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Respect is prosperity! (『尊敬』は『繁栄』だ!, "Sonkei" wa "Han'ei" da! )
—Dr. Ferdinand, Steel Ball Run Chapter 31: Scary Monsters, Part 4

Dr. Ferdinand (フェルディナンド博士, Ferudinando-hakase) is a secondary antagonist featured in the seventh part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, Steel Ball Run, introduced in the "Scary Monsters" story arc.

A geologist by trade and also working as one of President Funny Valentine's henchmen, Dr. Ferdinand ambushes Johnny Joestar and Gyro Zeppeli alongside a transformed Diego Brando in the Rocky Mountains to take the Saint's Corpse's eyes from them. He is a Stand user and controls hordes of dinosaurs through his Scary Monsters.


Dr. Ferdinand is a man with light hair, that is parted with long bangs on the right side of his face. Most of the head is hidden under a thick hood.

His outfit's most notable feature is the several roses near the top of his long main garment, which appears to be only slightly shorter than his coat and resembles a dress or tunic. He dons a long, hooded coat, gloves, kneepads, pants, and boots.

He looks somewhat androgynous and seems to be wearing mascara - particularly below his eyes - and lipstick.

Color Schemes

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.
Skin(Fair, pink lipstick.)
(Beige coat with lime buttons over a crimson dress/tunic covered in hot pink roses, crimson gloves and boots.)


According to Dr. Ferdinand, the dinosaurs went extinct because "they didn't respect the Earth"

Dr. Ferdinand is a geologist and a paleontologist with a very flamboyant personality. For him, the most important thing in the world is respect; he has a great respect for the planet, to the point he'd get senselessly furious should he see somebody spitting on the ground or littering. He's convinced that Earth brings prosperity only to those who respect the soil and has come to believe that dinosaurs, the once undisputed rulers of the world, died because their small brains couldn't understand this basic ideal.

Dr. Ferdinand is also the first Steel Ball Run antagonist to be truly devoted to Funny Valentine, and not just a mercenary. He tries to obtain the Saint's Corpse, as he believes the completed body would bring not only respect and prosperity to whoever obtains all the pieces, but true power and an eternal kingdom. He plans to recover them for the President, the only one who can actually exploit this power for the glory of a nation.



Main article: Scary Monsters

Ferdinand uses Scary Monsters to turn Diego Brando into a dinosaur and have him affect an entire village. By directing orders to Diego, he is able to command an army of dinosaurs to do his bidding.

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Dinosaur Infection



Dr. Ferdinand is a geologist and a paleobiologist by trade. Two years before the story, Ferdinand obtained his Stand while searching for the Devil's Palm. Ferdinand also entered Funny Valentine's service and learned about the Saint's Corpse.

Steel Ball Run

Dr. Ferdinand has Diego give him the Eyes

Dr. Ferdinand is dispatched during the course of the third stage of the Steel Ball Run race, in the Rocky mountains. Preparing his attack, Ferdinand attacks Diego Brando but leaves him be, planning to let Diego turn a whole village into dinosaurs when the night comes. Ferdinand also turns several mountain cougars into raptors for him to ride. Ferdinand then awaits for Diego to finish off Johnny Joestar and Gyro Zeppeli but the duo lead him to the next Corpse Part and thus he comes and shows himself. On the way here, he scolds Johnny for "littering" with his nails. Ferdinand reveals himself to be the real Stand user behind the dinosaur attack. He talks to Johnny about respect and prosperity, berating him for littering and spitting on the ground. He is shown to believe that the Corpse will bring prosperity.

Dr. Ferdinand is mauled by cougars

He orders Diego to retrieve the left arm from Johnny, but the latter has briefly abandoned it, using his partial transformation into a dinosaur to jump at Dr Ferdinand. Johnny strikes him with his tail, recovering the Saint's eyes. Whilst being pinned down by dinosaurs, he passes the eyes to Gyro.

Dr Ferdinand asks Dio to finish off Johnny, but they are both struck by a Steel Ball. Gyro pilots his Steel Ball remotely and sends it at Ferdinand's face, wounding him despite Diego's protection. Gyro acquires a supernatural vision. Thanks to it, he is able to hit the enemy even through a crowd of dinosaurs; when Ferdinand hides inside of one of his raptors, Gyro throws his Ball at the ground and sees through their bodies thanks to the vibrations. He thus can see where Ferdinand is hiding and hits him a third time along with Johnny. Ferdinand is defeated and his power is cancelled. Now surrounded by cougars, Ferdinand is mauled to death.

Gyro has acquired the Right Eye, but the duo sees Diego with the Left Eye. Diego disappears, having kept the dinosaur powers with him.


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Quote.png Quotes
  • You littered that nail on the ground. Don’t be throwing away those sorts of things. I’m talking about that nail, Johnny Joestar. The fact that you carelessly throw away trash and things like that, it’s proof that you don’t respect this ground. Are you that great? Are you greater than this gracious Earth?
    —Dr. Ferdinand, Steel Ball Run Chapter 31: Scary Monsters, Part 4
  • Let me not forget my manners, even to scum who does not respect the Earth. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Ferdinand, I am a geologist and biologist of ancient creatures. Call me Dr. Ferdinand.
    —Dr. Ferdinand, Steel Ball Run Chapter 31: Scary Monsters, Part 4
  • Wait a second, Johnny Joestar... You... What did you just do? Weren't you listening to what I was saying? You just spat on the ground, didn't you? You spat on the ground. I thought I said to respect the earth! The world is full of people like you.
    —Dr. Ferdinand, Steel Ball Run Chapter 31: Scary Monsters, Part 4
  • Do you know why the dinosaurs perished when they were prospering on this Earth? It’s because they were idiots who didn’t understand the concept of respect! They didn't respect the earth! That's why they perished! I'm talking about something of scientific significance. Anyone who violates the earth will only penalize themselves! That deep causal relationship can't be understood by their pathetic brains!
    —Dr. Ferdinand, Steel Ball Run Chapter 31: Scary Monsters, Part 4
  • Respect is prosperity! The one who collects all parts of this Corpse will receive true power and the eternal kingdom...
    —Dr. Ferdinand, Steel Ball Run Chapter 31: Scary Monsters, Part 4
  • Go and fight them! Eventually I'll get there... and cut your throats open!
    —Dr. Ferdinand, Steel Ball Run Chapter 31: Scary Monsters, Part 4



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