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The TG University Hospital (TG 大学病院, Tī Jī Daigaku Byōin) is a location featured in the eighth part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, JoJolion.

The hospital is situated in the coastal town of Morioh. As the place where Holy Joestar-Kira is treated and the headquarters of the Locacaca Research Organization, it is the setting of many pivotal encounters and story developments in JoJolion.


The TG University Hospital is one of the key locations of Morioh. Situated in the northeastern section of S-City, TG University Hospital is a vast medical complex covering 65,000 square meters, comprising three restaurants and cafes, two convenience stores, a post office, a library, a rehab gym, hot springs and a massage parlor.[1] Moreover, it has specialized facilities, such as a hidden laboratory used to research deadly diseases.

Holy Joestar-Kira created a laboratory inside the hospital to research the Locacaca. At some point before the start of the story, the Locacaca Organization infiltrated the institution as doctors and instated a new director. They began using the hospital for their own research on the fruit, neutralizing Holly by secretly testing the Locacaca 6251 serum on her.

The hospital was founded in 1911 with a focus on ideals of humanity and benevolence, and was later renovated in 2009 with a modern main building. Its emblem is that of a downward sword entwined by a snake, supposedly representing the wisdom of medical science. Not much of the complex is explored during the story: the main building is a modernist structure with wide glass openings.[2] The entrance, on the right side of the building, is surrounded by parking.[3][4] A different entrance is seen earlier in the story, which doesn't appear in later depictions of the hospital; it is unknown if this is due to a continuity error.[5]



TG University hospital currently has 220 doctors and 1425 nurses split into 39 medical departments.[3] Moreover as a university hospital it also employs students from medical school.

The most notable members of the staff are the hidden group of the Locacaca Research Organization, a quartet of doctors and Rock Humans who have taken an interest in the Locacaca and are currently studying it as well as using it to treat patients.


As the major hospital of Morioh, TG University Hospital handles 1521 out-patients and 444 sick bed patients per day.[3]

One of the most important patients in the hospital is Holy Joestar-Kira, who is the mother of the protagonist Josuke Higashikata and also one of the doctors working in the hospital.

Notable Staff

Staff from the TG University Hospital
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