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The Remains Lurk, Part 2 (忍びよる残骸 その②, Shinobi Yoru Zangai Sono 2), originally The Stolen Body (奪われた肉体, Ubawareta Nikutai) in the WSJ and tankobon releases, is the thirty-eighth chapter of Battle Tendency and the eighty-second chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.


Caesar stumbles upon Joseph in front of Lisa Lisa's room and jumps to conclusions about why he is there. However, Joseph calms him down and tells him that Esidisi's brain has stolen Suzi Q's body. Esidisi tries to turn Caesar against Joseph and Lisa Lisa by crying and pretending that he is actually just Suzi Q. Caesar is hesitant for a moment, but Lisa Lisa explains the situation to Caesar and tells him to catch the mail boat carrying the Red Stone of Aja. Caesar tries to leave to follow the boat, but Esidisi kicks him in the head to distract him. Esidisi taunts the three of them, saying that to kill him they must kill Suzi Q too. However, this does not shock Joseph who tells Esidisi that he would willingly kill one person for the sake of the world. Joseph tries to punch the Esidisi-possessed Suzi Q with the Ripple, but he does not connect the hit when he notices that Esidisi's brain is not leaving Suzi's body. Esidisi concludes that Joseph cannot destroy him because he is in a woman’s body.

Esidisi decides to detonate Suzi Q’s body on all of them, spraying his boiling blood everywhere. While he is preparing to do this, everyone briefly argues over who needs to kill Suzi, but Joseph tells Caesar that they can use the technique they learned while climbing the oiled pillar. They do so, and the effect of both Ripples attracting and repelling each other in Suzi's heart causes them to cancel each other out, and in turn, causes Esidisi's brain to jump out of Suzi's body out of fear. Esidisi tries to take control of Joseph, but by this time, the sun has already risen and its light vaporizes Esidisi's brain. After the fight, Joseph, Caesar and Lisa Lisa all go to follow the mail boat where Esidisi sent the stone.


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The story's taking place in Switzerland starting next week! I'd like to take a break and do some research, but I don't think it's possible.



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