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posted 5 days ago

I mean i tought that it's was pretty clear that Wonder of U killed Poor Tom with a calamity and not physically by punching or kicking, we haven't even seen him do that yet. I probably misused the word anti social but what i meant is that Tooru is apathetic or at least he doesn't value the life of the others rocks humans (which is definitely true).

posted 72 days ago

best of luck to you, im hoping it all goes well

posted 73 days ago

im glad you have this all figured out, again good going with all this.

posted 75 days ago

thanks for the message, ive been concerned about the image youve been using for years on end, im not saying its bad or anything, im just saying it could match up in quality and in reference in terms of DIO on the manga section of pictures on his wiki entry since he is a png, other than that, i understand and thanks again

posted 109 days ago

thank you, sorry for my mishap here, i just wanted to upload new versions of the renders and such, my reason for replacing the images for DIO on OVA and Part 6 was because i thought that they were too old of images and needed to be updated, but i understand that there are just some things i have no right to tamper with and i completely understand, thank you though for the suggestions and im DEEPLY sorry for wasting your time with my mishap on the uploading of new images and such while the old files remain somewhere here on the site having no use.

posted 109 days ago

Hello, if there is anyway to overwrite or to replace the old files, please just tell me, right now i am currently removing backgrounds from old uploads on this site for the video game renders of PB, GioGio PS2, ASB, EOH, JUS and etc. if there is anyways i can replace or move the old files out of the way without them just staying here or if you are displeased with them, then feel free to remove my edits all together, thank you and have a good day

posted 118 days ago

That is because some of the pixelated screencaps I took are from the OVA on Internet Archive and during action sequences so the constant animations somehow messed with quality of the caps. I've been posting them images because it seems like no one gonna do it. Apologies, I will leave them to you.

posted 122 days ago

Yeah, I did update the infobox images after you noticed me a week ago. I won't overwrite them again.

posted 230 days ago

Looking through the sketch archive and art gallery I saw these, which closely resemble the "Valentino" and "Nina Ricci" poses already listed. I saw there are occasionally multiple examples for a pose, so here are the other examples: . Looking at the Art Timeline, it seems the Dio Nina Ricci pose comes before the current one listed on the Reference Page, but the other example is harder to tell due to it not having a determined date. Either way, I find the Reference Gallery pages interesting to look at, so thank you for adding to the pages so frequently.