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No matter how poor we are, we cannot forget our dignity.
—Diego Brando's mother, SBR Chapter 30: Scary Monsters, Part 3

Diego Brando's mother (ディエゴの母 Diego no haha) is a posthumous tertiary character featured in the seventh part of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Steel Ball Run.

Repentant for abandoning her infant son, she dives into a flooding river to save him. Until her death, she taught Diego pride.


Diego's mother is a young woman who has long dark hair, except for two locks of light hair at the front. She wears a dress and boots.

Color Schemes

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.
Skin(Fair, orange lipstick.)
Hair(Black, with golden high-lights)
Eyes(Dark cyan)
(Light blue dress, white frills and brown boots.)


Although she buried her infant son alive, Diego's mother quickly changes her mind and dedicates herself entirely to his well-being afterward. Despite living in poverty, she makes it a point to teach her son pride and seeks to keep her dignity. She makes any sacrifices to raise Diego, going as far as burning her own hands with hot soup on a daily basis for a month when they didn't have cups.[1]


Steel Ball Run

Diego's mother lived in an impoverished region on the island of Britain with her husband, Dario. At some point in time, they had Diego, but felt forced to dispose of him due to their poverty-stricken lives. In the cover of night, the two went up into the mountains and dug a hole with the intent of burying the child. After wrapping the infant Diego in a white cloth, they placed him in the hole and left, having buried him alive. Soon after, a storm occurred and the water in the river increased and started to flood. The flood caused some type of erosion, and the baby was submerged from the ground and forced downstream. Diego's mother had a change of heart and bravely dove into the river after her baby, even after Dario hit her for "scorning her husband". 

After the rain had stopped, she was found unconscious by a man who was employed at a farm. Diego's mother began working on the farm and changed her surname to Brando. She raised Diego on that same farm, and after he was old enough, the two worked from dusk to dawn and were given a place to sleep, and a small amount of food. Five years later, Diego's mother was sexually harassed by the same farmer who saved her, claiming it was recompense for her life. She declined, but in return the farmer punctured two holes in both Diego and her mother's soup bowls, rendering them useless. Diego's mother responded to the attack by receiving their portions on her hands, despite the soup being scalding hot.

A year later, Diego's mother became infected with tetanus and died at the young age of 23. Before taking her last breath, she said to Diego that it was not his fault and that he should use his talent with horses to become a jockey. Diego believed that the germs that came in through his mother's burns were the cause of her disease and intuitively knew that the farmer was the cause of her death. It was revenge towards the farmer and the other people on the farm who looked down on them that fueled Diego's goal of rising to the top of society and entering the Steel Ball Run to gain complete influence over all, including the Royal Family of England.[1]


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Quote.png Quotes
  • We were wrong! I don't need money! If only you would just quit your drinking!
    —Diego's mother to Dario, SBR Chapter 30: Scary Monsters, Part 3
  • Ooh! He... he's alive...! Oh child with such power of life! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I won't ever do it again! ...Ever! Thank you, lord! THANK YOU!
    —Diego's mother, SBR Chapter 30: Scary Monsters, Part 3
  • Dio, did you grow thinner? Here! Eat my portion, too.
    —Diego's mother, SBR Chapter 30: Scary Monsters, Part 3
  • I'm really grateful, but please stop. If my son finds out that I'm having a relationship with you, a married man with children... What would he think?
    —Diego's mother, SBR Chapter 30: Scary Monsters, Part 3
  • Please... Could I have some stew... inside these hands?
    —Diego's mother, SBR Chapter 30: Scary Monsters, Part 3
  • Will you please pour the stew? Dio's portion... Go ahead, please. Right here. In these hands...
    —Diego's mother, SBR Chapter 30: Scary Monsters, Part 3
  • No matter how poor we are, we cannot forget our dignity. What about tomorrow? And the next day? And the next? Eat this and grow big... and strong... So that you can grow up... and so that you can protect your mother...
    —Diego's mother, SBR Chapter 30: Scary Monsters, Part 3
  • We can buy new cups next month. But until then... Go on and eat this.
    —Diego's mother, SBR Chapter 30: Scary Monsters, Part 3
  • Don't be sad. It's all because of my sin. It's not your fault. But, Dio... Even the untamable horses on this farm listen to you when you come near them and they eat from your hand. You should try riding them when you grow a little older... That's your talent...
    —Diego's mother, SBR Chapter 30: Scary Monsters, Part 3



  • The woman burning her hands with hot soup to feed Diego is a reference to the 1960s manga Dororo, where Dororo's mother does the same thing to feed her son before eventually dying.


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