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Crazy Diamond's Demonic Heartbreak #Final Chapter (クレイジーD(ダイヤモンド)の悪霊的失恋 #最終話, Kureijī Daiyamondo no Akuryō-teki Shitsuren #Saishū-wa) is the sixteenth and final chapter of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Crazy Diamond's Demonic Heartbreak.

It was originally published in the June 2023 issue of Ultra Jump, alongside the fourth chapter of The JOJOLands.


The narration describes Tohth as a record of humanity that constantly grows. It's unknown when the record began, and it has had many other names and forms throughout history based on its wielders' minds. It is implied that despite not having the ability to change the future, it is possible that Tohth guided Boingo to be freed from DIO's curse, essentially freeing itself from the curse as well.

Ryoko talks to her mother on the phone while walking down the street. Her mom asks if she'll come home to Kanagawa before heading to university, but Ryoko apologizes since she is planning on finding a place to stay in Kyoto. Her mom asks if she'll be okay being far away from Morioh, but Ryoko claims she already got to say goodbye to her cousin.

Meanwhile, Josuke is drinking coffee with Hol Horse at Café Deux Magots. He informs Hol Horse that his grandfather and his coworkers found Karaiya's gun at the construction site, as well as Karaiya himself strung up in a nearby tree. However, they couldn't question him with the mental state he was in. Hol Horse regrets that they'll never find out how Karaiya managed to capture Pet Sounds, but Josuke thinks it's fine since Hol Horse has the bird now anyways. Hol Horse tells him to stay cautious since other Stand users could be lurking in town, but Josuke doesn't want to be caught up in things like that since he's just starting high school. Josuke asks if Hol Horse still has other things to take care of in Egypt. After Hol Horse comments that he's stuck having to deal with a gang trying to collect money from Oingo, Josuke spots Ryoko on the street. Wanting to catch up to Ryoko, Josuke quickly takes his leave, thanking Hol Horse for the coffee and believing they'll meet again someday. The two part ways.

Boingo peeks into the police station, wanting to thank Ryohei for his help earlier. However, Ryohei shows up behind him, and is happy that Boingo got his book back. Ryohei worries whether Josuke caused any trouble for Boingo with his rowdiness, but Boingo believes that's one of Josuke's good traits. Ryohei is relieved to hear that, and Boingo hopes everyone else will understand Josuke someday too. He drops his book mid-speech, revealing new pages. Tohth tells Boingo that wanting to thank Ryohei is proof that he has grown a lot. However, this is the only chance he would have gotten to do so since Ryohei is about to die soon, after drinking a bottle of rum. Boingo is shocked upon reading it, so Ryohei picks up the book for him. Ryohei says he doesn't really understand what it said, but he could tell it was about him. Boingo's expression causes him to believe that it isn't just a bad joke. Hol Horse finds Boingo at the station and also thanks Ryohei, before dragging Boingo away so they could go help Oingo back in Egypt. When they leave, Ryohei looks at a photo of his family and figures his death is bound to happen eventually regardless of what the book said, but he knows Josuke will be fine. However, he decides to call Josuke's father, Joseph Joestar, in case he really will die soon.

At the bus stop, Josuke catches up with Ryoko, calling her cold for leaving without saying goodbye. Ryoko asks what he wants, since she already apologized and said thanks to him. She starts lamenting about the misconceptions she had, but Josuke doesn't think it's a bad thing to hold onto your heroes. When she responds that she can't cling to Noriaki forever, Josuke decides to slice her bang off using his Stand. He asks if she feels relieved now, but she angrily slaps him. Using his ability, Josuke then restores her bang back to normal and smiles. Ryoko understands what he was trying to prove to her and starts crying. Josuke cheers her up and offers to be her boyfriend, but she instantly rejects him because he lives too far away and is younger than her. Josuke's reaction makes her start laughing a lot. She thanks him and Josuke wishes her good luck in Kyoto. As they say their goodbyes, Ryoko praises Josuke's hair by calling it cool, to which Josuke agrees.


Jotaro Kujo
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Ryoko's Mother
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Noriaki Kakyoin
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