Steel Ball Run - Chapter 84

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Ball Breaker, Part 2 (ボール・ブレイカー その②, Bōru Bureikā Sono 2), originally The Goddess's Jealousy (女神の嫉妬, Megami no Shitto) in the UJ release, is the eighty-fourth chapter of Steel Ball Run and the eight hundred thirty-sixth chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.


Although Gyro's bullet wound is going up his heart, the Neapolitan faces Valentine down calmly, then tells at Johnny his fifth lesson: that "the shortest path was a detour. It was the detour that was our shortest path". Johnny doesn't understand Gyro's words and can only observe Gyro riding toward Valentine to attack again. When the Steel Ball reaches the dimensional wall, this time, Ball Breaker cannot break through the wall.

Valentine observes the Stand and momentarily wonders at the technique before using D4C to slice Gyro's stomach. Gyro passes Valentine, who is unharmed. The President then calmly explains how the Steel Ball accidentally passed over the fissure of light, which limits the gap in space during Gyro's first throw. That fissure caused "harm" to get away somewhere, and scraped an infinitesimal part of the Steel Ball away during its first crossing before colliding with D4C. As a result, the Ball wasn't spherical anymore, it was elliptical. That caused the Super Spin's power to be partially lost. The Steel Ball flies back toward Gyro who extends his hand to catch it, but Gyro collapses and dies.

Memories fly through Johnny as he recalls their meeting and their subsequent friendship, and Johnny is devastated at the loss as Valentine turns his attention toward him.


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