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I will do my best for you and the law.
—Corrupt Lawyer, SO Chapter 1: Stone Ocean, Part 1

The Corrupt Lawyer (悪徳弁護士 Akutoku Bengoshi) is an unnamed tertiary antagonist featured in the sixth part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, Stone Ocean. He is the corrupt defense attorney of Jolyne Cujoh who first meets with her in the detention center. The lawyer is revealed to have been bribed by Romeo and acting under Johngalli A.'s orders.


The lawyer is always dressed in a suit, with his tie having question mark patterns. He has a hairstyle with two curls on each side. Over the course of the story, the lawyer's ears gradually become more pointed.

Color Schemes

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.

Eyes(Light Blue)
(Brown suit, gold dress shirt, black tie with magenta patterns, black shoes)

Eyes(Dark Blue)
(Brown suit, yellow dress shirt with orange stripes, black tie with magenta patterns, black shoes with copper buckle)


This unnamed lawyer acts noble to Jolyne and expresses regret for not being able to lessen her punishment, but is later revealed to be feigning it as he had no interest in seeing her free.

In reality, the lawyer is a corrupt and greedy man, as he's accepted to sabotage his own defence case because Romeo Jisso's rich father paid him off to have Jolyne condemned. Despite being a defence lawyer, in private, the lawyer also despises criminals and even hates "breathing the same air" as them.


The lawyer traps Jolyne to have her condemned by the judge

The corrupt defense attorney of Jolyne who meets with her in the detention center. He brings her various items from her mother, including an amulet from Jotaro containing a piece of an Arrow, which awakens her Stand. After she is transferred to Green Dolphin Street Prison, they meet again and he advises her to plead guilty to the hit-and-run charges, telling her that the judge is a good friend of his and would give her a sentence of 1–2 years if she did so. Jolyne maintains her innocence, but he eventually talks her into the plea bargain. However, at the hearing, the judge sentences her to 15 years instead. The lawyer is revealed to be in the pay of Romeo, and congratulates him for being released free of all charges due to Jolyne pleading guilty.

Jolyne gets revenge on the lawyer

Later, the lawyer visits the prison to submit paperwork and is witnessed by Jolyne, who is furious from seeing him. The man puts on an act in front of Loccobarocco, saying he didn't become a lawyer for the money and feels ashamed of his insufficient skills for being incapable of lessening Jolyne's punishment. Loccobarocco falls for it and says he's a great lawyer and a noble man, before handing him a letter that Jolyne wrote for him. As he reads the letter in his car and begins to get comfortable, Jolyne uses Stone Free's strings to strangle him, causing him to crash on the freeway. He is left bleeding profusely from the impaled glass, twitching and grasping for breath. Soon after he's retired, Jotaro reveals to Jolyne that he had been acting under Johngalli A.'s orders to get her falsely imprisoned, making her an easier target to kill.[1]

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  • The voice actor for the lawyer, Hidenori Takahashi, previously voiced Adams in the Part 1 anime adaptation and Scatola in Escape From JoJo's Bizarre Museum.
    • The Brazilian voice actor of the lawyer, Roberto Garcia, had previously voiced Dire in the Part 1 anime adaptation.


  1. SO Chapter 12: The Visitor, Part 2

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