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This is a list of minor items appearing in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: JoJolion.

The items featured in this list do not have enough information to justify an article, mainly due to lack of relevance, but are still notable.
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Part 8: JoJolion

Josuke's HatLink to this section
Manga Debut: JoJolion Chapter 1: Welcome to Morioh
A tasseled "dixie cup" sailor hat. It is sold in the SBR hat shop in Morioh and was bought by Yoshikage Kira three days before Josuke emerged, and is remarkable as Josuke's first clue toward discovering his true identity since it led him to Kira's apartment. Josuke is never seen without the hat.
Sesame Honey DumplingsLink to this section
Manga Debut: JoJolion Chapter 2: Soft & Wet, Part 1
A local culinary specialty of Morioh, the Sesame Honey Dumplings are bite-sized mochis filled with honey-like sesame seed, edamame or cream. They spill easily and are supposed to be bitten with the back teeth. Yasuho gave a box of them to Josuke, who found the dumplings delicious and would later associate them with his romance with Yasuho. He also bites them with the front teeth, spilling the filling.
Ojiro's TrapsLink to this section
With vengeance in mind, Ojiro planted various traps in Kira's apartment. The traps range from needles hidden in objects to a naked female hostage.
Slipper TrapLink to this section
Slipper Trap.png
Manga Debut: JoJolion Chapter 3: Soft & Wet, Part 2
A pair of slippers in the bathroom whose vamps are trapped with thumbtacks.

When Josuke tries to put them on in order to avoid broken glass, he ends up pricking his left foot, which is later branded by Fun Fun Fun.

Fake Photo AlbumLink to this section
Manga Debut: JoJolion Chapter 3: Soft & Wet, Part 2
In order to frame Kira, Ojiro disguised himself as Kira and took pictures of himself having erotic bondage with a woman he kidnapped, and planted those photos in an album in Kira's bathroom.

When Yasuho found the album and its content, she fled the apartment in despair, telling Josuke, a look-alike of Kira, to leave Morioh and never return.

Towel TrapLink to this section
Towel Trap.png
Manga Debut: JoJolion Chapter 4: Soft & Wet, Part 3
A bath towel that is trapped with needles.

Josuke was about to use the towel to wipe off his symbols, when the naked woman suddenly tells him not to. That's when he realizes the towel is trapped with needles.

Sharpened Stopper ChainLink to this section
Sharpened Stopper Chain.png
Manga Debut: JoJolion Chapter 4: Soft & Wet, Part 3
A stopper chain that was sharpened into razors.

Ojiro forces the naked woman to shut up, by puppeting her into drowning herself in the bathtub. After trying to lift her out to no avail, Josuke manages to save her by draining the tub, but cut his right hand from the sharpened stopper chain.

RazorsLink to this section
Manga Debut: JoJolion Chapter 4: Soft & Wet, Part 3
A pile of razors placed in one of the bathroom shelves.

Later, Ojiro forces the naked woman into cutting her tongue off with the razor. After a brief struggle, Josuke manages to pry the razor out of her hand, but then is manipulated into attempting to cut himself with the razor he's now holding on to. It is here that he awakens his Stand Soft & Wet for the first time.

HacksawLink to this section
Manga Debut: JoJolion Chapter 5: Soft & Wet, Part 4
A hacksaw with "Why not cut it off?" labelled on its blade.

After the naked woman tells Ojiro about Josuke's location, Ojiro forces Josuke into grabbing the hacksaw and trying to cut his own head with it. Later, when Yasuho returns to the apartment, Josuke is then forced into throwing the hacksaw at her, cutting and branding her right hand.

Kira's Hand ModelLink to this section
Manga Debut: JoJolion Chapter 3: Soft & Wet, Part 2
A sculpture of Yoshikage Kira's hand. It was ordered by Yoshikage Kira himself, as the narcissistic man wanted to admire his hands. It is notable for being the proof that Josuke isn't Kira.
Kira's PhotographLink to this section
Manga Debut: JoJolion Chapter 6: Soft & Wet, Part 5
A photograph of Yoshikage Kira, taken near the spring in which Josuke was found. It led Josuke and Yasuho back to the spring, in which the corpse of Kira was found, deepening the mystery about Josuke's identity.
Steel Ball Run Race Complete RecordLink to this section
Manga Debut: JoJolion Chapter 11: Family Tree
The Steel Ball Run Race Complete Record (スティール・ボール・ラン・レース全記録, Sutīru Bōru Ran Rēsu Zen Kiroku) is a record of the Steel Ball Run race written by Norisuke Higashikata I. It included a family tree of the main branch of the Higashikata Family, and more importantly, the Joestar minor branch of the family, which enabled Josuke to know of Holy Joestar-Kira, Yoshikage's mother.
Daiya's PhoneLink to this section
Daiya’s Phone.jpg
Manga Debut: JoJolion Chapter 10: California King Bed, Part 3
A phone Josuke steals from Daiya Higashikata shortly upon defeating her. He uses it to look up Yoshikage Kira. Josuke also uses the GPS on the phone to attempt to find Holy Joestar-Kira at TG University Hospital, before he is stopped by Kei Nijimura.
Joestar JizoLink to this section
Manga Debut: JoJolion Chapter 21: "Shakedown Road", Part 4
The Joestar Jizo (ジョースター地蔵, Jōsutā Jizō) is a traditional Kṣitigarbha or Jizo statue dedicated to Johnny Joestar situated near Shakedown Road. It is a typical jizo, with the statue of the Kṣitigarbha bodhisattva with a bindi and Khakkhara, but it stands out with its sailor cap donated by the SBR Hat Shop. It serves as a memorial to Johnny Joestar with his name engraved below the statue. The locals regularly give donations and take care of the shrine.
Higashikata Melon ParfaitLink to this section
Melon parfait.jpg
A dessert served in the Higashikata Fruit Parlor in order to recycle unsold melons, specifically muskmelons given the color. It consists of nine layers of from top to bottom:
  1. Cut melon
  2. Jelly and whipped cream
  3. Ice cream
  4. Melon Granita
  5. Champagne sherbet
  6. Crunchy corn biscuit
  7. Melon jelly
  8. Whipped cream
  9. Melon juice

The dessert is served in a specially crafted fountain glass designed by Norisuke Higashikata IV. While it is supposed to be eaten from top to bottom, the movement of the spoon inside it will mix the layers and ensures that the taste of each mouthful is different.

Jobin's SouvenirsLink to this section
Returning home from a trip, Jobin bought souvenirs and gave them to his family, including Josuke and Kei.
Spiny Lobster FigureLink to this section
Joshu's Lobster.png
A spiny lobster figure that Jobin gave to Joshu. Joshu appreciates the gift and shows it off to Josuke, before growing jealous by Josuke's stag beetle gift. Later, Hato makes fun of Joshu's lobster, asking him where he's going to put it.
Coconut AshtrayLink to this section
Daiya's Ashtray.png
An ashtray made from a broken coconut that Jobin gave to Daiya. Daiya is at first happy to have received the ashtray, but then quickly grows bored of it because of how she's only 16 and nobody in her family smokes.
"Green Sea Turtle" T-ShirtLink to this section
Hato's T-Shirt.png
A T-shirt with a turtle captioned with "Green Sea Turtle" in red. Jobin gives it to Hato, who dislikes it because of how the turtle is red when it's labelled "Green Sea Turtle".
Oscar StatueLink to this section
Kei's Oscar Statue.png
A replica Oscar statuette that Jobin gives to Kei. Hato immediately grows jealous of it.
"Fighting Spirit" UmbrellaLink to this section
Hato's Umbrella.png
A fold-up umbrella with "Fighting Spirit" (気合) written on it. It was given to Hato along with the T-shirt.
Kyushin Heart Tonic PillsLink to this section
Kyushin Heart Tonic.jpeg
Manga Debut: JoJolion Chapter 41: Doobie Wah, Part 3
Pills owned and bought by Aisho Dainenjiyama, based on a real Heart Tonic manufactured by Kyushin Pharmaceutical Co. When Aisho becomes stressed whilst being tailed by Yasuho Hirose and Tsurugi Higashikata, and his heart palpitations are audible, he becomes agitated, swearing, when a bottle he carries with him only holds one pill. In flashback, he is targeted by Josefumi Kujo and Yoshikage Kira in the midst of shopping for small flat boxes of it at a pharmacy.
Josefumi, Karera, and Kira's PhotographLink to this section
JJL Picture Frame Colored.png
Manga Debut: JoJolion Chapter 44: Love Love Deluxe, Part 2
A photograph of Yoshikage Kira, Josefumi Kujo, and Karera Sakunami. Karera took it at one point in the past and shows it to Josuke, unintentionally revealing Josuke's original identity to him.
"I Love You" NecklaceLink to this section
I love you necklace.png
A jeweled necklace. It was once a designer's necklace that Hato Higashikata wore during a photoshoot, but which broke. Tamaki Damo gathered the pieces and remade the necklace so that the jewel would spell "I Love You" (ダイスキ, Daisuki). Hato found it extremely charming and became Damo's girlfriend because of it.
Eye Eye SyaaLink to this section
Eye Eye Syaa.png
An eye medicine, only remarkable in that it served as a distraction for Josefumi Kujo and Yoshikage Kira to steal branches of the Locacaca from Aisho Dainenjiyama. Josefumi and Yoshikage pretended that Eye Eye Syaa was a miracle medicine, pushing Aisho to take one and try it. They then used that distraction to their advantage, and Aisho was stolen from without knowing and thinking that the medicine was great.

The name references Hol Horse's catchphrase 'Aye Aye Sir' from Stardust Crusaders.

The Milagroman's MoneyLink to this section
Milagro man money colored.png
Manga Debut: JoJolion Chapter 56: Milagroman, Part 1
Cursed money tied to Milagroman. It takes the form of a bill whose serial number always finishes with the number "13". The money multiplies itself through a curse, causing the victim to be unable to purchase anything and is able to shapeshift to mimic the local currency. If its proprietor tries to destroy the money, it attacks them. The only way to get rid of it is to have it stolen and then for the thief to try to destroy the money. Joshu becomes the latest victim of the curse.
Kaato's Underwear and PhotoLink to this section
Kaato's UnderwearLink to this section
Manga Debut: JoJolion Chapter 64: Mother and Child
A bra and panties that a young Jobin was forced to steal from his mother, for his childhood bully. When the underwear was shown to the bully, the bully was awed by the bra's cup size, and declared his lust for Kaato.

Later, the bully was busted by the police, because of the underwear and photos.

Kaato's Shower PhotoLink to this section
Manga Debut: JoJolion Chapter 64: Mother and Child
Along with stealing his mother's underwear, the bully also demanded a candid photo of Jobin's mother in the shower. However, the bully ended up being busted by the police, because the underwear and photos were found.
Mamezuku's Strawberry RomanoffLink to this section
Strawberry romanov.png
A dessert that the plant appraiser Rai Mamezuku creates for Josuke and Yasuho atop his ski-lift "home". Consisting of Romanoff (a golden cream made by combining meringue, sugar, and egg whites) and sliced strawberries, it is shown to be so delicious that it causes Josuke to cry and Yasuho to squeal with delight.
Moth LarvaeLink to this section
Moth Larvae.png
Larvae that Rai Mamezuku breeds in his home and keeps safe in vivariums. These larvae are used to accelerate fruit growth. By burrowing into a plant's vascular bundles, these insects can make it so a ripe fruit will develop within two days.
Josuke's PackageLink to this section
Josuke package.jpeg
Manga Debut: JoJolion Chapter 93: The Wonder of You, Part 10
A package containing a SD card with footage of Holy Joestar-Kira, the secret laboratory of the TG University Hospital, and a sample of the Locacaca in a jar. It was sent to a journalist of "Pangea Land" named Taoka. It alerts Satoru Akefu about Josuke's presence in the hospital and pushes Akefu to go towards him.
Toru's RocksLink to this section
Toru's rocks color.PNG
Manga Debut: JoJolion Chapter 102: The Wonder of You, Part 19
A pair of small rocks belonging to Toru. They light on fire when one scrapes them together, yet are not hot even if one clenches them in the hand. Toru shows off their properties to Yasuho to catch her interest and gives them to thank her for her help in finding Satoru Akefu.
Evacuation Slide PanelLink to this section
Evacuation Slide Panel.png
Manga Debut: JoJolion Chapter 103: The Wonder of You, Part 20
The evacuation slide panel of an airplane that comes off loose. It is mentioned that last year there were 542 reports of missing pieces of aircraft, and only three of them weighed above one kilogram; this piece weighs approximately 3 kg (6.6 lb), and is 147 cm (4.82 ft) by 60 cm (2.0 ft) by 30 cm (0.98 ft) in size. During Yasuho's fight with Toru, after it's been declared that Yasuho is next to die in the line of calamity, this piece tears off from an airplane 10,000 meters above ground and comes flying down towards the Higashikata house, bound to hit Yasuho. However, Josuke successfully lands a hit on Toru with one of his Spin bubbles, letting Yasuho off the hook. The panel is redirected by Wonder of U to avoid hitting Toru and crashes through the Higashikata house's roof and into the living room.
Kaato's Cream StewLink to this section
Manga Debut: JoJolion Chapter 107: When All Curses Are Broken
A cream stew made by Kaato Higashikata that her son Jobin likes. It is a stew with Mezame potatoes of the Incas that are peeled, cut and deep fried into cooking oil. Just one day before his death at the hands of Wonder of U, Jobin told his mother that he'd really like some again, so she brought a full pot over, but it turns out to be in vain when she finds out her son died.
Joseph's GetasLink to this section
Joseph's geta.png
Manga Debut: JoJolion Chapter 109: The Radio Gaga Incident (1941)
Joseph's getas, which he wore in 1941 at the time he was attacked by Radio Gaga. The getas were engraved with his Japanese name Josefu (仗世文). He lost his getas during the attack and one of the getas was later found by Josefumi Kujo's grandfather, who became somewhat fixated by the name on the shoes and named his grandson "Josefumi" after the kanjis found on the geta.
CakesLink to this section
JJL cakes.png
Manga Debut: JoJolion Chapter 110: Higashikata Fruit Parlor
A set of cakes produced by the Higashikata Fruit Company. At the end of the story, the Higashikata Family gathers to choose a cake to properly celebrate Norisuke IV's return from the hospital. Among them are a strawberry cake, a cherry cake, a kiwi cake, a chocolate cake and cheese cakes. In the end, the family agrees that Josuke should be the one to choose the cake.


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