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Muhammad Avdol (モハメド・アヴドゥル, Mohamedo Avuduru) appears in Diamond Records as a playable character in both the Action Battle and Tactical Battle game modes. He has a variety of unlockable statues between the 'Tactical', 'Fighting Spirit', 'Unity', and 'Courage' types, ranging from 3 stars to 6 stars.

Avdol's moveset in both game modes is comprised of various attacks inspired by the anime, using his stand Magician's Red.

Muhammad Avdol
Avdol's basic attack string is a combination of up to five various attacks from Magician's Red, including basic strikes and a single burst of fire. In Tactical Battle, this is cut down to only three hits.
Magician's Red does a strong roundhouse kick against the opponents around him. Opponents who are hit by this will burn temporarily, taking constant damage while the effect lasts. In Tactical Battle, this hits all opponents present on the stage.
Avdol uses Magician's Red to let out a barrage of flames on an opponent, which is then followed up by Avdol performing his iconic "YES I AM!" line. (Unlockable)
Magician's Red shoots a singular small cross fire as a ranged projectile.
Magician's Red unleashes his signature Cross Fire Hurricane against an opponent. (Unlockable)
Magician's Red grabs an opponent using Red Bind, trapping them temporarily. This attack replaces SP Skill 1 in Avdol's 3 star statue.
Magician's Red unleashes a multidirectional Cross Fire Hurricane Special to attack opponents from a long range. In Tactical Battle, this hits all opponents present on the stage. This attack replaces SP Skill 1 in Avdol's 'Courage' type 6 star statue.
In the cutscene, Avdol summons Magician's Red to unleash a Cross Fire Hurricane Special. After hitting, the miniature cross fires will combine into one large Cross Fire Hurricane. In Tactical Battle, this hits all opponents prsent on the stage.

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