, Mr. Smartass!
    —Magent Magent , Steel Ball Run Chapter 62 : Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap



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