Crazy Diamond's Demonic Heartbreak - Chapter 11

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Crazy Diamond's Demonic Heartbreak #11 (クレイジーD(ダイヤモンド)の悪霊的失恋 #11, Kureijī Daiyamondo no Akuryō-teki Shitsuren #11) is the eleventh chapter of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Crazy Diamond's Demonic Heartbreak.


Reliving an attack from Pet Shop, Josuke screams from the pain despite being aware that it's just an illusion. He checks where Boingo was hit by the icicle and regrets that his Stand cannot heal injuries that aren't real. DIO starts talking, repeating what he said to Pet Shop's trainer before killing him. As it had been over 100 years since DIO rejected his own humanity, he forgot how humans feel when they encounter fear. He hasn't decided whether to rule over humans with absolute fear or offer them slight peace yet. Thus, DIO chose to make the man an experiment to see how he panics in this situation.

Not understanding what DIO is talking about, Josuke suddenly realizes that he is soaked in gasoline. Boingo wonders if this is the power of The World since their situation suddenly changed. Pet Shop flies behind them and drops a lit match. As soon as it hits the ground, Josuke and Boingo are covered in flames. Pet Shop then fires a barrage of icicles to put out some of the fire, saving them. Boingo wonders why he helped them but Josuke understands that the bird is just playing with its prey. It's cold enough for their bodies and the gasoline to freeze but as soon as the ice thaws, they would be burned to death. There's also no way for them to escape since a circle of fire surrounds them.

Boingo wonders if the prediction he saw from Tohth about graduating from being DIO's underling meant that he would die here. He starts crying and blames himself for getting Josuke involved. Josuke cheers him up and comes up with a plan. He ignores the attack and lets the fire burn them, while Boingo worries that they're going to die. Although it seems as if their bodies were burned, Boingo suddenly wakes up coughing on the ground. Josuke reveals that he used his Stand to make Boingo's rope wrap around both of their necks just before they were killed in the illusion. The lack of blood flow to their brains shocked them back into reality, canceling the illusion's effects. Karaiya is standing nearby above them with Pet Sounds on his shoulder and sees that they're fine. Shocked at them being alive, Karaiya grinds his teeth in anger wondering what kind of ability Josuke has.

Karaiya reveals that since animals with Stands have less willpower than humans, animal Stand users rely on their natural instincts. Pet Sounds isn't able to make use of his recordings on his own without another brain. Thus, Karaiya gave the parrot a piece of his earlobe to act as a controller, linking their souls together and making them share the same Stand. Karaiya assures that no matter what tricks Josuke uses next, he will never win against the abundant memories Pet Sounds has stocked up. He declares that his next attack will be a massacre and he'll kill all of them. Ryoko, who is trapped in Pet Sounds's illusion, is then shown in her underwear, obscured by shadow.


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