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Muhammad Avdol appears as a fighter in the Capcom game. He was part of the original roster in JoJo's Venture, and is an Active Remote Stand user.

Moveset & Gameplay

Avdol is a very strong, versatile character, with solid normals and decent zoning tools. In terms of moveset, he has some of the best neutral in he game and exceptional Supers.






Unique Attack (特殊技)
Stand Remote Control
(F).png + A2.png STAND
Stand Appearance Attack
(Qcf).png + S.png NORMAL
Special Move (必殺技)
Crossfire Hurricane
(Qcf).png + A1.png
Fire Wall
(Dp).png + A1.png
Flame Tracker
(Qcb).png + A1.png (Hold A1.png to Track Opponent)
Fire Eagle
(Qcf).png + A1.png (In Air)
Hell Fire
(Hcb).png + A1.png
Super Combo (スーパーコンボ)
Napalm Bomb
(Qcf).png + A2.png
Crossfire Hurricane Special
(Qcb).png + A2.png
Scorching Anhk
(Dp).png + A2.png (Press (D).png to Hide)
(Notes: Can double jump while in Stand Mode and triple jump during Stand remote control.)
(※ Only available in Heritage for the Future.)

Story Mode

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Avdol's Story Mode follows his adventure as he accompanies Joseph and his irritable grandson to save Holy Kujo. He appears as a battle when playing as one of DIO's assassins.

The PS1's Super Story Mode follows his journey in more detail, adapting fights that couldn't be featured in other versions of the game.

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Stage 1
(Jotaro Kujo Stage 1)
Stage 2
(Polnareff Stage 2)
Stage 3
(Devo the Cursed Stage 3)
Stage 4
(N'Doul Stage 4)
Stage 5
(Midler Stage 5)
Stage 6
(Chaka Stage 6)
Stage 7
(Vanilla Ice Stage 7)
Stage 8
(DIO Stage 8)

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DIO's Curse (Extra)
(DIOの呪縛 DIO no Jubaku)

Kakyoin remembers his meeting with DIO, who approached him and asked to test his unique ability. After the fight, DIO implanted a flesh bud into Kakyoin's brain, influencing him into pledging his undying loyalty to DIO.
Secret Factor: That's a flesh bud made of DIO's cells. (それはDIOの細胞からなる「肉の芽」)

Have Evil Incarnate Dio use his Charisma! super move.
The Knight's Code
(騎士のおきて Ishi no Okite)

The Joestar group arrives in Hong Kong's Tiger Balm Garden, where an enemy named Jean Pierre Polnareff challenges Avdol and predicts that his own Stand will overcome him. As the fight will take place in a wide-open space, Avdol prepares to use his Stand's full power. After the battle, Polnareff accepts his fate of burning to death, leading Avdol to deduce that Polnareff has been implanted with a flesh bud as well. Jotaro removes the flesh bud, and (to his dismay) Joseph cracks a joke.
Secret Factor: Can you dodge my Cross Fire Hurricane Special? (C・F・H・Sかわせるかッー)

End the fight with Avdol's Cross Fire Hurricane Special super move.
The Magic Lamp (Mini-Game)
(魔法のランプ Mahō no Ranpu)

While crossing the Red Sea, the group stops on an island, where Polnareff comes across a lamp; as he inspects the lamp, he accidentally releases the Stand Judgement hiding within it. Judgement gives Polnareff three wishes; still wary, Polnareff wishes to revive his sister and Avdol. Though the Stand seemingly fulfills his wish, the clay replicas he creates are half-formed; desperate to be completed, they begin feeding on Polnareff. However, a second Avdol appears and burns the clay replica: Avdol had faked his own death in Calcutta, and has now returned to save Polnareff. The battle against Judgement plays out in a similar manner to the Justice battle, albeit with Avdol instead of Jotaro. As clay replicas of Avdol and Sherry attack the player, Judgement floats in the air, often dropping down to attack or reviving destroyed replicas; once Judgement's health is depleted, the mini-game ends. After the battle, Judgement runs away. Avdol and Polnareff find a pipe sticking out of the ground; at Avdol's suggestion, the two urinate into the pipe until the user, Cameo, surrenders. Magician's Red then burns him, putting him out of commission.
Secret Factor: My third wish is to make you cry out in regret! (第3の願いは「後悔の泣き声」だッ!)
Clear the stage with 80,000 points:

  • 2000 points are awarded for defeating a Sherry replica. For each clay replica defeated, this bonus increases by 2000 points.
  • 3000 points are awarded for defeating an Avdol replica. For each clay replica defeated, this bonus increases by 3000 points.
  • 10000 points multiplied by the player's combo are awarded for defeating Judgement and clearing the stage.
Undetectable (Mini-Game)
(探知不能 Tanchi Funō)

The battle against the illusory Stand, Tenore Sax, is largely a repeat of the battle against Sun. The player must again find the location shown at the bottom-right of the screen; this time, target Kenny G. moves against an Escher-esque backdrop, making the task of finding him quite difficult. Thankfully, the player has a trick up their sleeve: Avdol's fire can be used three times to point in the direction of Kenny G. Once the player hits Kenny G. four times, the mini-game ends. After the battle, the labyrinth inside the mansion disappears, exposing its true layout.
Secret Factor: It all happened so fast... (あっという間だったな)

End the mini-game within forty seconds.


L.pngPS Square.png Color A

Cover of Volume 14

A B C Stand Start

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