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I'm fresh outta business cards but the name's Ojiro, nice ta meetcha.
—Ojiro Sasame to Tsurugi Higashikata, JoJolion Chapter 87: The Wonder of You, Part 4

Ojiro Sasame (笹目 桜二郎, Sasame Ōjirō) is a recurring tertiary antagonist featured in the eighth part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, JoJolion. He is introduced in the "Soft & Wet" story arc and returns during the "The Wonder of You" story arc.

Ojiro is a surfer who ambushes Josuke Higashikata and Yasuho Hirose at Yoshikage Kira's apartment in order to have revenge on Kira for goading him into eating his fingertips. He later confronts Tsurugi and Jobin Higashikata to help his girlfriend Maako Kitani get revenge on Mitsuba.

He is a Stand user who can control the limbs of others through his Fun Fun Fun, although only if said limbs are wounded and if the victim is under him.



Ojiro is a man of average to above-average height and athletic build. He has light hair, short or shaved except for a light sweep at his front, which are depicted with X-shaped marks in his later appearance, and very thin eyebrows. As noted by Yoshikage Kira, he has a very visible tan that causes him to stand out, which is much more visible in his later appearance. His most notable feature is his disfigured fingers, which Ojiro bit off down to the second joint due to the emotional distress caused by Kira's treatment of him.

When he meets Josuke, he is wearing a shirt with a bowtie, along with a jacket and gloves. All of his clothes have his Stand's "Q"-like symbol patterned across them. In his later appearances (both in flashbacks and after his reappearance in Chapter 87), he is bare-chested and wears a puffy jacket.

Later in JoJolion, he has his Stand's symbol tattooed onto his chest, prosthetic fingers to replace his missing ones, and cross-like markings in his hair. He also has belt and shoe buckles shaped like his Stand's symbol.

Color Schemes

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.
(Pale (originally), tan with reddish-brownish tattoo, light brown fingers)
Hair(Blonde with black marks)
First Outfit
(Red coat, beige shirt and pants, reddish-brownish gloves, gray shoes.)
Second Outfit
(Red coat, light pants, yellowish-brownish shoes, gold yellow accessories.)


Ojiro likes immobilizing women underwater

Ojiro is a hateful man who lives a life of crime and hides his vileness beneath a friendly face.

Ojiro is a petty criminal whose crimes mostly revolve around taking advantage of women. He is shown for instance to forcefully take control of a woman with Fun Fun Fun and enjoy watching them stuck under the water. Even if he doesn't kill them, he believes that because of his Stand's power, he could theoretically get away with murder despite having never killed a person.[5] He's also kidnapped a woman and forced her to stay locked up as part of a scheme to get at Yoshikage Kira. At some point, he takes photos of her in obscene poses and keeps them in a photo album to frame Kira.[1][6] Ojiro also takes advantage of his oblivious girlfriend Maako, stealing her money behind her back.[7] The full extent of Ojiro's vileness is shown when he seeks the Locacaca and tries to murder Jobin Higashikata and Tsurugi Higashikata in cold blood by forcing Jobin to slam shards of glass into their necks. He also does it without having any second thoughts or remorse.[8] Finally, he's petty enough to steal money from a seemingly dead Jobin.[8]

Ojiro desires to have revenge on Kira because his harassment broke him psychologically so much that he ate his own fingers.[9] The one time they are shown together, it seems true that Kira intimidates and brutalizes Ojiro on a regular basis.[10] However, he is said to still consider him a good friend.[11] His "friendship" with Kira makes him feel entitled to take the Locacaca for his own personal gain, despite knowing that it was meant for Holy Joestar-Kira.[8]

Ojiro has generally bad manners

Aside from being sadistic and vengeful, Ojiro also demonstrates being a strategic and tactical person. In a desire to get his revenge on Kira, Ojiro set up multiple traps in Kira's apartment in hopes of using Fun Fun Fun on Kira. It's also revealed that Ojiro capturing the woman and leaving her completely naked in the apartment along with her bondage photos was to frame Kira of kidnapping and rape. He's also seemed to have memorized the location of the furniture in Kira's apartment as well, since from above he knew where the black sofa was in the below room.[12] He performs another plan by sneakily controlling Tsurugi's hand to gather damning evidence and force Jobin's hand before killing him.[8]

Ojiro likes to act friendly and always has a familiar tone with his interlocutor. For instance, his girlfriend Maako thinks the world of him and seems to sincerely love him.[13] In reality, he is quite vulgar and unpleasant. At one point, he is shown antagonizing and aggravating a taxi driver because he's angered at the driver's suspiciousness[8] and he's also shown being a slob, loitering around and not cleaning up after eating.[14] Ojiro seems to be lazy, since his main activity is being a surfer and how Maako's daughter calls him out on sleeping in.[8]

Ojiro has a somewhat optimistic and affable outlook on life. Even when he's on a mission, Ojiro likes to enjoy the little things (for instance the Higashikata Fruit Company's delicious ice cream[15]). Ojiro is proud of being a surfer and defines himself by this activity[16] even though it is not a real job.



Main article: Fun Fun Fun

Ojiro's Stand is Fun Fun Fun, with the ability to control the body of a person underneath him.

Fun Fun Fun (ファン・ファン・ファン)Link to this section
Body Puppeteering

Personal Skills

Trap Expertise: During his fight with Josuke in Kira's apartment, Ojiro is shown to be skilled in making sharp traps out of mundane objects, tricking the target into touching them before exploiting their injuries sustained from the traps by using his Stand's ability to manipulate their limbs.



Ojiro developed a Stand in his childhood. The house where he grew up was completely leveled by the earthquake and one of the Wall Eyes rose on that spot.[1]

Kira confronts Ojiro

Ojiro, in his adult life, was using Fun Fun Fun's ability on a woman and submerging her in water at the beach when confronted by Yoshikage Kira. Kira, appearing from behind Ojiro, insulted his occupation as a surfer by questioning whether surfers were men of the sea or men of the land. Kira later encountered him in a ramen shop near a port, and relayed the same question. After warning him to stay away from the coast, Kira then forced Ojiro to leave by inserting an explosive bubble within his face. As he ran out, Ojiro accidentally bumped into Josefumi Kujo, causing the latter to spill an excessive amount of pepper into his ramen.

Some time after this encounter, Kira began questioning Ojiro whether or not he was even a man at all, and Ojiro was ultimately coaxed by Kira into eating all ten of his own fingers under the influence of alcohol in an attempt to prove he was a man.[1]


Soft & Wet

After the incident that costed him his fingers, Ojiro held a grudge against Kira ever since. With vengeance in his mind, he rented an apartment room above Kira's, and planted traps in Kira's room. He notably trapped most of the bathroom, changing the furnitures, planting razors and nails everywhere and putting snakes on the veranda with a saw. He also captures and puts a female hostage stripped and fully branded in the bathroom as a lure, hoping to use Fun Fun Fun on Kira and kill him. Additionally, in order to frame Kira, Ojiro disguised himself as Kira and took pictures of him engaging in erotic bondage with the woman, and placed the photos in an album in Kira's bathroom.

When it seems Kira has returned, though it was really Josuke Higashikata, Ojiro waits for his target to injure himself. At one point, he forces the girl to shut up and submerges her in the bathtub, threatening to drown her. After Josuke saves her, Ojiro forces the girl to cut off her tongue with a razor; when Josuke grabs the razor from her, Ojiro tries to manipulate Josuke into slashing himself with the razor. Josuke ends up being wounded and branded on all four limbs but steals the sound from the apartment to hide himself and stealthily escapes the bathroom. Ojiro thus posts himself at the entrance to trap his target but then calls the room. He strikes a deal with his hostage, who reveals Josuke's location. After that, Ojiro tries to manipulate Josuke into cutting his own tongue with a hacksaw, but then hears Yasuho return to the apartment. He uses Josuke to wound her, but in doing so frees him and allows him to use his Soft & Wet to steal the friction from the floor, making Ojiro slip towards the veranda. Josuke then uses a bubble to steal his eyesight so that he can drag Ojiro into the apartment.

Ojiro is caught

Once Ojiro falls out of the balcony and is apprehended, Josuke profusely beats up Ojiro, who reveals and confirms that Josuke is not Yoshikage Kira by comparing Josuke's hand to Kira's Hand Model. He admits that he confused Josuke as Kira because Josuke and Kira looked alike. Josuke knocks out Ojiro afterwards having learned a hint toward his identity.

The Wonder of You

Ojiro remembers the Locacaca and plans to take it

Much later, Ojiro reappears at a condo, relaxing in a jacuzzi. He is accompanied by his girlfriend Makorin, who previously appeared at a school meeting for Tsurugi Higashikata and was told to move her "forepaw" by his mother Mitsuba. He discreetly grabs a few yen bills from her purse as she rants to Ojiro about her failed attempt to obtain the valuable land where the Higashikata House and orchard now sit atop of. Ojiro's interest is piqued when the woman begins talking about the rumors of equivalent exchange.[17]

Ojiro is eventually killed by Jobin

Ojiro takes pictures of the Higashikata Fruit Parlor and the Higashikata Family while littering all the trash of his food on the street. He meets up with Tsurugi Higashikata near the Higashikata house and taps his hand in order to place Fun Fun Fun's mark on him. Ojiro tells Tsurugi that he's looking for Tamaki Damo's laundry services, revealing that Jobin Higashikata was working with him to launder money. He threatens Tsurugi to tell him where he can get a Locacaca fruit or else his dad will go to jail. However, Tsurugi uses Paper Moon King to make Ojiro almost fall off a cliff.

Ojiro returns on the roof of the Higashikata house and begins using Fun Fun Fun to control Tsurugi and take a video of the Locacaca using his phone. Using a different phone, he tells Makorin what he has learned of and sends her a picture of the Locacaca. He resolves to go steal some of the fruits.[2]

He manages to steal the Locacaca from the Higashikata house and thinks he successfully escaped after getting control of Tsurugi and Jobin. However, Tsurugi made an illusion with Paper Moon King to make it look like he and Jobin died. In reality, Jobin set Speed King on Ojiro's body and boiled his blood vessels after he got away. It seems that he fell into the pool after a cerebral infarction killed him, as he is seen at the bottom of the pool, with Makorin later suffering the same fate.[8] Their deaths appear on the news not long after.

Later, Norisuke uses King Nothing to materialize Ojiro, thus Ojiro's appearance once again. However, just when Norisuke and the Higashikata family realize that Jobin was the one who murdered Ojiro and Makorin, Jobin gives Norisuke a heat stroke, and Norisuke and the Ojiro animation collapse to the floor.[18]



  • Maako Kitani: Maako is Ojiro's girlfriend, who he calls Makorin. She buys him things with her wealth, such as new prosthetic fingers. He takes advantage of her by staying in the jacuzzi of her condo and stealing money from her purse without her knowing.[17]


  • Yoshikage Kira: Kira would persistently ask Ojiro whether he was a man of the sea or a man of the land. This caused him so much emotional stress that after drinking and doing drugs, he bit off his own fingers down to the 2nd joint. Despite wanting revenge on Kira, he still thinks of Kira as a close friend of his.[2]
  • Kidnapped Girl: Having kidnapped a woman as part of his plan of getting revenge on Kira, Ojiro has no regard for her safety, having sexually abused her to frame Kira and using his Stand to nearly drown her to trick Josuke into cutting himself. Despite this, the woman is willing to cooperate with him to help him kill Josuke, due to being used by people she knew in her life. After Ojiro's defeat, the woman is freed from his Stand and immediately left the apartment.
  • Josuke Higashikata: Mistaking the then-amnesiac Josuke as Kira, Ojiro completely booby-trapped his apartment to get his revenge. After being isolated from Yasuho by a doctored photo album, Josuke is forced to maneuver over Ojiro's traps on his own while trying to keep a girl Ojiro kidnapped safe. Upon awakening his Stand, Soft & Wet, and with help from Yasuho, who've returned back to the apartment, Josuke used his newfound power to trick Ojiro into falling off the balcony before defeating him. Once Ojiro immediately recognized Josuke is not Kira, Josuke roughed him up for information before knocking him out as payback.
  • Yasuho Hirose: While there was little interaction between them, Ojiro saw Yasuho as a hindrance in his plan to kill Kira, using a doctored photo album of him raping a women he kidnapped to manipulate her into leaving Josuke, whom he targeted. In the midst of nearly killing Josuke, Ojiro's plans were foiled when Yasuho returned and indirectly helped Josuke in tricking and defeating the surfer.
  • Jobin Higashikata: Although they weren't initially enemies to each other, Ojiro antagonized Jobin in an attempt to steal Locacaca for himself.


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Quote.png Quotes
  • I have a grudge against Yoshikage Kira. So I strategically rented the room above this one. I let snakes loose on the veranda, I hid needles in bath towels, and I stuck thumbtacks in the slippers so you'd step on them. It's 'cause of the kind of ability I've got... I kidnapped some woman to use for a trap and took photos to make it look like it was Kira that did it. Then I waited three days on the floor above this one.
    —Ojiro Sasame, JoJolion Chapter 6: Soft & Wet, Part 5
  • It was the summer of 2008. I was hanging out on a beach. Just like I always did. Well, really I was just playing around. It wasn't a big deal. There was just this girl who took my invitation to go to the beach with me. I was riding my board directly above her, see...? I didn't kill her or anything. I havent't even killed anybody. But anyhow... even if I got caught by the police, they'd have no proof against me or any reason to say I did it... because of the type of ability I have....
    —Ojiro Sasame, JoJolion Chapter 6: Soft & Wet, Part 5
  • All night long- on and one, "If you're a man, prove it and eat", he said, see...? So without thinking about what I was doin... I got carried away... all 10 of them... I fucking ate theeem. My nails...with these teeth. And the bone and the flesh.
    —Ojiro Sasame, JoJolion Chapter 6: Soft & Wet, Part 5
  • I'm fresh outta business cards, but the name's Ojiro, nice ta meetcha.
    —Ojiro Sasame, JoJolion Chapter 87: The Wonder of You, Part 4
  • Your family is done. Right now is the beginning of the end.
    —Ojiro Sasame to Jobin, JoJolion Chapter 88: The Wonder of You, Part 5
  • Time to choose... are you going to strangle your own son? Or maybe push him onto a piece of glass 'till something gets cut off?
    —Ojiro Sasame, JoJolion Chapter 88: The Wonder of You, Part 5
  • These fruits... they originally were for Holy Kira. They weren't something for you Higashikatas to have from the start. This is a present from my late friend Kira to me... I really am a guy who's got it!
    —Ojiro Sasame, JoJolion Chapter 88: The Wonder of You, Part 5



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