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This is a list of minor items appearing in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Steel Ball Run.

The items featured in this list do not have enough information to justify an article, mainly due to lack of relevance, but are still notable.
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Part 7: Steel Ball Run

Gyro's Teddy BearLink to this section

A worn out teddy bear owned by Gyro Zeppeli. It eventually became so worn out Gyro abandoned it during the 7th stage before confronting Axl RO. Apart from his affection for it, it is otherwise unremarkable. However, a double of the teddy bear was summoned by Civil War and contributed to incapacitate Gyro by covering him with a membrane alongside other abandoned items.

Royal Executioner GorgetLink to this section
Manga Debut: Steel Ball Run Chapter 24: Interlude
A gorget made of cloth bearing the crest of the Royal Family of Naples. It is the symbol of status of the royal executioners and stealing one of these is akin to insulting the whole country. Gyro's gorget got lost when one prisoner rebelled and fought Gyro, only for Marco to take it and try to fix it. The incident pushed Gyro to object to Marco's death and subsequently participate to the Steel Ball Run race in order to free the young boy.
Joseph of Arimathea's MapLink to this section
Manga Debut: Steel Ball Run Chapter 25: Tusk, Part 1
A map of the Americas on which are marked the nine approximate locations of the Saint Corpse Parts, despite dating back to the 1st century AC. Joseph of Arimathea was one of Jesus's followers. When Jesus resurrected, he drew a map of the Americas in which were indicated the location of his future Corpse Parts. Joseph of Arimathea witnessed the miracle and drew the map on a parchment. It was subsequently hidden in an English abbey until it was stolen during the 16th Century. Its whereabouts became unknown, until Funny Valentine found the map in the British Parliament in 1889. He then used the map to organize the Steel Ball Run race.
Hot Pants's SandwichesLink to this section
Hot Pants sandwiches.png
Manga Debut: Steel Ball Run Chapter 33: The World of Man, Part 1
Hot Pants travels with a box of sandwiches as a meal. The sandwiches are quite delicious-looking; Johnny notes that the meat is roast beef, and that the sandwiches are also filled with eggs and onions. Hot Pants offers two to Gyro and Johnny as a token of goodwill. Later, Gyro discovers her box and expresses his wish to eat all of the sandwiches to annoy Hot Pants, or better yet to eat only the meat and leave the bread. Whether he did something to them is unknown.
Ringo's MessageLink to this section
Manga Debut: Steel Ball Run Chapter 36: The Green Tomb, Part 1
A message sent via messenger pigeon by Ringo Roadagain to Funny Valentine. It contained the coordinates for the Spine of Jesus: 36° 6' 24" North, 94° 40' 6" West. Lucy Steel intercepted the message, and managed to take the Spine, giving it to Johnny and Gyro. However, its theft was noticed and set the government on a chase after her.
Nicholas's Riding BootsLink to this section
Manga Debut: Steel Ball Run Chapter 42: Silent Way, Part 3
A pair of old horse riding boots originally owned by Nicholas Joestar who tragically died in an accident. One day, Johnny Joestar found out that his boots were too damaged for use, and sought to borrow Nicholas' boots. However, his father George objected to it as he cherished Nicholas' memory, loving him more than Johnny. They briefly fought over it, causing George to disown his son. Years later during the event of the High Voltage arc, George would wave these boots in front of Johnny as a silent reconciliation.
Gyro's Belt BuckleLink to this section
A belt buckled consisting of two metallic plates on which are engraved two hands normally pointing downward as to emphasize the crotch when the belt is worn. The plates are designed to be in the ratio of the Golden Rectangle, making it a good scale for Spin users to produce an infinite rotation although they generally rely on observation of nature. Gyro would use the belt buckle to push Johnny to his limits, making him realize where to really look to see the Golden Rectangle. Johnny would learn to produce an infinite rotation by observing his surroundings and use the belt buckle to make a metal bullet which granted him victory over Sandman.
Valentine's HandkerchiefLink to this section
Manga Debut: Steel Ball Run Chapter 87: Ball Breaker, Part 5
A handkerchief on which is embroidered the date "20 Sep. 1847", Funny Valentine's birth date. It was originally owned by Funny's biological father and the soldier used it as a memento of what he was resisting torture for. He hid it in his eye socket, enabling Capt. Valentine, his friend, to give it to Funny. It served to boost Valentine's resolve at the moment he was overcome by despair, facing the possibility of remaining buried alive forever due to Tusk ACT4's infinite rotation. Thus, it indirectly allowed him to conceive one last plan to defeat Johnny Joestar.


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