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Joseph Joestar appears as a playable character in the Capcom games. He was part of the original roster in JoJo's Venture.

A separate incarnation is included, referred to as Proud Lineage Joseph (誇り高き血統ジョセフ) or simply JoJo in the English localization.

Command List & Gameplay

Joseph is a primarily defensive character, who is optimally played patiently and attentivley due to the character's rather weak kit. Many of his attacks give him the role of a pseudo-grappler, complete with 360° and 720° joystick grapple moves, whether up-close or afar, but these are overshadowed by his attack versatility and melee range with his Stand on.

Unique Attack (特殊技)
Forward Roll
(F).png + A2.png STAND
Stand Appearance Attack
(Qcf).png + S.png NORMAL
Special Move (必殺技)
Energy Crash
(Dp).png + A1.png
Energy Tempest
(360).png + A1.png (Grab)
Tactician's Trick
(Qcb).png + A1.png (Press A1.png repeatedly when Stand On)
Blue Overdrive
(Qcf).png + A1.png NORMAL
Energy Snare
(Qcf).png + A1.png (Press A1.png repeatedly, (B).png + A1.png to pull) STAND
Super Combo (スーパーコンボ)
Master's Teaching
(Qcf).png + A2.png
Super Overdrive
(360).png, (360).png + A2.png (Grab)

Story Mode

Joseph's Story Mode follows his adventure to stop DIO and save his daughter.

The PS1's Super Story Mode follows his journey in more detail.

Story Mode
Secret Boss
Link to this section Dialogue

Joseph Joestar travels to Japan after hearing news about his grandson, Jotaro.
Holy: Thanks for coming, Dad!
Joseph: Holy, did Jotaro tell you that he's been possessed by an evil spirit?
Holy: Yes, he told me. He then locked himself in jail and is refusing to come out!
Joseph: I understand. Before I do anything else, let me see my grandson...
Joseph and his comrades go to the jail where Jotaro has imprisoned himself.

Joseph: Jotaro, get out of there! You can come home with me.
Jotaro: Leave me alone!! I don't need you!
Joseph: Stubborn as usual... Avdol, stand back while I take care of this...
Avdol: I understand, Mr. Joestar. It would be wise not to hold back...
Joseph: I know... Jotaro, I'll teach you about the "evil" that possesses you now...
Jotaro: You...!

Joseph: It's time for you to die, DIO!
DIO: Guh... Guh... Stop joking, old man!
Joseph: Now, aren't you supposed to say "I could never lose to you!"?
DIO: I could never lose to... Ughh...!!
Joseph: Feel the wrath of my, "Over Drive!!"
DIO: No... It can't be!... How could I lose? DIO cannot be beaten!!
Joseph: Kakyoin, Avdol, Iggy... I've avenged your deaths...

Joseph exposes DIO's body to the sunlight, and it is reduced to ashes.
Jotaro: So... It's finally over...
Joseph: We survived... Thanks to our friends...
Joseph: Kakyoin! Avdol! Iggy! Thank you! We've finally won...
At the airport, Jotaro and Joseph prepare to return to Japan.
Joseph: I'll miss you. Really... I will.
Polnareff: Call me anytime if you need me. I'm here for ya!
Joseph: Even after all of the problems... I feel I enjoyed this experience...
Polnareff: Take care, you old timer and his cheap grandson! Don't ever forget about me!
Joseph: See you later! That is, if you don't hate me... You weird-haired freak!
Jotaro: Your "wonderful" personality will keep me from forgetting you! Good luck!

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Leeching Off a Parent's Arm! (Adventure)
(親の腕かじり! Oya no Ude Kajiri!)

After defeating J. Geil, the group heads for Benares, where Joseph sees a doctor regarding a strange lump on his arm. The doctor attempts to remove Joseph's arm to prevent further infection, but is instead cut up himself. The lump, speaking aloud, reveals itself to be the Stand Empress, which has bonded itself to Joseph's arm. When a nurse comes in to check on the doctor, Empress confesses to the murder, causing the nurse to believe Joseph did the deed. Now wanted by the police, Joseph runs desperately through the city in search of a way to defeat Empress, which is steadily growing in size and assuming a humanoid form. Joseph eventually finds a barrel of coal tar, which he dips his arm into; though the tar fails to suffocate Empress, it succeeds in hardening the Stand. After revealing that he created a map of the city with his Stand Hermit Purple, Joseph uses his Stand to slice Empress apart.
Secret Factor: Next you'll say, "Stop! Anything but that!" (おまえは「やめてそれだけは」という)

Complete the stage without missing a single quick-time event.
A Woman with Wonderful Legs
(脚がグンバツの女 Ashi ga Gunbatsu no Onna)

Joseph is affected by Bastet's magnetism ability. The user, Mariah, reveals herself and brags about Bastet's inescapable ability before herself escaping Avdol. Joseph warns Avdol about the Stand's electric outlet, but Avdol has already touched one; thus, the two agree to split up and act individually. After the fight, Joseph and Avdol corner Mariah as their bodies begin to be crushed by the metal they've attracted. The two exploit their magnetism to crush Mariah between themselves, knocking her unconscious and nullifying her ability.
Secret Factor: So you're not going to lift the magnetism? (この磁力を止めてくれないのか?)

Touch Bastet's power outlets seven times.
The Soul-Stealing Gamble (Mini-Game)
(魂を奪うギャンブル Tamashī o Ubau Gyanburu)

The Joestar group travels to Giza, where a gambler named Daniel J. D'Arby challenges Polnareff to see which of two pieces of meat a cat will eat first. Polnareff guesses incorrectly, and D'Arby takes his soul with his Stand Osiris, incidentally revealing that the cat is his. In order to save Polnareff, Joseph bets his soul on a game involving dropping coins in a glass of water; whoever drops the coin that makes it spill loses. D'Arby cheats at the game and drops more coins than the glass should handle, causing Joseph to mentally surrender and forfeit his soul. Fed up with D'Arby's antics, Jotaro challenges the gambler to his favorite game, poker. Should the player choose to bluff, Jotaro chooses not to look at his cards before betting Avdol's soul, as well as his mother's. D'Arby, unable to know if Star Platinum looked at or swapped his cards, goes insane under the pressure and folds, putting him out of commission.
Secret Factor: I'd have been horrified if I knew. (もし知っていたらゾッとしたぜ)

Win either the cat or coin mini-game, or win the poker mini-game by bluffing.
The Stand That Rules the World
(世界を支配するスタンド Sekai o Shihai Suru Sutando)

While running from DIO, Joseph realizes the meaning of Kakyoin's message: The World's true ability is to stop time. DIO goes in for the kill, but stays his hand, as Joseph is protecting himself with the sunlight Ripple energy passed down from his grandfather. After the fight, Joseph encounters Jotaro, and barely has enough time to warn him of DIO's true power before DIO stops time. Remembering his Stand's gradual development, DIO overcomes Joseph's Ripple by throwing a knife at his throat. Time resumes, Joseph falls dead, and DIO announces that Jotaro will be the next to die.
Secret Factor: Energy of the sun, Ripple! (太陽のエネルギー「波紋」ッ)

End the fight with Joseph's "Energy Snare" special move.

Challenge Mode

HFTF JoJo 4.png

In Challenge Mode, Joseph Joestar will appear at the end of a run to commentate on your performance. These comments are based on your accumulated points and level.

Quote.png Challenge Mode Lines
Show AllEnglishJapaneseRomaji
  • Those kinds of techniques won't do you any good! (それぐらいのテクニックでは無駄じゃな!)
  • You have a lot to learn. Why don't you go see Lisa Lisa? (まだまだ修行がたりんのぉ、リサリサの所へ行かんか?)
  • Your guard needs a bit of work. (ガードが甘いのぉ)
  • Make sure to use your special moves! (必殺技は確実に出せ!)
  • And now you say, "Surely I'm stronger than that!" (お前は「オレはもっと強いハズ」という!/お前は「私はもっと強いハズ」という!)
  • You've got battle experience... but you're still not ready. (戦いの年季が…まだまだ甘いのぉ)
  • Be careful when your Stand Gauge gets low, or else your guard will break! (スタンドゲージが少ないときは要注意じゃ!ガードが崩されるぞ)
  • Use your Advancing Guard if things get too rough! (ピンチにはアドバンシングガードじゃ)
  • You should try to chain your moves together! (連続技をねらうのじゃ!)
  • It's not just technique: the art of the bluff is important, too. (技だけじゃない、ハッタリも大事じゃな)
  • When the enemy's in the air, that's your chance to strike! (敵が空中にいるときがチャンスじゃ)
  • Attack as soon as you get the chance! (チャンスには一気に攻めろ)
  • Defeat your opponent as fast as you can! (素早く相手を倒せ!)
  • Try to KO with a Super Combo! (スパコンKOを狙うのじゃ)
  • Make good use of your dash attack! (ダッシュ攻撃をうまく使え!)
  • Use your forward dodge if you need to get close to the opponent! (回り込みで敵のふところへもぐりこむのじゃ)
  • You can use four different neutral attacks with the control stick! Use your upward neutral attack for a chance to strike back! (レバーで4種類の受身を使い分けろ レバー上受身は反撃のチャンスじゃ!)
  • Use your Guard Cancel against single attacks! (単発攻撃にはガードキャンセルをうまく使え!)
  • Rack up those Hit Combos with Tandem Attacks! (タンデムアタックでヒットコンボを稼げ!)
  • A short jump after a dash will allow you to pull off a quick yet powerful strike! (ダッシュからの小ジャンプは素早く強力な攻撃が可能になるのじゃ!)
  • It seems your strength hasn't fully recovered yet. (体力を回復させているようじゃまだまだじゃの)
  • Well, now! You're one talented Stand user! (ほぉ、なかなかのスタンド使いじゃ)
  • You're even better than I thought! (こやつ、結構やりおるわい!)
  • That power! You haven't put on the stone mask, have you? You couldn't have! (その強さ!?まさか、石仮面を使っている…わけないのう!)
  • I fought a certain Santana a long time ago, but your power rivals even his! (おぬし…昔、戦ったサンタナにも匹敵する強さじゃッ!)
  • Breathe in for ten minutes, then out for ten minutes! Kooooooohhh... (息を10分間吸いつづけ、10分間吐き続けるのじゃ コォォォォォォォォォォォォォッ!!)
  • You're at Kars's level now—you're the strongest in the world! (おぬし…もはやカーズのレベル(地上最強)じゃ!)


Color B


A B C Stand Start

OldJosephWithStand.GIF JosephWithStand color1.GIF JosephWithStand color2.GIF JosephWithStand color3.GIF JosephWithStand color4.GIF
OJosephAChallenger.png OJosephBChallenger.png OJosephCChallenger.png OJosephStandChallenger.png OJosephStartChallenger.png

Victory Lines

Quote.png Victory Lines
Show AllEnglishJapaneseRomaji
  • The older I get, the better I get! You won't live long enough to say that! (老いてますます健在というところかな)
  • Trying to cheat against an even bigger cheater is only cheating yourself! (わしとだまし比べてはりあうには 10年早いわい)
  • Ha ha ha! I now bask in the presence of pure stupidity! (フッフッフッフッフッフ まぬけめ!)
  • Skill and experience might have made up for your stupidity... Maybe not... (これで戦いの年季の違いが よくわかったじゃろう)
  • It was your lack of experience that did you in. Get some! (あんたの負けだ お若いの)
  • Accepting your defeat is a perfectly healthy activity! Make it a hobby! (お前は『まだ負けていない』と言う…)
  • Winning will only remind you of your repeated losses. (相手が勝ち誇った時 そいつはすでに敗北している)
  • I shall continue with my journey now. (さて…旅を続けよう)


One of Josephs unused sprites using his Hermit Purple to swing around
  • Joseph has sprites of him using Hermit Purple to swing around. It goes unused but it was likely intended for a mid-story cutscene while DIO was chasing Joseph in Cairo. Joseph can be seen doing this in the original manga, for example|Chapter 255: DIO's World, Part 9.
Unused Joseph Text.png
  • Unused text sprites saying "HELP ME!", "OH MY GOD!" and "HOLY SHIT!" also exist within the game.

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