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Nut King Call. The screw and nut I just attached to that are able to fuse together different substances.

Nut King Call (ナット・キング・コール Natto Kingu Kōru) is the Stand of Joshu Higashikata, featured in the 8th part of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, JoJolion. It is a humanoid Stand with a nuts and bolts theme. Its power is to conjure nuts and bolts on objects or people, disassembling and assembling them as if they were mere pieces of a machine.



Nut King Call is a humanoid Stand similar in height to Joshu. It has screws embedded in the sides of its head and its spindly arms. It has two shield-shaped eyes similar to a bug's and many nuts and bolts surrounding its neck resembling a ruff.

On its forehead rests a large V crest. Its face and arms are also textured with slight ridges. Its torso is covered in a tessellated triangle motif similar to Caesar's headband or Jotaro's belt.

Nut King Call's wrists were originally large and circular with two lines connecting to the screws on its knuckles. In its later appearances, its wrists are longer and cylindrical, no longer having the connections to its knuckles.

Nut King Call is purple and white in the colored manga and Eyes of Heaven.

Color Schemes

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.

(Purple and white body with dark purple headpiece, dark stripes, gold-yellow accessories, hot pink wristbands)
Bolts(Silvery blue)

(Light purple and white body with dark purple headpiece, dark stripes, gold-yellow accessories, bubblegum-pink wristbands)


Nuts and Bolts

By planting nuts and bolts in a target, Nut King Call creates functional artificial joints. When a nut is removed from a bolt, which may be done almost instantly, the object breaks up and is disassembled. When applied to humans, the process of dismantling body parts appears painless.[1] These separations seem to undo themselves when a target is out of range, as seen when a thug accosting Joshu finds his hands reattached (albeit incorrectly) when Joshu flees.[2]

Nut King Call may also fasten together whatever objects are between a nut and a connecting bolt. This is first demonstrated when Joshu dispatches of a bar owner and his men by forcibly affixing parts of their bodies together and escaping as they stumbled around.[3] Later, he does the same to a bottle that Zaihei Nigatake was drinking from and the cursed money generated from Milagro Man.[4]

Nut King Call can even detach its own user's body parts, such as a tongue. When this happens, it is shown that Joshu still has control and feeling over the detached body part.[5]


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  • Nut King Call’s name is a pun, as Nat King Cole’s Japanese pronunciation is identical to Nut King Call’s (ナットキングコール Nattokingukōru).


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