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Ball Breaker, Part 5 (ボール・ブレイカー その⑤, Bōru Bureikā Sono 5), originally Lesson 5, Part 3 (LESSON5③, Ressun Faibu 3) in the UJ release, is the eighty-seventh chapter of Steel Ball Run and the eight hundred thirty-ninth chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.


In the "Base World", Johnny waits for Valentine's eventual return as Lucy's transformation has reverted completely and she is gaining consciousness. Meanwhile Valentine struggles to get out of the hole he's come from. Looking at his hand, he realizes that every cell of his body is spinning and can only think of killing Johnny. He steadily loses his calm as he realizes that nothing can stop this power, and after being dragged underground another time despite a desperate attempt at hijacking a carriage, Valentine confronts the possibility of remained buried underground forever and he breaks down.

Valentine then reminisces upon a meeting with his then future stepfather. When he was a young child, a soldier named Captain Valentine presented himself at his doorstep. Valentine took a handkerchief out of his pocket in which was written the date Sept. 20th 1847 and proceeded to tell the tale of a certain soldier. That soldier was captured by the enemy and horribly tortured so that he would reveal information on the enemy. However he never answered anything and he held for so long because he had this handkerchief to remind him of his family. Captain Valentine explained that he hid this handkerchief from the enemy by putting it on his eye socket, as he went blind from one eye, and finally revealed that the date on the handkerchief was Funny's birthday. The soldier who sacrificed himself for the sake of his country was his father, and Captain Valentine praised his patriotism, calling it the most beautiful virtue in the world. He finally gave Funny this handkerchief.

In the now, Valentine takes his father's handkerchief out of his pocket, and resolves to defeat Johnny. In the Base World, Lucy approaches Johnny, who has grown all his nails back on his hand. However he warns her that Valentine is still alive and will come back. Valentine finally reappears but instead of attacking, implores Johnny to stop, recognizing his defeat, and proposing a deal: bringing Gyro Zeppeli back.


Gyro Zeppeli
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Funny's Father
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Captain Valentine
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Went to Tetsuya Chiba-sensei's house. While I was there it felt like a historical building given the masterpieces that were created in it.



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