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Civil War, Part 3 (シビル・ウォー その③, Shibiru Wō Sono 3), originally House of Recollection, Part 3 (追憶の館③, Tsuioku no Kan 3) in the UJ release, is the fifty-eighth chapter of Steel Ball Run and the eight hundred tenth chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.


Having regenerated his nails, Johnny hesitates to shoot at another duplicate of Danny. A shadow-obscured Saint then appears behind him, telling Johnny not to shoot if his heart is wavering, as a new path will open. Johnny turns back but finds the man having disappeared, and witnesses his legs convulse, and once again, Johnny tries to shoot Danny but the mouse evades the shots. Meanwhile Axl RO, user of Civil War, reveals himself to Gyro who cannot attack due to the restraining membrane. Johnny enters the garbage dump. He is again attacked by the objects he's thrown away in his pasts and duplicates of people he feels guilt toward to. Once again, the Saint appears before Johnny and tells him the same advice as earlier; this time Johnny successful in seeing him and comes to the conclusion that the Saint might be Jesus.

When a duplicate George Joestar attacks Johnny, Gyro reveals to him Axl RO's hiding place, having detected him with a Steel Ball. Johnny then manage to shoot Axl RO in the throat, killing him. However, Axl RO reappears, as well as the duplicates of numerous unknown people. Axl RO begins to explain his backstory.

During the war in 1863, he was on watch duty for a nearby city; bored, he used to drink himself to sleep. However, one time, he was woken up by an army sneaking up toward the city. Axl RO knew that he would die if he alerted his companions and thus quietly hid and watched as the enemy burnt the city to the ground. Now that guilt for having let the population die has been transferred to Johnny when he killed him, resulting in Axl RO being resurrected by his own Stand as well. As Johnny is being torn apart by the ghost of the town people Axl RO abandoned, Jesus appears and tells him the same advice. Johnny, upon realizing whom he has to shoot, shoots himself with Tusk ACT2 which evolves into ACT3 in the process. The ex-jockey then disappears within the hole.


Danny (Mouse)
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