Really, really, really stupid page ideas (and edits) you really, really, really shouldn't make

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DISCLAIMER: This is a (somewhat) satirical joke I randomly decided to make that was inspired by this Wikipedia page. Please don't take this seriously.

  1. You, your family, or the organization you work for.
  2. Your fanfiction or doujinshi, which probably only has like 40 pages. Or maybe 41. Hell, why stop there when you can go up to 50! Whatever, believe me, we don't care, but keep dreamin'.
  3. Your fan art (unless you're Shoko Nakagawa).
  4. Your hate mail or letter malding heavily complaining over your favorite JoJo character's death.
  5. Times when Araki forgot. Like, stop saying the boy who saved Josuke Higashikata was supposed to be Josuke himself but then Araki "forgot" to add that plot point in!
  6. Times when Kaiser cared. It's an older code, sir, but it checks out.
  7. Your 3,000-word essay explaining why German science is the greatest in the world.
  8. Your 4,000-word essay explaining why Venice should be called "Venezia" like in Italian.
  9. Your 5,000-word essay explaining why airplanes are revolutionary.
  10. More characters to the list of JoJos when they really can't be nicknamed "JoJo". Especially when you don't know where the "Jo" in "Higashikata" is.
  11. Repeating information that is already on the freaking page.
  12. Your 10,000-word essay explaining why pornography and sexual desire is as important as food and sleep.
  13. The JoJo lion from JoJolion.
  14. Chocolate Disco. No, I mean the other Chocolate Disco.
  15. Repeating information that is already on the — wait a minute...
  16. Making an edit with bad grammar. Like, your probably stupid to not have good grammar...
  17. Similarities between the old universe and the new universe. Like, how the hell do Whitesnake and California King Bed have similar abilities?
  18. Your 20,000-word essay explaining how Dragon's Dream or Yo-Yo Ma are good Stands.
  19. Whatever the heck "eternal cum" is supposed to mean.
  20. Your reenactment of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.

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