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The Warrior Returns to the Wind (風にかえる戦士, Kaze ni Kaeru Senshi) is the seventh volume of Battle Tendency and the eleventh volume of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga. It covers the whole fight between Joseph Joestar and Wamuu.


Lisa Lisa proposes to bet the Red Stone of Aja on a one-on-one fight between Joseph and Wamuu. A chariot race, like in ancient Rome, is to begin on the arena at midnight. Which one of them will win this battle of intellects triumphantly, Joseph or Wamuu?!


Author's Note

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I'm not interested in politics, but lately I have been a little worried by the future of Japan. I find it dangerous that everyone wants to get rich or to gain material wealth. We're more in need of spiritual wealth! That reinforces my idea to deal with more and more enriching subjects through manga. (To be continued in Volume 12.)



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