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Daniel J. D'Arby (ダニエル・J・ダービー, Danieru Jei Dābī) appears in Diamond Records as an assist character in both the Action Battle and Tactical Battle game modes. He has a 3 star assist, and a 4 star assist, both of the 'Tactical' type. His 3 star assist does not include an assist ability, as 3 star assists only function as stat boosts for the playable statue they are equipped to. Like all assist characters, when the active assists link together, his assist ability may provide extra effects (Action Battle mode only).

Daniel J. D'Arby
(Assist Ability) D'Arby places a bet with a fixed chance of success. If it succeeds, he will briefly capture the opponent with Osiris, damaging them and buffing the player. If it fails, D'Arby will fall to the floor with no effect.

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