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This is a list of minor locations featured in the ninth part of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, The JOJOLands.
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The JOJOLands

HawaiiLink to this section
Manga Debut: TJL Chapter 1: Mechanism
Hawaii ("Hawaiʻi" in the native language), an archipelago of subtropical volcanic islands, and also the 50th state of the United States of America. It is where a branch of the Joestar Family lives: Barbara Ann Joestar and her children Jodio and Dragona. It is mostly characterized as a crime-ridden place in the story.
Jodio's HouseLink to this section
Jodio House.png
Manga Debut: TJL Chapter 1: Mechanism
Jodio's House, a little ranch-style house situated in Honolulu. He lives there with his mother Barbara Ann and older sibling Dragona.
McKinley High SchoolLink to this section
McKinley High School.png
Manga Debut: TJL Chapter 1: Mechanism
President William McKinley High School, a Honolulu high school which Jodio Joestar and Usagi Alohaoe attend. Recognizable via the statue of former U.S. President William McKinley near the entrance. The school's principal is Ms. Meryl Mei Qi.
Iko IkoLink to this section
Iko Iko.png
Manga Debut: TJL Chapter 1: Mechanism
Namesake: Iko Iko (New Orleans folk song)
Iko Iko (アイコアイコ Aiko Aiko), a fashion boutique in the Honolulu neighborhood of Kalihi where Dragona Joestar works as an employee. It is owned by Meryl Mei Qi. In reality, it is a front for Meryl Mei's criminal business and she launders her illegal income through the boutique. She also convenes meetings with her underlings here.
Rohan's VillaLink to this section
Japanese Tourist's Villa.png
Manga Debut: TJL Chapter 1: Mechanism (Mentioned only)


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