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Thank you very much for these past 10 years of JoJolion! Let's take a bit of a rest, and then meet again with the new "JOJOLANDS" (tentative).ジョジョリオン10年間ありがとうございました!少し休んで、新「JOJOLANDS(仮)」でお会いしましょう。

JOJOLANDS (ジョジョランズ JoJoranzu) is the tentatively named ninth part of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. It was announced in the author's note of the September 2021 issue of Ultra Jump on August 19, 2021.

When receiving the Iwate Hometown Special Manga Award for JoJolion on December 19, 2021, Araki stated that Part 9 of JoJo is in the works.[1]

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  • Araki previously mentioned in an interview at the start of Steel Ball Run that he had already planned out the general outlines for each part up to Part 9.[2]
  • In March 2016, when asked what country Araki would be interested in depicting in future stories, he stated that he would like to go to Northern Europe or the Scottish Highlands.[3]
  • Araki has also mentioned wanting to depict Morioh in Part 9 as well.[4]

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