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My ability lies in the world inside the mirror...where I'm safe and invincible. (安全で……無敵にふるまえる『鏡の中』……それがおれの能力。, Anzen de…… muteki ni furumaeru "kagami no naka"…… sore ga ore no nōryoku.)

Man in the Mirror (マン・イン・ザ・ミラー, Man in za Mirā) is the Stand of Illuso featured in the fifth part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, Vento Aureo.

It gives Illuso access to a mirror dimension, where the only living things that can enter are Illuso himself and those he drags in through any reflective surface. This single rule of the mirror world also applies to Stands, allowing Illuso to cut off a Stand user from their Stand.


Man in the Mirror (2).png

Man in the Mirror has a humanoid body with a dark leotard missing the upper chest piece, all bolted in place by screws. It wears gloves and a diamond-patterned hood covering its entire head, along with a large pair of goggles. Its facial design is based on a Venetian mask, making the Stand look like a Tengu.[1]

Color Schemes

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.
(White and purple, with light brown head and hands)
Goggles(Dark Brown)
(Purplish-black clothing with gun-metal gray studs)
(Black clothing with gold studs and codpiece)
Body(Gray with tan head)
Clothing(Black clothing with gold studs)


Owing to the arcane power of accessing a mirror world, Man in the Mirror is a difficult Stand to defend against. Though it lacks physical power,[3] it's dangerous because trapped Stand users will find themselves defenseless in its mirror world.

Mirror World Entry

Man in the Mirror enables its user to enter a "mirror world".[4]

Man in the Mirror forcing Abbacchio's arm into the mirror

Moreover, Man in the Mirror can also drag anything into the mirror world by using reflective surfaces as portals, selecting anything that can enter through Illuso's orders,[5] and can do so regardless of how small the "portal" is.[3] Breaking the mirror does not stop this ability and actually creates more openings leading to the mirror world.[3]

Only those Illuso and Man in the Mirror are about to drag into the mirror can see him, even if others are looking directly at the mirror.[4] Moreover, it may also only select specific parts of an object to drag in or let out, thus it was able to only let in half of Abbacchio, effectively disabling him.[3] Illuso can also play with multiple reflections in order to drag people through blind spots.[3]

If another Stand user is dragged into the mirror, Illuso can choose to forbid their Stand from entering with them and a summoned Stand will find itself alone in the real world, although it can be remotely manipulated by the user.[6] This makes Man in the Mirror practically invincible inside the mirror, as it will be the only Stand present. However, Illuso can be tricked into letting a disguised Stand enter the mirror world.[3]

Illuso himself is also free to enter or exit the mirror world and can also select parts of him. However, he must do so through a reflective surface. If he leaves, those still in the mirror world will be trapped.[7]

In the mirror world, everything (even people dragged into it[4]) is a mirror image of itself and the world is devoid of any life form. The reverse images are said to be made of spiritual energy.[5] The mirror world is effectively isolated from the real world, and prisoners in the mirror cannot be seen nor heard[8] at all. Any action in the real world is "reflected" in the mirror and will appear to occur for seemingly no reason.[6] Conversely, only Man in the Mirror can affect objects inside the mirror world, explained as the objects "belonging to a realm of death".[5]

If Illuso dies, the mirror world is destroyed and its prisoners are freed.[9]

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