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I'm always thinking this, but damn, Yoshikage Kira, you're one lucky guy... With your friendly demeanor and bold drive, there's no way you won't be happy in life.

I'm Shibe. I enjoy archiving and find that editing the wiki helps me scratch that itch. I hope I can help eventually compile every important JoJo event and merchandise release possible so they can be easily accessible to others. I've previously worked a bit on the Postal wiki and Nintendo wiki as well as hope to create a Violence Jack wiki.

I got into JoJo around summer of 2021 and have been binging and consuming content since. I'm plagued by the chronic illness of loving men and JoJo is the perfect thing to keep me going. Some other anime I like includes Devilman, Violence Jack, Hetalia, Neon Genesis Evangelion and Lovely Muco.

Feel free to message me on Discord if you have any suggestions for merchandise/events to add and I'll start working on it. Most of the time I am just seeing what might need work and adding new things as events are announced on Twitter.

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