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This is a list of minor items appearing in various one-shots related to the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series.

The items featured in this list do not have enough information to justify an article, mainly due to lack of relevance, but are still notable.
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Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan

PopcornLink to this section
Pop corn oneshot.jpeg
Pop corn ova.png
Manga Debut: Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan Episode 16: At a Confessional
Anime Debut: Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan Episode 16 (OVA): At a Confessional
A brand of popcorn created by the Confessor. They were quite successful and the confessor's daughter is seen with a bag of popcorn, suggesting that she likes it too. The popcorn becomes a crucial item in the confessor's life when the ghost of the Asian Man orders the confessor to toss three popcorns high in the air and catch them with his mouth.
De Staël ArtbookLink to this section
De stael artbook oneshot.jpeg
Manga Debut: Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan Episode 2: Mutsu-kabe Hill
Anime Debut: Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan Episode 2 (OVA): Mutsu-kabe Hill

An artbook of the works of French painter Nicolas de Staël. It is Rohan Kishibe's sole possession after he invested all his assets in buying a mountain range.

Rohan's AutographsLink to this section
Rohan autographs oneshot.jpeg
TSKR2 Rohan's special autographs.png
Manga Debut: Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan Episode 2: Mutsu-kabe Hill
Anime Debut: Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan Episode 2 (OVA): Mutsu-kabe Hill

Tea SetLink to this section
Tea set oneshot.jpeg
Tea set ova.png

Ikkyu serves tea to Kyoka Izumi and Rohan Kishibe, using it to test Izumi's manners. She fails a third time in etiquette when she places her finger through the handle, which is improper, causing Ikkyu to request that she leaves the place.

In the TV Drama, the tea cups are made of Coalport porcelain in an Adelaide shape with a phoenix motif, dating from approximatively 1830.[1]

CornLink to this section
Corn oneshot.jpeg
Corn ova.png

After Rohan Kishibe reads Ikkyu's bio, the Gods of the Mountains punish him by giving Kyoka Izumi a heart attack. To save her, Rohan Kishibe is given a corn on the cob to eat and must eat it in a proper manner. The cutlery placed besides the corn is a trick and the proper manner to eat corn is to grab both ends with the hands.

Abalone RisottoLink to this section
Abalone Risotto.png
A risotto accompanied with slices of abalone cooked rare. The rice is mixed with cheese and either winter melon or grated Chinese yam. The dish is mixed with abalone liver sauce. It cures Rohan's tired eyes by replacing the vitreous humor with new humor.
Disk AbaloneLink to this section
Disk Abalone.jpg

The Disk Abalone is a species of abalone endemic to the coast of Morioh. These prized seashells have several characteristics. They can grow to weight several kilograms, have an extremely hard shell able to resist the impact of a car, have the octopus as their natural enemy, and are high-class ingredients whose production and sale is tightly controlled. As a result, the inhabitants of Morioh are rumored to have developed a poaching tradition around the seashells. One night every year, the disk abalones are disoriented by the gravitational conditions and begin to freely swim in the water.

Octopus Tomato SauceLink to this section
Octopus Tomato Sauce.png

It consists of several octopus tentacles in tomato sauce. It is not shown to cure anything particularly.

CrostataLink to this section
Crostata Drama.png
Spin-Off Debut: Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan Episode 9 (TV Drama): Poaching Seashore
An Italian pie made by Hatsune Morishima. It's a snack that Tonio's mother often made for him when he was a child. He traveled the world and tasted various dishes, but never encountered anything more delicious than his mom's crostata. Hatsune promised Tonio that she would one day make crostata using his mother's recipe. She was finally able to after being healed, and serves it to Tonio, Rohan, and Kyoka.
Treadmill RemoteLink to this section
Rohan Remote Manga.png
Remote anime.png
Manga Debut: Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan Episode 9: The Run
Anime Debut: Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan Episode 9 (OVA): The Run

A simple remote used to control the activation of a pair of treadmills. Rohan Kishibe and Yoma Hashimoto made a "game" around the remote and set the treadmills to increase their speed until they reach their maximum, at which point the two try to grab the remote first.

Yabubako-Hoshi's ShrineLink to this section
Mirror TSKR Episode 10.png

A small shrine set inside the hollow at the base of a yew tree. It is composed of a small round mirror on a platform. It is said that the yew tree is 800 years old and that the cavity beneath the tree is 500 years old. The shrine is connected to Yabubako-Hoshi, as anyone who is reflected in the mirror finds themselves replaced by Yabubako-Hoshi for three months, Yabukako-Hoshi causing mischief and trouble in the meantime. The cavity has been sealed because it regularly caused trouble in the past but curious visitors occasionally open the cavity and look at the mirror. There is a way to undo everything Yabubako-Hoshi commits and that is to turn the mirror 360° to the left without getting reflected. Stands count as one's true self and can be reflected in the mirror.

NoireLink to this section
Noire Rohan au Louvre film.png
A painting made by art forger Maurice Legrand. Legrand had seen the cursed painting Under the Moon which drove him mad through the art forger's guilt of participating in an art forgery operation. Legrand tried to replicate the painting somehow but in a haphazardous manner. Legrand applied thick layers of black paint to create Noire, replicating with the impasto the image of a spider web and of long flowing hair. Legrand also wrote "Ceci est le noir vu au Louvre. remord" which means "This is the black seen at the Louvre. remorse", at the back of the canvas.

Following Legrand's death, the painting was acquired by the auctioneer company Crimson's and sold off to Rohan Kishibe for 1,500,000 yen.

Light Novels

Perfume BottleLink to this section
Perfume Bottle.png
Novel Debut: The Genesis of Universe Chapter 2: The Gravestone of Hot Sand
A bottle of perfume that Jotaro Kujo bought from a merchant in exchange for learning about Joseph's whereabouts. Later, after the defeat of Ammit, when The Scribe Ani tried to summon another creature using The Genesis of Universe, Jotaro threw the bottle at him, blinding Ani and allowing himself to get close enough for Star Platinum to attack.
Postcard of The Grass FieldLink to this section
The Book Postcard.jpg
A postcard that Akari Hirai finds in an alleyway. It has a picture of a field that stretches all the way to the horizon printed on it. On the grass are two black horses huddled together. Akari sees the two horses on the field as mother and child. It is one of the two things Akari Hirai could leave to her son Takuma Hasumi after she is imprisoned in an alley and is forced to let Teruhiko Futaba take her son away to an orphanage. Takuma later sticks the postcard to a wall in his house and plans to take it with him when he leaves Morioh.
Jet Black NecklaceLink to this section
The Book Jet Necklace.jpg
A necklace that Teruhiko Futaba bought for his girlfriend Akari Hirai at an antique shop. It is made of a round jewel that looks like a scarab attached to a silver chain. The jewel is a shiny black stone which, according to Futaba, is made of a fossilized tree. It is lightweight, can be electrically charged through friction, and apparently long ago people believed that it contained magic. It is one of the two things Akari Hirai could leave to her son Takuma Hasumi after she was imprisoned in an alley and was forced to let Futaba take her son away to an orphanage. Takuma then gives it to Chiho Futaba. Teruhiko recognizes the necklace later. After the events of the story, Chiho still keeps it.
Photo of Team BucciaratiLink to this section
Novel Debut: Purple Haze Feedback Chapter 3: 'a vucchella
A photo of Team Bucciarati (sans Giorno), which was taken in Naples just before they set off to Capri to retrieve Polpo's treasure. Giorno Giovanna gives it to Pannacotta Fugo at the end of Purple Haze Feedback.
Joestar Family KnifeLink to this section
Joestar Knife.png
Novel Debut: JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 7: Airplanes
A knife belonging to the Joestar family, that was stolen by Antonio Torres and used to kill Kenton Motorize. It was also used by Ben Motorize in trial as evidence against George Joestar II in an attempt to frame him for the murder of his daughter.
GiottoLink to this section
Novel Debut: JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 10: H.G. Wells
A space probe launched in 1985 to study Halley's Comet. Thirty-six incarnations of it along with The Eyed Balloon were used by Kars to build a spaceship, which he used to get back to Earth.

In June of 1997, a metal plate from the spacecraft fell to earth and landed on the house of Enrico Pucci (Universe 37), killing his family. The metal plate had fourteen phrases in Italian and English scratched onto it along with an excerpt of how to reach heaven.


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