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There's nothing you can do but wait until Beach Boy's hook crawls up your arm and snags your heart!

Beach Boy (ビーチ・ボーイ Bīchi Bōi) is the Stand of Pesci featured in the fifth part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, Vento Aureo.

Taking the form of a fishing pole with a seemingly endless line that Pesci can control completely, its abilities of damage reflection and life energy detection make it both a powerful weapon and a useful tool.


Beach Boy Detail.png

The Stand appears as a simple fishing pole with the words 'BEACH BOY' written on top (omitted in the TV Anime) and a monstrous skull as the reel, meant to represent death.[1]

Pesci summons it by making it come out of his palm.[2]

Color Schemes

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.

Rod(Silver and dark gray)

Rod(Off-white and black)

(Teal and black with gold segments, white skull)


Despite its innocuous appearance, Beach Boy is a remarkably deadly Stand, both at long and short range.

Not only can it kill someone by shredding their heart with its intangible hook, but it is also nearly impossible to defend against. Pesci's masterful manipulation made Bucciarati deem it even more dangerous than Prosciutto's already formidable The Grateful Dead.[3]

As a fishing rod, Beach Boy is not really suited for power, but its deadly sharp hook means Pesci can use it as a dangerous whip.[4] The line can also be used to break someone's neck or choke them.[5]

Hook and Line

Beach Boy's signature ability is to phase its line and hook through any object, including walls[2] or flesh.

Beach Boy can phase through anything and hook people

Pesci skillfully uses his fishing rod to search for a target through obstacles and like a fisherman, ensnares them when the hook makes contact. He is then free to reel in his catch[2] or even tear through the whole body by wildly moving the hook,[6] but as an assassin prefers to phase the hook through his catch's body in order to reach a vital organ and cut it from the inside for a sure-fire kill.[7][8]

Beach Boy's pulling strength is only as strong as Pesci's own arm strength, but the catch will tire themselves trying to pull on the extremely elastic line.[9]

The ability is cancelled immediately if Pesci drops the Beach Boy, and the hook and line disappear, called back to the fishing rod.[8]

By hiding the hook inside a chosen object, Pesci can use Beach Boy to bait and catch people by surprise.[7]

Extreme Line Sensibility

Beach Boy's line is extremely sensitive and transmits information to the handle of the rod for Pesci to see.

The hook and line of Beach Boy act as very sensitive life form sensors, being able to tell Pesci the number of people inside a given room[2] and can even transmit the vibration of a heartbeat.[3] Furthermore, by analyzing the vibrations and strength of the pull on the line,[8] Pesci can accurately guess which body part he is hooking, the catch's weight, their position and their actions to the centimeter.[3][8][10]

Damage Reflection

The string reflects damage at the catch

Beach Boy's string cannot be destroyed by any usual means, as any damage inflicted to the string will instead affect the one hooked on the string. It is thus impossible to destroy the string once it is hooked into an object or person. This property is a derivation of the line's intangibility: although it will phase through any object, the shock of any attack is transmitted into the catch's body, if the line is damaged by a stand, the effects of whatever the stand's ability is will be applied to the victim instead.[8]

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