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This is a list of all current Spanish, Argentinean and Mexican volumes of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga, as well as the titles of the chapters contained therein. Chapters are arranged by volume, with their appropriate volume titles and chapters listed underneath.

In Spain and Argentina, the series is distributed by Argentine Editorial Ivrea and its regional subsidiaries. Both editions are translated by Spanish Pablo Tschopp. In Spain, the series is released monthly since 2017,[1] with JoJolion starting in July 2023.[2] Their edition is based on the Japanese bunkoban edition, but it only goes up to Steel Ball Run, so JoJolion is published in standard tankōbon format. The Argentine edition is identical save the translation; it started in 2018 and is currently on Stone Ocean.[3] For an unknown reason, the German and Polish editions, not published by Ivrea, use the covers of their releases.

The series for Mexico is distributed by Panini Comics, also in bunkoban format, since 2018,[4] currently on Steel Ball Run.[5]

Volume List

Release Date
Spain November 24, 2022[6]
Chapter Titles
Baoh Manga Spain.jpg
Release Date
Spain December 5, 2019[7]
Argentina June 4, 2021
Chapter Titles
  1. Baoh, El Arma Definitiva (最終兵器バオー, Saishū Heiki Baō)
  2. Orden De Exterminación! (抹殺指令!, Massatsu Shirei!)
  3. Baoh, El Cuerpo Invencible (無敵の肉体バオー, Muteki no Nikutai Baō)
  4. Martin, La Bestia Malvada (凶獣マーチン, Kyōjū Māchin)
  5. Abuelo Rokusuke (六助じいさん, Rokusuke-jīsan)
  6. Aroma De Murcielago (アロマ・バット, Aroma Batto)
  7. Sal, Baoh (怪物(バオー)よ出でよ, Baō yo Ide yo)
  8. Cyborg Teniente Colonel Dordo (サイボーグ・ドルド中佐, Saibōgu Dorudo-chūsa)
  9. Walken, El Demonio (魔人ウォーケン, Majin Wōken)

Under Execution Under Jailbreak

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Under Execution Under Jailbreak Spain.jpg
Release Date
Spain September 7, 2023[8]
Chapter Titles
Volume 1
ThusSpokeKishibeRohan Spain Vol.1.png

ThusSpokeKishibeRohan Spain Vol.1 Back.png

Release Date
Spain July 22, 2021[9]
Argentina June 10, 2022[10]
Chapter Titles
Volume 2
ThusSpokeKishibeRohan Spain Vol.2.png
Release Date
Spain August 12, 2021[11]
Argentina September 23, 2022[12]
Chapter Titles


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