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This is a list of unnamed characters found in the seventh part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, Steel Ball Run. These characters played minor but varying roles throughout the storyline.

Steel Ball Run

Arizona Desert PeoplesSandman's SisterSteel Ball Run ExecutiveSteel Ball Run JournalistsUrmd's CamelSteel Ball Run StaffThiefPocoloco's FriendPocoloco's Fortune TellerPocoloco's FatherJohnny's GirlfriendTheater FanCorrupt Hospital NurseSandman's ParentsLive CommentatorSteel Ball Run Limited PassengersManure-Covered RiderHabitual BurglarMisguided RidersSteven's First LoveShaved MonkeySheriffEmerald ProspectorThe Cavalry's 26th SquadGyro's MotherGyro's SiblingsNeapolitan NobleBeautiful PrisonerPresident's AidesDiego's WifeDiego's MotherFarm WorkerRingo's FatherRingo's MotherRingo's SistersPotato KillerKansas City GuardGyro's Hospital PatientSugar Mountain's ParentsSugar Mountain's VictimsWisconsin Farmer and SonMilwaukee NotaryMilwaukee CroupierMilwaukee GangstersWekapipo's Younger SisterWekapipo's Brother-in-lawHot Pants's BrotherThree AssassinsPhiladelphia GuardsShooting WitnessesCoach DriverRailroad WorkerVictims of Love TrainFunny's MotherFunny's FatherDiego's Fans
Arizona Desert PeoplesLink to this section
Arizona Desert Peoples.jpg

An indigenous community residing in the Arizona desert. Because they are being driven out of their ancestors' land, they distrust and hate white Americans. To them, possession of a white man's book (e.g. the Bible) is considered treachery and is punishable by death.

Steel Ball Run ExecutiveLink to this section
Sbr manager.jpg
An executive manager working for Steven Steel and overseeing the Steel Ball Run race. He reports directly to Steel on two occasions about the progress of the race.
Steel Ball Run JournalistsLink to this section
SBR Journalists.png
Manga Debut: Steel Ball Run Chapter 1: The Steel Ball Run Press Conference
Debut: VOMIC
Voice Actor: Takashi Ōhara (Newspaper Reporter A)
Daisuke Endou (Newspaper Reporter C)
Journalists present at the Steel Ball Run press conference that Steven Steel held two days before the race. They first asked for a reexplanation of the Steel Ball Run race before moving on to a Q&A. They asked various questions regarding complaints, rules, participants, and other general information. Some of them would also be invited as passengers on Steven's train during the race's first stage.

In the VOMIC, only a couple of the reporters are shown, and the ones that speak are credited as Newspaper Reporter A (新聞記者A, Shinbun kisha A) and Newspaper Reporter C (新聞記者C, Shinbun kisha C).

Urmd's CamelLink to this section
Urmd's Camel.png
Urmd Avdol uses this unnamed camel to ride in the Steel Ball Run race. Likely being an Arabian camel, it is reportedly used by Urmd to cross the Sahara desert three times annually. Urmd's choice of transportation being this camel instead of a horse made him a prime candidate for winning the race. Due to its long legs, it can keep up with a horse's speed but at the same time crush any other racers with its 800 kg body. During the 1st stage of the race, Urmd attempted to knock out Gyro Zeppeli by crashing into him with his camel. However, Gyro's use of his Steel Ball caused Urmd to have his camel charge and crash into a group of cacti, causing Urmd to be unable to continue the race.
Steel Ball Run StaffLink to this section
Steels little helpers.png
These identical looking men are the most recognizable among Steven Steel's employees and do various odd jobs during the race, such as welcoming and registering the participants of the Steel Ball Run, attending the buffets or tending to the boats of the race. One of the men also taught mathematics to Lucy during the race. During the government's search for traitors, they were investigated but nothing of note happens to them. After the end of the Steel Ball Run, they were hired to work on a boat to Europe.
ThiefLink to this section
A petty thief lurking around the Steel Ball Run race admission office. He tries to steal $20 from Gyro Zeppeli but is caught. As he is taken away by the police, the thief angrily declares that he'll follow Gyro and do everything to hinder him, prompting the Neopolitan to challenge the thief in a duel and kill him when a well-placed Steel Ball throw makes the thief shoot himself.
Pocoloco's FriendLink to this section
Pocoloco friend.jpg
Manga Debut: Steel Ball Run Chapter 2: Gyro Zeppeli
He is a black farm worker acquainted with Pocoloco. He is old and knew the age of slavery, but considers that things are changed little since then and that he and Pocoloco must work hard to make a living. He manages to negotiate a pay raise for a contract work, which allows Pocoloco to pay his admission to the Steel Ball Run.
Pocoloco's Fortune TellerLink to this section
Manga Debut: Steel Ball Run Chapter 2: Gyro Zeppeli (Mentioned only)
Steel Ball Run Chapter 6: The Dried-Up River; Diego Brando (Flashback)
She is a fortune teller that sits around on the streets telling fortunes only during the summer. After Pocoloco lost money gambling, he asked this woman to tell him his fortune. She told him that he would be at the highest point in his life for two months and would have 1 out of 5,000,000,000 good luck, predicting his immense luck in the Steel Ball Run.
Pocoloco's FatherLink to this section
Manga Debut: Steel Ball Run Chapter 2: Gyro Zeppeli (Mentioned only)
Not much is known about Pocoloco's deceased father except that he was in slavery and later freed at the same time as Pocoloco's co-worker.
Johnny's GirlfriendLink to this section
Johnny girlfriend.jpg
Manga Debut: Steel Ball Run Chapter 3: Johnny Joestar
Johnny Joestar's girlfriend when he was a star jockey. One day she wanted to see a play but the long line made Johnny hesitate. She retorted that there was no reason for them to wait because of Johnny's status. She abandons Johnny the moment he becomes paraplegic.
Theater FanLink to this section
Movie fan.jpg
Manga Debut: Steel Ball Run Chapter 3: Johnny Joestar
A theater fan who has been standing in line since the previous night to see a play. When Johnny cuts in, he meekly protests and Johnny brutalizes him, then pays the security guard to throw him out. The fan takes out a derringer and shoots Johnny in the spine, turning him paraplegic.
Corrupt Hospital NurseLink to this section
Corrupt nurse.jpg
Manga Debut: Steel Ball Run Chapter 3: Johnny Joestar
A nurse working at the hospital where Johnny is treated. He steals blood from Johnny to sell it later, exploiting the fact that Johnny has lost all his friends. When Johnny protests, the nurse attacks him.
Sandman's ParentsLink to this section
Manga Debut: Steel Ball Run Chapter 4: September 25, 1890 - 3 Hours to Start (Mentioned only)
The parents of Sandman and his sister. Not much is known about them except that they owned an emerald. Before Sandman entered the Steel Ball Run race, his sister gave him the emerald as a keepsake from them to allow him to pay for his entry fee.
Live CommentatorLink to this section
Manga Debut: Steel Ball Run Chapter 4: September 25, 1890 - 3 Hours to Start (Voice)
Debut: VOMIC
Voice Actor: Shinichiro Ohta
The live commentator (実況, Jikkyō) passionately narrates the Steel Ball Run race throughout the entirety of part 7. They announce the current positions of certain racers, incidents that occur, information about racers, and additional information about the routes of the various stages of the race.
Steel Ball Run Limited PassengersLink to this section
Manga Debut: Steel Ball Run Chapter 5: 1st Stage: 15,000 Meters
Debut: VOMIC

Passengers of the "Steel Ball Run Limited" train. Other then Steven Steel and Lucy Steel, they consist of reporters, judges, and VIPs who were invited to follow and observe the racers during the first stage of the race. Some of them were handed out monoculars and binoculars to better see the racers.

Manure-Covered RiderLink to this section
Manure-Covered Rider.png
Manga Debut: Steel Ball Run Chapter 7: Pocoloco and Sandman
A woman competing in Steel Ball Run race who gets covered in manure kicked by horses at the rear of the group. She rips off the manure-covered part of her clothes, allowing Pocoloco to catch a glimpse of her exposed breasts.
Habitual BurglarLink to this section
Habitual Burglar.png
Manga Debut: Steel Ball Run Chapter 7: Pocoloco and Sandman
A wanted man with a bounty of $500 on his head, competing in the Steel Ball Run race and found at the rear of the group. He shaved his beard to disguise himself, but has his face covered in manure in a similar way to the beard, and Pocoloco figures out his identity from a nearby poster. His racing number is 017.
Misguided RidersLink to this section
Misguided Riders 3.png
Manga Debut: Steel Ball Run Chapter 7: Pocoloco and Sandman
Debut: VOMIC

A group of four riders that strayed off course during the first stage of the Steel Ball Run due to following Sandman. Pocoloco stumbles upon the group when they are blaming Sandman for leading them to a cliff. They all then see Sandman jump and scale the ravine, one of the riders questioning if he purposefully tricked them into thinking the course was this way. The rider with a handlebar mustache, who lead the group, clarifies he started following him just because he was running fast. The riders consult their maps whether to take the shortcut or go back. As they do so, they witness Pocoloco attempt the jump himself.

Steven's First LoveLink to this section
Steven Steel Wife Av.png
Steven Steel's first love and daughter of a florist whom he met when he was only fifteen years old. They vowed to be together until a carriage accident took her away from him, making him fall into years of deep despair. Later on, Steven would meet Lucy Pendleton, who resembled his first love as she grew up.
Shaved MonkeyLink to this section
Shaved Monkey.png
A shaved monkey which a promoter tried to pass as an alien, seen wearing a fake antennas, cuffs around its ankles and neck, various coils, and held away from an apple by a chained leash. It caused a scandal to explode at some point after 1884, resulting in Steven Steel's credibility going down the drain despite having nothing to do with it.
SheriffLink to this section
A Californian sheriff whose jurisdiction overlaps with the path of the Steel Ball Run's first stage. He brings a murder case to light and asks Steven Steel to stop the race. Figuring that the event won't be interrupted, he asks his friend Mountain Tim to investigate the murder case for him during the race.
Emerald ProspectorLink to this section
Manga Debut: Steel Ball Run Chapter 13: The Sheriff's Request to Mountain Tim (Mentioned only)
A prospector searching for emeralds who developed a Stand after stepping into the Devil's Palm, and began killing others with his new power. Mountain Tim mentions that the prospector's Stand killed in a similar fashion to Tomb of the Boom 1 2 3. After realizing his sins, the prospector shot himself.
The Cavalry's 26th SquadLink to this section
26th Cavalry Squad Av.png
Manga Debut: Steel Ball Run Chapter 13: The Sheriff's Request to Mountain Tim (Flashback)
In 1875, the cavalry's 26th squad, including Mountain Tim, were sent out to the unmapped areas of Arizona's desert. Fifteen men soon died due to dehydration after stepping into a Devil's Palm and Mountain Tim was the only survivor.
Gyro's MotherLink to this section
Gyro's mom.png
Manga Debut: Steel Ball Run Chapter 20: Gyro Zeppeli's Mission, Part 1 (Flashback)
The wife of Gregorio Zeppeli and mother of five children. Gyro's mother cooks the meals for her family and cares a lot for them, as shown when she kisses Gyro's cheek before he became his father's assistant as an executioner. She doesn't have much medical expertise nor the ability to use Steel Balls, but she assists Gyro and her husband with their patients as a nurse. Like her husband, she tells Gyro to focus on the tasks he's assigned to rather than get himself involved with other matters.
Gyro's SiblingsLink to this section
Gyro's siblings.gif
Manga Debut: Steel Ball Run Chapter 20: Gyro Zeppeli's Mission, Part 1 (Flashback)
Gyro has four younger siblings who weren't shown to be involved with the Zeppeli family's executioner duties, since Gyro was the eldest and chosen to be their father's successor. Several years after the end of the Steel Ball Run race, their family moved to a different country but their whereabouts are unknown.
Neapolitan NobleLink to this section
Manga Debut: Steel Ball Run Chapter 20: Gyro Zeppeli's Mission, Part 1 (Flashback)
A noble from the Kingdom of Naples familiar with the Zeppeli family. During Gyro's youth, the man would periodically visit the Zeppeli to check on Gyro's age. When Gyro became an executioner and protested to Marco's execution, the noble would expose the Steel Ball Run race to Gyro and explain to him that winning the race would bring enough glory to the King for the latter to declare a general amnesty, saving Marco.
Beautiful PrisonerLink to this section
Manga Debut: Steel Ball Run Chapter 24: Interlude (Flashback)
Despite her frail appearance, she is prisoner condemned to death for the poisoning and killing of many families and children who appears during Gyro's apprenticeship as an executioner. While being escorted to the execution grounds, she bites off two fingers from one of her guards and escapes in Gyro's direction. Because of her appearance, Gyro hesitates before stopping her, allowing her to rip off his gorget.
President's AidesLink to this section
Manga Debut: Steel Ball Run Chapter 25: Tusk, Part 1

He and another man are men close to president Funny Valentine acting as counselors. One of them makes an agreement with Diego Brando to recruit him for the president. They are later issued to keep watch over Lucy Steel after she had merged the skull of the Corpse Parts into her womb. Lucy overhears them discussing her condition, and when they notice her conscious, they try to hold her down and inject a drug to put her back to sleep. She makes a run for it, and throughout several pages, one of the men is constantly shouting out lines referring to making her "docile like a winter catfish" (A total of 5 times). The catfish guy is constantly getting injured on his left eye due to Lucy's Stand ability, and eventually a guard walks in with a shotgun and accidentally gets stabbed by the injection needle. He ends up pulling the trigger, and the catfish guy is shot straight in the left eye and killed. The other guy tries to catch Lucy, but eventually falls and impales his eye on the door handle.

Diego's WifeLink to this section
Manga Debut: Steel Ball Run Chapter 28: Scary Monsters, Part 1 (Flashback)
A wealthy 83-year-old woman who married the 20-year-old Diego Brando and died six months later. There were rumors that she was killed by her husband so he could obtain her inheritance.
Farm WorkerLink to this section
Manga Debut: Steel Ball Run Chapter 30: Scary Monsters, Part 3 (Flashback)
After Diego and his mother are washed away from their hometown by a flood, they are found by the Farm Worker and later live and work at the farm. Five years later, the Farm Worker makes advances on Ms. Brando despite being already married with children. When Ms. Brando stops him for that very reason, he retaliates later by secretly putting holes in the cups of the Brando, knowing that cups are limited. Then, in charge of distributing soup, he makes a point to pour the soup through the holed cups to show that Diego or his mother cannot obtain soup.
Ringo's FatherLink to this section
Manga Debut: Steel Ball Run Chapter 35: The World of Man, Part 3 (Flashback)
Originally a farmer, he was drafted to war but deserted. He was later found and imprisoned for abandoning his duties and eventually died of disease, leaving his family without a father and without escape from their branding as a family of "traitors."
Ringo's MotherLink to this section
Manga Debut: Steel Ball Run Chapter 35: The World of Man, Part 3 (Flashback)
After her husband died after abandoning his war post, she took the rest of her family across the country to find a place away from society because they were shunned for being the family of a traitor. It is implied that they found an empty spot in a forest where they built a log house to live in, where Ringo's mother had to do the work of both parents for the sake of her children, even taking care of the weak-bodied Ringo. She is later stabbed to death by the Potato Killer along with her daughters.
Ringo's SistersLink to this section
Manga Debut: Steel Ball Run Chapter 35: The World of Man, Part 3 (Flashback)
Ringo has two unnamed sisters who do not appear aside from their death scene.
Potato KillerLink to this section
Manga Debut: Steel Ball Run Chapter 35: The World of Man, Part 3 (Flashback)
A murderer and pedophile who almost raped Ringo. One night, when Ringo was only 10 years-old, the Potato Killer entered the Roadagain house and stabbed Ringo's mother and sisters to death. After this, he began to eat a potato in his right hand while staring at a sleeping Ringo. When Ringo awakened and witnessed the scene before him, the Potato Killer choked Ringo with his left hand while licking the boy's skin. Praising his paleness, the killer started to get undressed but noticed that Ringo had stolen his gun and was pointing it at him. The Potato Killer attempted to talk Ringo out of shooting, completely unremorseful of his deeds and threatened to kill him. Ringo momentarily let go of the gun, but before the Potato Killer could grab it, Ringo picked the gun back up and shot the man through the mouth, killing him and avenging his family.
Kansas City GuardLink to this section
Kansas city guard.jpg
Manga Debut: Steel Ball Run Chapter 36: The Green Tomb, Part 1
A government guard guarding the entrance of the government building in Kansas City. Lucy Steel tricks him into delivering a lunch box for her husband, but while he goes to the entrance desk, Lucy sneaks inside of the building.
Gyro's Hospital PatientLink to this section
Gyro's girlfriend.png
Manga Debut: Steel Ball Run Chapter 45: The Promised Land: Sugar Mountain, Part 1 (Flashback)
She was one of the patients from the hospital who Gyro slept with before almost being caught by Gregorio. Gyro used the Steel Balls to give the patient the appearance of an old woman and pretend to take care of her. Initially mad at Gyro, the latter redeems himself by granting the woman better skin with his steel balls for a week. She appears to have a wedding ring mark on her middle finger which indicates her status as a married woman and is having an affair. She casually mentions to Gyro that he would have been executed if they were caught.
Sugar Mountain's ParentsLink to this section
The mother and father of Sugar Mountain. One day, the three of them were walking through the woods near the Michigan Lakeside, when the father dropped his iron axe in the blessed spring by a large tree. The spring returned a golden axe, but the family failed to use it up before sunset. Thus, Sugar Mountain's parents fused with the Tree and became trapped as fruits, while Sugar Mountain was forced to be the tree's guardian. Fifty years later, they are freed thanks to Johnny and Gyro's actions, and the family is happily reunited, finally able to leave the forest together.
Sugar Mountain's VictimsLink to this section
The victims of Sugar Mountain are individuals ensnared within the Great Tree, trapped against their will by the Stand's power. They are used as pawns in a cycle, taking on the role of guardians who must oversee the tree's trials. Those who fail to complete these trials become permanent additions to the tree's collection of captives, ensnared by its grasp.
Wisconsin Farmer and SonLink to this section
Michigan farmer & son.png
A farmer and his son living in Wisconsin near Milwaukee. Johnny Joestar and Gyro Zeppeli approach him, wanting to buy a plot of land from him. Because he's never seen a $100 bill in his life, the farmer suspects foul play and holds the duo at gunpoint. However, he eventually accepts to trade them a small mound for the matsutake mushrooms they have.
Milwaukee NotaryLink to this section
A notary working in Milwaukee. Johnny Joestar and Gyro Zeppeli go to him to find ways to spend their money. He appraises the gems that Gyro brings him and sells him a building. However, the notary finds that they have bought a plot of land worth millions and gives even more cash.
Milwaukee CroupierLink to this section
A croupier working in Milwaukee. He's working in a shady casino and when Gyro Zeppeli bets millions at the roulette, he tries to cheat so that the ball stops in the wrong color. However, Johnny cheats too and they win the round.
Milwaukee GangstersLink to this section
Chicago gangsters.png
Gangsters from Milwaukee who manage a shady casino in which Gyro and Johnny try to gamble their millions away. They try to cheat, almost making Gyro and Johnny transform into trees. During the attack of the Eleven Men, the gangsters prefer to hide from harm as they have nothing to gain from endangering themselves, forcing Gyro to exchange all of the money for a string to stitch his wound and pay for protection, prompting the gangsters to shoot the Eleven Men.
Wekapipo's Younger SisterLink to this section
Wekapipo's Sister.png
Manga Debut: Steel Ball Run Chapter 51: Wrecking Ball, Part 1 (Flashback)
She was cherished by Wekapipo, who was seven years her elder. As a seventeen year old, the first time she'd ever left her home to see the ocean was on her wedding day. She married a nobleman after her brother pushed for the marriage to happen, thinking that being married to a wealthy family would bring her happiness. However, her husband regularly beat her and she blamed herself for it. Six months after the wedding, Wekapipo discovered her sobbing one day with her face bloody and bruised. After unknowingly knocking over a vase, Wekapipo discovered that his sister was rendered almost completely blind from the beatings due to a wounded portion of her optic nerve.

When Wekapipo was exiled, he thought she died in 1889. She fell down some stairs when she was working which broke her left shoulder and bruised her head. It was considered taboo for anyone to take care of her, but the Zeppeli family took her in as a patient. Gyro went against the advice of his mother and attempted to perform surgery, but "fortunately" failed. Had he succeeded, she would have suffered from a more tragic future. She was being kept alive only because she was blind and her former father-in-law assumed she would die on her own anyway. Gregorio Zeppeli keeps her safe and hidden away in the countryside.

Wekapipo's Brother-in-lawLink to this section
Manga Debut: Steel Ball Run Chapter 51: Wrecking Ball, Part 1 (Flashback)
The nobleman Wekapipo's sister married, who Wekapipo considered as a friend from his line of work. He was the son of a wealthy financial commissioner. He was regularly beating his wife and rendered her blind, prompting Wekapipo to ask the pope to annul the marriage, which the church approved of. Wekapipo then begged his brother-in-law to divorce his sister but was beaten up by the man's scabbard. Humiliated, the man challenged Wekapipo to a duel using Steel Balls and was killed. However, his influence made him able to have Wekapipo exiled even in death.
Hot Pants's BrotherLink to this section
Hot pants' brother.png
Manga Debut: Steel Ball Run Chapter 57: Civil War, Part 2
Hot Pants's little brother. One day when he and Hot Pants went gathering nuts in the mountains, the both of them were attacked by a bear. They fled into and were cornered in a small hole in the ground and the bear was furiously clawing at them. Hot Pants threw her brother at the bear to save herself and the child died. Although Hot Pants made it out alive, she remained guilty of the incident, and became a nun in hopes of receiving forgiveness from God and her brother.

Later, during the struggle with Civil War, Hot Pants's brother materializes on her body due to Civil War's ability. The materialization tries to attack Hot Pants, but disappears upon Axl RO's death.

Three AssassinsLink to this section
Three men valentine.png
Manga Debut: Steel Ball Run Chapter 60: Both Sides Now, Part 1
Three gunmen waiting in the crowd waiting the Steel Ball Run participants in Philadelphia. When Johnny Joestar and Gyro Zeppeli arrive, they take out their guns. Johnny shoots the hands of the two first gunmen. The third and youngest gunman tries to fire but Gyro uses a Steel Ball to force him to aim at himself, intimidating him.
Philadelphia GuardsLink to this section
Philadelphia guard.png
Manga Debut: Steel Ball Run Chapter 60: Both Sides Now, Part 1
A squad of riflemen deployed in Philadelphia to guard Independence Hall and its surroundings. They are eluded by several of the characters. Seeing a wounded Steven Steel, a group of them tries to arrest Wekapipo but Wekapipo uses his left side ataxia to elude them. One guard sees Diego Brando lurking near Independence Hall but is killed. Two more surprise Diego disguised as a guard and are turned into lamps for their trouble.
Shooting WitnessesLink to this section
Manga Debut: Steel Ball Run Chapter 65: Chocolate Disco, Part 2
A loose group of children and an old painter who were near a park south of the Independence Hall in Philadelphia. They witnessed Johnny being shot but saw different culprits: either Wekapipo, Diego or Valentine. When Gyro asked them who shot Johnny, they argued and further confused him. It is revealed that they were all right in a roundabout way as they were observing parallel worlds.
Coach DriverLink to this section
Coach driver.png
Manga Debut: Steel Ball Run Chapter 72: Ticket to Ride, Part 2
A coach driver whom Lucy obliged to drive her and Steven to the Delaware River. He tried to resist, but a nest of wasps made him flee to the coach and unwillingly drive away. In the USS Blue Hawaii, Valentine slammed a door on him and sent him to a parallel world.
Railroad WorkerLink to this section
Railroad worker.png
Manga Debut: Steel Ball Run Chapter 78: D4C, Part 11 -Love Train-
A civilian whom Valentine trapped halfway in a mirror. Valentine also killed his alternate self and put the alternate legs on the railroad worker's lap. If the worker lets go the gear stick, he would die, disintegrated as he fused with his alternate self. His ultimate fate remains unknown.
Victims of Love TrainLink to this section
Victims of love train.gif
Manga Debut: Steel Ball Run Chapter 78: D4C, Part 11 -Love Train-
When Funny Valentine was blessed by the Saint's Corpse, he acquired a new ability named Love Train, a pocket dimension manifesting as a gap in space with luminous edges. If anything harmful like an attack were to touch the wall of light, the harm would be redirected to random people all over the world who would suffer the misfortune of death in Valentine's place.

When Johnny tries to shoot Valentine a first time with his nails, the harm is redirected to a nearby farmer working on a field, who dies.

Johnny shoots three nails at the wall, causing the death of three construction workers in Paris when a scaffolding collapses on them, even decapitating one of them.

Gyro throws a Steel Ball at the wall, causing the death of a young boy from Saigon who is shot in the head.

Johnny shoots again at the wall, the harm is redirected at a rioter somewhere who gets hit by a baseball bat; the impact crushes his skull and he dies.

Gyro throws a near perfect Golden Spin Steel Ball at Valentine, causing a cart to roll over a man and a woman in the Middle East.

In his rage because of Gyro's death, Johnny shoots a nail at the wall without the Golden Spin, causing the death of an African tribesman accidentally shot in the throat by a brethren.

Five additional shots cause some people to fall on train tracks just as the train arrives, and they are presumably run over.

Another shot is redirected, and a lock is broken, causing a lion and lioness to devour a zoo worker.

Funny's MotherLink to this section
Funny's mother.png
Manga Debut: Steel Ball Run Chapter 87: Ball Breaker, Part 5 (Flashback)
Funny Valentine's mother. She introduces Funny to Captain Valentine, a friend of Funny's father, who gives a handkerchief of emotional value from Funny's father to her and her son. She later marries Captain Valentine, whose surname her son, and presumably she too, took.
Funny's FatherLink to this section
Funny's father.png
Manga Debut: Steel Ball Run Chapter 87: Ball Breaker, Part 5 (Flashback)
The birth father of Funny Valentine. He was tortured to death and had the habit of writing dates on things. He always kept the handkerchief with the date of the birth of his son and tasked his friend, Captain Valentine to give it to his family after his death. Peculiarly, he is unable to be located by Funny Valentine across all the dimensions he traversed.
Diego's FansLink to this section
Diego's fans.png
Manga Debut: Steel Ball Run Chapter 93: High Voltage, Part 4

A group of women who interfere during the final stage of the Steel Ball Run race when the alternate Diego Brando stops in the middle of a street. They don't hesitate to swarm him and hug him, unaware that Diego is using them as shields. When Tusk ACT4 strikes from below the ground, it kills two women by mistake.

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