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DISCLAIMER: This is a (somewhat) satirical joke I randomly decided to make that was inspired by this Wikipedia page. Please don't take this seriously.

  1. You, your family, and/or the organization you work for.
  2. Your JoJo's Bizarre Adventure fanfiction or doujinshi, which probably only has like 40 pages. Or maybe 41. Hell, why stop there when you can go up to 50! Whatever, believe me, we don't care that you have no life a decent writing talent, but keep dreamin'.
  3. Your parody manga of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.
  4. Your cheap reenactment of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.
  5. Your manga or some other media with stuff ripped off of inspired by JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.
  6. Your cheap audio book of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga that you probably made in your room or basement.
  7. Your fanmade JoJo game. You probably just made it on Roblox.
  8. Spiral staircase.
  9. Toshiyuki Araki. Don't write about Toshi Arakino either.
  10. Times when you made a JoJo reference.
  11. You performing cries of ora oras and muda mudas.
  12. Your fan art (unless you're Shoko Nakagawa or something).
  13. Your hate mail or letter malding heavily complaining over your favorite JoJo character's death.
  14. Rhinoceros beetle.
  15. Times when Araki forgot. Like, stop saying the boy who saved Josuke Higashikata was supposed to be Josuke himself but then Araki "forgot" to add that plot point in!
    "Was this Josuke?" No, he's in the car.
  16. Times when Kaiser cared. It's an older code, sir, but it checks out.
  17. Your 3,000-word essay explaining why German science is the greatest in the world.
  18. Your 4,000-word essay explaining why Venice should be called "Venezia" like in Italian.
  19. Your 5,000-word essay explaining why airplanes are revolutionary.
  20. Desolation Row.
  21. Your manga that you didn't finish.
  22. Your manga that you did finish but ended up being forgotten.
  23. More characters to the list of JoJos when they really can't be nicknamed "JoJo". Especially when you don't know where the "Jo" in "Higashikata" is.
  24. Fig tart.
  25. Repeating information that is already on the freaking page.
  26. Your 10,000-word essay explaining why pornography and sexual desire is as important as food and sleep.
  27. The JoJo Lion from JoJolion.
  28. The JoJo Lands from JOJOLANDS.
  29. The Stone Ocean from Stone Ocean.
  30. The Phantom Blood from Phantom Blood.
  31. The Steel Ball Run from Steel Ball Run — oh wait...
  32. You thought it was gonna be another item on the list, but it was me, Dio!
  33. Rhinoceros beetle.
  34. Chocolate Disco. No, I mean the other Chocolate Disco.
  35. Repeating information that is already on the — wait a minute...
  36. Via Dolorosa.
  37. The vehicle that you used to try and kill your adoptive great-great-grandnephew.
  38. Making an edit with bad grammar. Like, your probably stupid to not have good grammar...
  39. Rhinoceros beetle.
  40. Similarities between the old universe and the new universe. How the hell do Whitesnake and California King Bed have similar abilities?
  41. Singularity point.
  42. Your 20,000-word essay explaining how Dragon's Dream or Yo-Yo Ma are good Stands.
  43. Whatever the heck "eternal cum" is supposed to mean.
  44. Your 4,444-word essay explaining why the number of this item on the list is cursed.
  45. Giotto.
  46. That one time you were stuck in the bathroom with a naked woman while suffering from alien hand syndrome.
  47. The man that you suddenly remembered while fighting the man upstairs.
  48. Angel.
  49. Your theoretical children you would have with Jotaro Kujo or something. Snap back to reality!
  50. Your own wiki. It's probably not famous. If it is, then still don't add it just because.
  51. Hydrangea.
  52. That weird bug you found in your backyard.
  53. Your tournament of All-Star Battle or Eyes of Heaven or whatever game. You probably just held it with three of your friends in your basement.
  54. Rhinoceros beetle.
  55. That one time you had a battle to the death against two rats.
  56. Singularity point.
  57. Recreating this dumb list.
  58. Illegally distributing this dumb list.
  59. Your own personal information that you revealed to your worst enemies. I don't care if your name is Yoshikage Kira, 33 years old, who lives in northeast Morioh where there are many villas. I don't care if you're not married and an office worker for the Kameyu Department Store. I don't care if each evening you return home no later than 8 p.m. Or if you don't smoke but drink but only occasionally. Or if you go to bed by 11 p.m. and always get at least 8 hours of sleep, and that before you lie down, you drink a cup of warm milk and do 20 minutes of stretching to relax your body, and with that routine, you find that you sleep soundly all the way until morning, and like a baby, you awake with no fatigue or stress, and that at your last checkup, you were given a clean bill of health. I don't care if you're explaining so that I'll understand that you're a person who wants to live his life feeling at peace. Or that you refuse to create dilemmas — or enemies — that will disturb your thoughts and keep you up at night worrying if you'll win or lose, and by maintaining that approach toward society, you have found that you can attain happiness. Or that if you were to fight someone, you would never lose.
  60. Secret emperor.
  61. Your song about pizza mozzarella.
  62. Your song about large fries (and not fried chicken).
  63. Any meme, no matter how popular or important. We're not saying don't use your imagination.
  64. The 14 random words your mom sang to you when you were a baby.
  65. A comprehensive list of Easter eggs and unfunny jokes this dumb list has.
  66. 日本語のページ。ところでおまえがこのテキストの意味を知らないに違いない、だからおまえはGoogle翻訳を使用しているじゃないか?(バカバカマシンがww)
  67. That one time you got an erection while looking at the Mona Lisa's hands.
  68. Your mom.[1]
  69. (hehe nice)
  70. Running out of ideas here... Speaking of which, a list of ideas for this dumb list.


  1. I, Guy With a Stand, aka Dr. Cubes, proclaim your maternal parent or guardian to be absolutely grotesquely obese that she has the tendency to weigh more in the American metric system's pounds than the number of bytes Dio Brando's intro page possesses.
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