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Hiyo all. My speciality here is editing color schemes and tweaking other minor stuff. One of my bigger contributions aside of doing Cour 3 colors is helping do the "Non-Canon Color Purge". In short it is wiping non-canon colors from character infoboxes (I did most of parts 1-6). Doing so many edits spiked my User Score from below 5000 to 10025, so that was something.

My priciples when doing color schemes:

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.

Good Shades
(Make sure the shades you pick look good and are accurate on how the color actual is on the character.)
Accurate Presentation
(Speaking of Accuracy. Make sure to pick colors that summarise the characters general palette, so don't pick colors that are barely present unless their presence is important to the palette.)
Keep Things Tidy
(With how the colors are organised and described, make sure it won't be confusing to look through them. Typically have the order be top-to-bottom.)

Sandbox of my color goobery -

Too Doo (normal):

-Fix Template:ColorSchemes (Skin tones are mostly missing.)

-Do/fix color schemes for SO Cour 3 characters

Too Doo (harder):

-Expand Ungalo's appearance tab to acknowledge his first outfit.