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The Pillar Man, Santana, Part 1 (「柱の男・サンタナ」 その①, 'Hashira no Otoko Santana' Sono 1), originally "The Pillar Man" vs. The Stone Mask Man (”柱の男”対石仮面の男, "Hashira no Otoko" tai Ishi Kamen no Otoko) in the WSJ and tankobon releases, is the tenth chapter of Battle Tendency and the fifty-fourth chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.


The stone pillar begins to rupture as more blood is pumped into it. Speedwagon is in distress, but Stroheim assures him that the room the pillar is in is impenetrable from the inside and out. Moments later, the pillar bursts into a pool of blood, and the man who was embedded in it emerges and crashes onto the floor below. After ordering a rinsing of the blood, Stroheim decides to name the being from the pillar "Santana", after the Northern Mexican Winds "Santa Ana".

Santana attempts to situate itself off the ground by standing up, but ends up falling on its face, to Stroheim's hilarity. To experiment with Santana's true nature, the Germans release a starving slave-turned-vampire into the room, and the vampire attacks Santana. When Santana is seemingly blocked by the vampire, Stroheim and his scientists panic and try to save Santana by blowing the vampire's head up but it ends up being absorbed into Santana's body. They discover that the Stone Mask merely serves to create food for the Pillar Man.


Vampire Prisoner
(1st appearance) (Death)

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