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Annakiss (アナキス Anakisu) is the alternate universe version of Narciso Anasui in Stone Ocean.


Presumably not as maniacal as his original self due to not being a convict, Annakiss is a typical carefree juvenile who is in a relationship with his girlfriend, Irene. He appears friendly enough to offer strangers a ride when it's raining. His physical features are similar to his original self, but his clothes have been replaced by a jacket and long brim hat with a feather on it.


After the universe is reset due to Made in Heaven, Emporio Alniño defeats Pucci and is transported to a random gas station. There he meets several alternate universe versions of his friends, including Annakiss and his apparent girlfriend, Irene, as well as Alternate Universe Ermes Costello. Soon after Emporio misses the bus, Irene offers Ermes and him a ride. Ermes declines at first, but soon after the rain starts up, Annakiss says he will wait to see how well she does waiting for the bus in the rain. Irene explains that they were on their way to meet with Irene's father in order to ask for his approval of her marriage with Annakiss. Emporio and Ermes eventually accept the offer and the group drives off, but not before Irene tells Annakiss to stop the car to give a ride to what appears to be an Alternate Universe Weather Report walking on the side of the road.


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