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Daniel J. D'Arby appears as an announcer in the Capcom game. He was part of original roster in JoJo's Venture.

Later, he became a part of Super Story Mode on the PS1 version, as part of the plot.

Capcom Fighters (PS1/DC/Arcade)

JoJo's Venture


Daniel J. D'Arby appears alongside his cat when beaten in Story Mode in the Game-Over screen, counting down from 10 until the player falls victim to Osiris or inserts another coin. He will shout "Good! (グッド! Guddo!)" if the player continues.

Heritage for the Future

Daniel J. D'Arby appears alongside his cat as an announcer for the main menu, he will call out "OPEN(オープン) THE() GAME(ゲーム) Ōpun za gēmu!" when starting the game and announce whatever Mode is selected.

When beaten in Story Mode or Challenge Mode, D'Arby is part of the Game-Over screen, like the previous version of the game.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (PS1)


D'Arby is no longer a part of the main menu, but with the addition of Super Story Mode, he appears as a battle. D'Arby is encountered as a boss with three different minigames. the first two games are rigged, so the player will always lose, but the Poker minigame allows the player to either win legitimately by forcing D'Arby to run out of coins to bet with or instantly win once they unlock and choose the "Bluff" option.

However, if the player replays the minigames via the Boingo Book menu, the player can win said minigames to see optional different endings.

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