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Dear... What kind of man are you...? Your daughter is in a grave position... And you're still going to head for Tokyo? Why don't you wait until tomorrow?

Jolyne's Mother (徐倫の母, Jorīn no Haha) is an unnamed tertiary character featured in the sixth part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, Stone Ocean.

She is an American woman and Jotaro Kujo's ex-wife.[1] She is only shown in flashbacks, worrying about the state of her daughter after committing a crime while trying to get in contact with her ex-husband.


Jolyne's mother is a slim woman with light medium-length hair, which sweeps off to the side. She wears a simple patterned dress and lipstick. In the amulet photograph, she wears a dress with three straps on each side.

In a flashback when Jolyne was 14 years old, she had much longer hair swept back. She wore a collared shirt, a skirt, and high heels, and also carried a purse.

Color Schemes

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.
Skin(Fair, red lipstick)
First Outfit(Pink Dress)
Flashback Outfit
(White shirt, purple skirt, reddish-brown shoes with beige soles)
(Fair, light pink lipstick and nail polish)
Eyes(Light Blue)
First Outfit(Cream Dress)
Flashback Outfit
(Tan shirt, brown skirt, dark leggings, black shoes)


She had a close relationship with her daughter, whom she raised mostly alone due to the absence of her husband. As Jolyne slowly but surely went towards a path of restlessness, her mother would just scold her.[2] Jolyne refers to her mother as a "real crybaby" and the lawyer says her mother was very exhausted out of worry for Jolyne following her arrest.[3]



She met Jotaro at some point, and later gave birth to Jolyne around 1992. Jolyne's childhood was often spent without her father Jotaro Kujo, as his job frequently required him to leave the country. Even when she was subjected to a high fever (42 °C) at age 6, Jotaro didn't return from Japan to be with her, which Jolyne resented.[3][4] In truth, Jotaro made sure not to involve his family in the dangerous adventures he lived.

On the phone with Jotaro

During one incident at the age of 14, Jolyne found a wallet on the ground, although it only contained $5. The proprietor of the wallet called the police, Jolyne was arrested and charged after crashing his car, but her young age allowed her to be freed. Jolyne's mother spoke with some officers, saying it must have been some kind of mistake. Jolyne also heard her mother's conversation with Jotaro, understanding that Jotaro wouldn't even come there and instead go to Tokyo.[5] Her mother was later divorced from Jotaro, growing Jolyne's frustration even further.[6]

When Jolyne is being arrested, her mother becomes incredibly worried when seeing her being taken away by the police and calls out for her, with Jolyne telling her not to worry and that she'll be fine.[7] After Romeo's betrayal, Jolyne only allows her mother to call her JoJo. Before Jolyne's trial in court, her mother asks her lawyer to deliver clothes, socks, underwear, a toothbrush, vitamins, her favorite books and magazines, some schoolwork, and a pendant that Jotaro asked her to give Jolyne if she was ever in trouble (which had a picture of Jolyne's parents).[3] Jolyne's mother attempted to get into contact with Jotaro, but his research in Africa meant that she could not get in touch with him. While in Green Dolphin Street Prison, Jolyne frequently thinks about her mom and wants to hear her voice. It is unknown where she met Jotaro, as well as her location during the events of Stone Ocean. It can be assumed that she is unaware of Stands and of Jotaro's activities with the Speedwagon Foundation, as Jotaro took pains to keep her and Jolyne out of danger.

Jolyne, Fly High with GUCCI

In an alternate story, 17-year-old Jolyne's mother dies from illness 10 days prior to the beginning of the story. She loved her clothes, and before her death she quietly had all her clothes tailored (blouses, dresses, etc.) to be able to fit over Jolyne. Jolyne wears them so that she knows her mother is watching over her. Later on, her scarf is used to hide the Unicorn.

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