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This is a list of minor items appearing in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: The JOJOLands.

The items featured in this list do not have enough information to justify an article, mainly due to lack of relevance, but are still notable.
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Part 9: The JOJOLands

Dragona's PendantLink to this section
Dragona's Pendant.png
Manga Debut: The JOJOLands Chapter 1: Departure
A pendant accessory that Dragona Joestar usually wears on their chest. Since it has a dragon symbol shaped like a D on it, Dragona considers it a charm. It has a pocket on the back which Dragona stores the Lava Rock inside.[1]
DiamondLink to this section
Diamond TJL.png
Manga Debut: The JOJOLands Chapter 1: Departure
A natural 24-carat round brilliant cut blue diamond with a diameter of 23 millimeters owned by Rohan Kishibe.[2] It weighs 110 grams.[3] It has an estimated value of $6 million USD on the black market. Through her contacts at Kona International Airport's customs department, Meryl Mei Qi has been informed that the diamond has been brought to the island of Hawaii by a wealthy Japanese tourist who owns a villa there. She tasks Jodio, Dragona, Paco, and Usagi Alohaoe to steal it.

Initially, the diamond seems to display the ability to escape containment. It falls out of Paco's zippered bag twice, slips from Dragona's fist and seemingly teleports from their pocket into a cup.[4] This behavior is later revealed to be actually an effect of the Lava Rock.[5]

Handheld ConsoleLink to this section
TJL C02 HandheldConsole.png
Manga Debut: The JOJOLands Chapter 2: South King Street
A device that Jodio Joestar plays on before his encounter with the Undercover DEA Agent, showing high similarities to a Nintendo Switch.
Usagi's HamburgersLink to this section
Usagi's Hamburgers.png
Manga Debut: The JOJOLands Chapter 2: South King Street
Hamburgers that Usagi Alohaoe buys at a shop at Kona Airport, stored in a paper bag that says "Aloha" with a pineapple on it. They have cheese and pineapple as toppings. Usagi bought them thinking he would eat them later, but leaves them in their rental car. When the gang is attacked by Wild Cat Size, Usagi breaks apart the patties and mixes caviar into it before feeding it to the cats.[6]
Rohan's iPadLink to this section
Rohan's iPad.png
Rohan's iPad which has files of half-finished Pink Dark Boy artworks, volcanoes, lava flows, and the Lava Rocks. Jodio secretly checks the images on it while Rohan is swimming. The rain from November Rain makes it wet after, so it is unknown whether it still works.
Rohan's WineLink to this section
Rohan's Wine.png
Bottles of wine that Usagi steals from Rohan's villa.[3] One of them is a 2020 Bâtard-Montrachet and the other is a bottle of Corton-Charlemagne white wine.[1] After their successful Lava Rock experiment at Diamotch, Usagi and Dragona celebrate by drinking the Bâtard-Montrachet. They give the other bottle to Meryl Mei Qi once they return to Oahu.[7]
CaviarLink to this section
Rohan's Caviar.png
Caviar, also known as sturgeon eggs, that Usagi steals from a fridge at Rohan's villa.[3] Since it takes 20 years for a beluga sturgeon to reach adulthood, 40 grams of caviar costs $400, and it's double the cost if purchased at a Waikiki hotel. Usagi mixes the caviar into hamburger meat and feeds it to Wild Cat Size, making their bodies attracted to the Lava Rock.[6]
Pink Dark Boy ArtworkLink to this section
TJL Ch 5 Pink Dark Boy.png
Manga Debut: The JOJOLands Chapter 5: "Rise Up"
Diamotch WatchesLink to this section
Diamotch Watches.png
Watches sold at the Diamotch shop. One is $40,000 with a leather belt made from a rare crocodile. Its design is in short supply all over the world. Another watch is $45,000. One has a chain made of rose gold. There is only one of its kind in all of America and is worth $80,000.[8]
Luxury WatchLink to this section
Diamotch Luxury Watch.png
An $80,000 luxury watch sold at the Diamotch shop which the salesman accuses Dragona and Usagi of stealing. After Dragona taps on it with the Lava Rock, the watch becomes attracted to the Lava Rock and follows it around.[8] Smooth Operators subconsciously takes it and places it inside Dragona's pendant alongside the Lava Rock. When the salesman takes the Lava Rock, the watch follows it and gets caught on his shoelaces before slipping away when he accidentally kicks it.[1]

Leo ends up buying it for his girlfriend.[9] After Charming Man attacks Jodio and the others, the watch falls off the woman's hand and Leo accidentally kicks it. It heads toward the ocean where Charming Man is holding the Lava Rock.

The watch ends up being swallowed by a fish and breaks, as the hand on the clock no longer moves. A fisherman who catches the fish sells it, and a hawker at Kona Airport gets his hands on it.[10] He tries selling it to Dragona for $800, but lowers the price to $80 when they notice it stopped working. Finally, he reduces it even lower to $30 after they point out that it fell into the ocean and smells like fish. Dragona gives it to Meryl Mei Qi after returning to Oahu.[7]

Charming Man's KnifeLink to this section
Charming Man's Knife.png
A knife that Charming Man uses to stab Jodio and Dragona's necks. He also fights Paco with it.[9] Jodio breaks the blade in half with November Rain.[10] He leaves it behind since Paco tells him not to bring any weapons on the plane.[7]


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