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Nero Nero Island (ネーロネーロ島, Nēro Nēro-tō) is a location featured in the light novel JORGE JOESTAR.

Located south of Sardinia, Italy, Nero Nero Island is the headquarters of Passione in the 37th universe.


Nero Nero Island is covered in rocks and is the second largest island in Italy. However, it is only a tenth the size of Morioh.[2]

The island has a population of roughly three thousand. The buildings are mostly made of brick and there are several windmills. Jorge Joestar notes that the crops on the island look like wheat. There are several ships with Italian names in the harbor. Its underside is around 200 meters thick.

Nero Nero Island has a long history of being a mafia base, only becoming the headquarters for Passione recently. Despite its history, there are several ordinary citizens living on the island as well.

On July 24, 2012, Nero Nero Island suddenly grows two insect-like legs and starts sailing on its own toward Morioh. It collides with Morioh, but the collision of the two barriers around both islands propels Nero Nero Island upwards. Four more legs suddenly emerge from under Nero Nero Island as it crashes through Morioh's barrier and lands in the harbor. Nero Nero Island starts walking on top of Morioh, crushing several houses. Gang members on the island take the opportunity to shoot random civilians of Morioh from above.[1]



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