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About Me

Hey, my name is Jordan I'm 23, gonna be 24 in November 2024.

First got into JoJo's Bizarre Adventure in 2016 Around when the Diamond is Unbreakable Anime started (not a part skipper don't worry) and am currently keeping up-to-date with the ongoing Manga, anime & Merch, which I am thoroughly enjoying. I like all the references Araki makes with fashion/music as I grew up heavily with music & fashion as a kid.

Currently archiving any material I can find for the lost Phantom Blood Movie & the JoJo OVA's by the same company. Found some real golden stuff.

I'm also a very big fan of Berserk and I'm also archiving or scanning any art I can find for it too. I am pleased that Berserk is returning, as of June 7th (announced) and I hope all goes well for everyone involved. The next installment/chapter that restarted the series arrived on June 24th, 2022.[1]

Favourite Pages

Pages needing additions

  • APPP OVA/Movie Installments
    • (Done for now)
  • Games
    • Add Character Gallery: Last Survivor
  • Manga
  • Other
    • Delete/pair unused images
    • APPP OVA/Movie Installments
    • Add Screenshots/stitches/gifs to a majority of character galleries
    • Jotaro/Star Platinum (Done)
    • Joseph/Hermit Purple (Done)
    • Avdol/Magician's Red (Done)
    • Kakyoin/Hierophant Green (Done)
    • Polnareff/Silver Chariot (Done)
    • Iggy/The Fool (Done)
    • Forever/Strength (Done)
    • Hol Horse/Emperor (Done)
    • J. Geil/Hanged Man (Done)
    • Enya/Justice (Done)
    • Aztec Chief (Done)
    • Daniel J. D'arby/Osiris (Done)
    • N'Doul/Geb (Done)
    • DIO/The World (Done)
    • Vanilla Ice/Cream (Done)
    • Wilson Philips (Done)
    • Add French OVA Boxset (Done)
    • Add Japanese Boxset 1 (Done)
    • Add Japanese Boxset 2 (Done)
    • Add Laserdisc Stitches & Inserts (Done)
    • Add 2000s OVA's VHS Scans (Done)
    • Create Marco d'Ambrosio Page (Done)
    • Reorganise PB Movie Page (Done)
    • Rip All soundtracks into singular songs (Done)
    • Stitch entirety of 1993 & 2000 OVA's (Done)
    • Upload New Episode collages (Done)
  • Games
    • Add Buttload of ABC Cards (Done)
    • Junichi Hayama
    • Clean Art (Interviews have some) (Done)
  • Manga
    • Add Chapter no. on List of Covers (Done)
    • Update Art timeline with Clean Rohan DNA Art (Done)
    • Add Chapter no. on Sketch Archive (Done)
    • Update Parts 3-5 Stands with the JOJO A-GO!GO! Standlogy pages (Done)
    • Other
    • Create Greg Chun Page (Done)
    • Make Hiroyuki Kitakubo page (Done)
    • Create Norio Wakamoto Page (Done)
    • Create Rikiya Koyama Page (Done)
    • Create Sho Hayami Page Done)
    • Update Drama CD with Better Scans (Done)
    • Update Reference Gallery/Poses/Fashion/Aesthetics (Done until more are found)
    • Update Part 3 Stand pages with OVA Tarot Cards (Done)
    • Add some novel tabs for certain Characters' Galleries (Done)

Favourite Protagonist?

Favourite Ally?

Favourite Main Antagonist?

Favourite Antagonist?

Favourite Stand & Design?

Well I like close to all of them due to their diversity & how quickly the tide in battles can be turned with them. So I'll choose a personal favourite from each Part:

Other Favourite Manga?

Lots... Akira, Attack on Titan, Battle Angel Alita, Berserk, Bleach, Death Note, Dorohedoro, Dr. Stone, Golden Kamuy, One Piece, One-Punch Man, Vagabond, Vinland Saga

Other Favourite Anime?

Attack on Titan, Black Clover, Bleach, Cowboy Bebop, Death Note, Fullmetal Alchemist, Golden Kamuy Ghost in the Shell (1995), Vinland Saga

Favourite music Genre?

I don't wanna be one of those people but I like everything that suits my taste so to speak, mostly all from the 80s, 90s & 00s.

Favourite Musicians/Bands

Templates of Great use

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