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Do you like frogs? I like frogs, too. I hate bugs, though. I also don't like guys who smell. I hate everything that's not beautiful.
—Donatella Una, GW Episode 26

Donatella Una (ドナテラ・ウナ, Donatera Una)[a] is a tertiary character featured in the fifth part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, Vento Aureo. She is the late mother of Trish Una and the Boss's former lover.

Donatella met the Boss while he was under the alias of "Solid Naso." Shortly before her death, she went looking for the father to her only daughter, making the Boss aware of his daughter's existence and triggering a war between Passione and La Squadra di Esecuzione in order to secure the only lead to the Boss's identity.


Donatella is introduced as a young woman in her mid-teens when she first met the Boss. She is only shown in a photograph. Donatella makes a full appearance in the anime, where she appears in a flashback.

She has dark, wavy, shoulder-length hair that curls up toward her at both ends. Two thin strands of hair stick out on the center of her forehead. She wears a strapless crop top that is frilly on the top along with a short skirt that has a grid pattern.

Color Schemes

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.
Hair(Light Brown)
Eyes(Dark Blue)
Outfit(Pink with a white outline)
Eyes(Dark Blue)
Top(Orange with light yellow frills)
Skirt(Dark green with gray-green lines)


In the anime, she lists the things she likes and hates while speaking to Diavolo in a flashback. Her preferences are similar to Trish's. She likes frogs and Perrier water, but hates bugs, guys who smell, and anything that isn't beautiful. She appears to be caring and sociable, as she introduces herself to "Solid Naso" after seeing a truck almost hit him.[1] Trish also thinks fondly of her.



In 1985, Donatella met a young man named Solid Naso at Cala di Volpe, while she was on vacation in Sardinia. They became lovers but Solid Naso suddenly disappeared without warning or trace.[5] She subsequently gave birth to Trish and both lived in a small room for the next 15 years. Around January 2001, Donatella fell ill and sought to find the father of her only daughter. This caused the Boss to become aware of his daughter's existence, starting a struggle between Passione loyalists and the rogue La Squadra Esecuzioni to find Trish Una. Donatella died in a hospital in Calabria two months before Team Bucciarati were tasked with protecting her daughter.[6]

Vento Aureo

Donatella appears as a photograph, taken 15 years ago by the Boss while they were together in Sardinia. The photo is found after Risotto and his team investigated her house.

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  1. Although Donatella's full name is never given, Chapter 469 mentions that Trish Una's last name originally belonged to her mother.


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