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Living your life so your now is a treasured, fun, wonderful experience... that's happiness.
—Karera Sakunami, JoJolion Chapter 44: Love Love Deluxe, Part 2

Karera Sakunami (作並 カレラ, Sakunami Karera) is a tertiary ally featured in the eighth part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, JoJolion, specifically the "Love Love Deluxe" story arc.

She is an agricultural student infatuated with the former identity of Josuke Higashikata, Josefumi Kujo. Consequently, she becomes involved with the Locacaca Smuggling Organization who pursue her.

Karera is a Stand user whose Love Love Deluxe allows her to grow and manipulate hair.


Karera is a young woman of average height and a slim build. She has long curly dark hair, and her bangs are styled into several large curls. Above her curls, she wears a bandana with an angelfish printed on both sides and a clownfish printed on the top. Josefumi thinks she's cute.[7]

She wears a cropped tube top with a zipper on the front and a pair of short shorts. On top of that, she has a long vest with each side on the front and back having a vertical pattern of oval-shaped holes in between two lines of smaller circular holes. Mesh-like suspenders attach her shirt to her shorts.

During her first appearance, she wears a pair of heeled gladiator sandals. After shopping, she wears striped thigh-high socks with a pair of ocean-themed heels decorated with stars and seashells.[6]

Color Schemes

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.
(Fair, orange lipstick and light pink nails.)
Hair(Black with lime highlights.)
Eyes(Grayish Purple)
(Bright orange, with white and magenta fish insignias.)
(Olive vest over a navy bralette with a gold zipper, purple jean short shorts and purplish white suspenders.)
Old Shoes(Rose red with golden laces and heels.)
New Shoes
(Periwinkle with bright orange stars. Magenta socks with indigo stripes.)


Karera is a temperamental, cunning, and crude woman who tends to pick fights with anyone in case she can benefit from them, irritating whoever she speaks to. She generally acts carefree and unpredictably. Although she is usually energetic and playful, she is prone to suddenly changing the subject and her mood. She is quite clingy and flirty with Josuke, whom she mistakes for being her crush, Josefumi. As soon as Josuke meets her, he can tell that she is the type of woman he would never love.[8]

Karera acting like a slob

Karera has a surprisingly high number of bad habits. Firstly, Karera is a serial con artist, who exploits her Stand ability to commit several petty crimes and scams for her own benefit. She scams a yakitori vendor[9] and later a taxi driver into giving her money by faking evidence that they provided her with bad customer service.[10] She also manages to steal money from a credit card.[11] She has experience with offering to grow hair for bald people in exchange for money, but as soon as her Stand goes out of range, the hair she grows for them just falls out.[12] Karera starts most of her scamming cases by causing a big scene, aggressively yelling and swearing at her victims, and even assaulting them in the case of the yakitori vendor.[13][14][15] Secondly, Karera is rather slovenly due to her current living style. For instance, she has no qualms about leaving a mess behind her after eating or cleaning the space between her toes in a restaurant by using water from a cup on the table.[16] As she is homeless, she sleeps wherever she can such as a train station,[17] and carries nothing with her except for a shopping bag.[18] She begs Josuke for money as soon as she sees him just so she can spend it on pachinko, and after losing that money, she begs him for more.[19] Karera is frequently seen snacking on various unhealthy foods. She nearly dumps an entire container of a cafe's cane sugar packets into her bag. She pours a lot of the sugar along with soy sauce onto tallow which she placed on top of bread, notably avoiding to eat the bread crusts. After buying a laptop, she charges it by using an outdoor outlet of a random stranger's house.[20] She also has a characteristic staggering gait, always wobbling when she walks.

Karera prefers to think about the present

Karera hates to dwell on the past, going so far as to completely avoid associating herself with it, except for her unrequited love for Josefumi Kujo. She does not know or care about what her family is doing. For Karera, happiness depends on the treasured experiences she makes in the present.[21] She claims that she dreams about becoming a fashion designer but has no talent for drawing, so she buys a laptop instead, planning to create her designs with CG software.[22]

The subject of the Locacaca and the threat of the Rock Humans makes her nervous as she understands the stakes and danger they pose.[23] Although she is a Stand user, Karera prefers to flee from her enemies,[24] only coming to assist Josuke after leaving for long enough to be forgotten about so she can make a successful sneak attack. After she defeats the A. Phex Brothers, she states her resolve to not run anymore and declares that she wants the Locacaca for herself because it's worth a lot of money. She is also more knowledgeable than she acts, being aware of the equivalent exchange process and deciphering that Josefumi and Kira must have underwent equivalent exchange to become Josuke.[25]



Main article: Love Love Deluxe

Karera's Stand Love Love Deluxe gives her control over other people's hair, growing it on their heads and even on other things that they had touched, such as a tsukune or an ATM's LCD screen.

Love Love Deluxe (ラブラブデラックス)Link to this section
Hair Manipulation



Pinned down by I Am a Rock

Not much is known about Karera's youth. It is known that Karera is not keeping contact with her family and is uninterested in doing so, meaning she may have had some bad history with them.

Karera becomes an agricultural student at T Academy, frequenting the same college as Josefumi Kujo.[4][5] She develops a crush on Josefumi and begins to stalk him. Although she shares a photo with Josefumi and Yoshikage Kira, Karera never formally met them.

Karera claims to Josuke that Josefumi was living in Kira’s apartment and that Kira disposed of several Locacaca trees while hiding a single potted tree in his kitchen.[6] However, it's unclear if Karera was being deceptive or if this was later changed, as Josefumi and Kira only stole two branches of the Locacaca, grafting them onto a tree near the Wall Eyes. She also claims that she made out with Josefumi before, but then questions whether they actually did.[26]

On August 19, 2011, Karera rests at Morioh's harbor, presumably waiting for Josefumi, when Josefumi and Kira are attacked by Tamaki Damo and Yotsuyu Yagiyama. Kira secretly plants Sheer Heart Attack in her hair and lures her into wandering near his boat so that Yotsuyu would approach her. Sheer Heart Attack's explosion creates a diversion so Kira and Josefumi could escape. Karera also escapes unharmed but has to hide for six months, pursued by the A. Phex Brothers.


Love Love Deluxe

Karera contacts Josuke, mistaking him for Josefumi

Karera is introduced in the story as a mysterious woman who lures Josuke into a back alley, having mistaken him for Josefumi. She is revealed to have some familiarity with Yoshikage Kira and Josuke's other half. She's eventually convinced that Josuke was the one she mistook him for after he uses his Stand to obtain her name through the card in her back pocket wallet. After the exchange, she borrows money from him and swindles a free meal from a yakitori shop by producing a hair from a tsukune using her Stand ability.

Later, she and Josuke go to a cafe in downtown Morioh where she shoves nearly an entire container of cane sugar into a plastic bag, before eating bread with tallow, sugar, and soy sauce. She offers it to Josuke claiming it tastes like sukiyaki. After she cleans the spaces in between her toes with a napkin dipped in water, she walks into the bathroom with an old man using her Stand power to grow hair on his head. However, she is interrupted by Josuke, who mistakenly thought she was prostituting herself. The man runs away from them, and Karera explains to Josuke that she gets paid growing hair for bald men while they are in her Stand's radius. Josuke interrogates her asking what her goal is, and she replies that she still loves him. She also states that she doesn't care for her family and prefers to live in the present. Immediately after that, she yells at two men for staring at her before leaving the cafe.[26]

Karera shows a photo of Josefumi

Outside the cafe, Karera shows Josuke a photo of herself standing with Yoshikage Kira and another young man who she calls Josefumi Kujo, allowing Josuke to learn the real name of one of his former halves. She then uses her Stand to steal an ATM card belonging to one of the men she yelled at.[27] She later uses her Stand to get the number of the ATM and steal money to 'treat' Josuke, when in reality she goes shopping to buy various items including a laptop for her dream to become a fashion designer. After fully charging the laptop by stealing the electricity from the outdoor outlet of a house belonging to someone named "Yamada", Karera and Josuke then enter a cab. They plan on going to Kira's apartment and Josefumi's house, and Karera uses her Stand in the process to scam the cab driver into a free ride.

Afterward, they walk down the road to Kira's place. Josuke tells her that Kira is dead, causing her to break down under the assumption that he was murdered. She reveals to him that Kira owned a Locacaca Tree in addition of disposing of several more. Josuke then suddenly spots one of the A. Phex Brothers and asks if she knows him, which she denies. Shortly after, she is lit aflame by the older brother's ability and extinguished by Soft & Wet before later fleeing.[6]

However, Karera returns soon after. She sneakily uses her Stand to light the older of the twins on fire and the two are killed quickly afterward. Following their defeat, she tells Josuke that she likes him, and she will be sticking around Morioh for a while longer. She reveals that she can tell he made an "equivalent exchange" with Kira, and then, after mentioning that they will see each other again at some unknown time in the future, she leaves him without another word about the situation.[3]


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Quote.png Quotes
  • You call that woman Yasuho-chan? But you called me Karera, right? That's special then. You're the only one that calls me Karera without any honorific.
    —Karera Sakunami, JoJolion Chapter 43: Love Love Deluxe, Part 1
  • Family? I don't have a clue about what my family's doing. And I couldn't care less. They're off living their lives. What really matters is the here and now... right? Who cares about the past? What I care about is the present! Living your life so your now is a treasured, fun, wonderful experience... that's happiness.
    —Karera Sakunami, JoJolion Chapter 44: Love Love Deluxe, Part 2
  • It was Kira's knowledge that hid me from the world, right? I promise I won't tell anyone, Josefumi Kujo-kun.
    —Karera Sakunami, JoJolion Chapter 44: Love Love Deluxe, Part 2
  • I decided... not to run after all. I think I'll stay in this town a little longer. I really like you, Secchan! Also... I can't let you have the Locacaca all for youself. That thing's worth money...big money. You hid it well somewhere nearby, right? I wanna do well, too. And you look the way you do... because you did an equivalent exchange with Kira, right?! I can break away... from this piece of shit world, too...
    —Karera Sakunami, JoJolion Chapter 46: Love Love Deluxe, Part 4
  • We'll meet again, okay? But when that'll be is...a...se...cret! Shhhh...!
    —Karera Sakunami, JoJolion Chapter 46: Love Love Deluxe, Part 4



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