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Allow me to "read" what's written in each of your bodies.
Rohan Kishibe, TJL Chapter 4: Vs. Rohan Kishibe

Heaven's Door (ヘブンズ・ドアー Hebunzu Doā) is the Stand of Rohan Kishibe, featured in the ninth part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, The JOJOLands.

It is a small humanoid Stand that turns people into books for Rohan to read.


Heaven's Door appears as a small boy resembling the protagonist of Rohan's manga, Pink Dark Boy. It wears a long overcoat. Its eyes lack irises and are vertically segmented with lines. There is also an outline around its eyes which extend downward onto its cheeks in a straight line, curving inward at the tips. Heaven's Door wears a bowler hat with transparent, checkered holes.


Book Transmutation

Usagi Alohaoe turned into a book

Heaven's Door is a close-range Stand that can turn any living being into books, pages unfurling from their bodies in the shape of whatever body part it opens from (for example, if from the face, the shape of the pages is of the person's entire face). Rohan seemingly has to touch the target with his hands to activate the effect, as Paco could restrain Rohan by the wrist and not get affected. The ability would activate in the area he touched, but also can spread elsewhere. For instance, Rohan touches Paco's forearm, causing his whole arm to unfurl into pages as well as his face. The effect does not have to activate right away. Rohan touches Dragona's hand, but the hand only unfurls into pages a few moments later.

The contents of the books contain detailed and absolutely true information on their subject, such as their name, age, personality, history, and motives. If one's face is turned into a book, they may be incapacitated while under the effect if Rohan wills it.[2]


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