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I can enter inside a gap in space... and I can move the inside... With Lucy as the center, a flat gap in space has... formed.

D4C Love Train (D4C(ディー・フォー・シー)-ラブトレイン-, Dī Fō Shī -Rabu Torein-) is a special phenomenon featured in the seventh part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, Steel Ball Run. It acts as an ally to Funny Valentine's Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap,[1] allowing the Stand to reach an evolved state.[2]

As a blessing from the Saint's Corpse, Love Train is an overwhelmingly powerful ability that is both lethal and invincible thanks to its power over the concept of "misfortune". Only a miraculous power of the same scope as the Saint's Corpse may overpower it.


Ticket to Ride Appearance.png

D4C Love Train manifests when the entire Corpse is infused with Lucy Steel's body. During this process, her skin starts to fall off and reveal the Corpse Parts that are now inside her. Lucy's entire being is eventually covered in a steel-like covering while Love Train is active.

The phenomenon manifests itself as a gap in space that is generated from Lucy Steel while she is unconscious. Its border with the real world is visible as it generates a wall of vertical rays of light. These rays of light are usually seen encompassing the Stand and its user.

Color Schemes

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Wall of light(Gold yellow)
Wall of light(Gold yellow)
Wall of light(Gold yellow)


Misfortune Redirection

So the goddess exists... And she's on my side!
Love Train's wall of light
Blows dealt to Valentine are redirected

While Love Train is active, Valentine becomes effectively invincible, hiding within a pocket dimension (also described as a gap in space) delimited by a wall of light that follows him.[1][3] The wall of light, originating from Lucy's body, has the ability to redirect all misfortune that comes in Valentine's way, leaving only good fortune. The harmful energy that passes through the wall of light is sent far away from the user and is passed onto individuals somewhere else on Earth as bad luck. Where the misfortune is redirected to is projected inside Love Train's gaps.[3]

For instance, Johnny's missed nail shots could be nullified and the potential harm caused by them manifest as a fatal accident that can affect anybody else in the world.[3] Because Valentine can manipulate the form of the pocket dimension as he sees fit, it can allow him to seemingly stand midair,[3] glide at high speeds or flatten himself. It is shown when he pursues Johnny and Gyro under the train tracks, and across a grassy field.[4]

Additionally, neutral objects continuously move closer to Lucy, including trees, signs, and even the oceans.[5][6] These shifts in position seem to favor Valentine. Besides being invincible to attacks while within the gap in space, D4C can make even its most insignificant attacks fatal. Any wound would quickly travel up the body until it eventually reaches a vital spot before dealing damage. A scratch or bite on the finger can become a scratch on the heart.[3] The only downside is that D4C must temporarily leave the safety of the gap in space and becomes vulnerable.

Love Train can only be used at a certain distance from Lucy, so if she is moved away from him, then he is forcibly pulled with her and must exit the wall to be free to walk around.[1]

The only known power able to break through D4C Love Train is the Golden Spin.




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