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SPOILER WARNING: Part 6 spoiler details may follow.
The time for heaven. It has finally arrived... (「天国の時」はついに来た…)
—Enrico Pucci, Stone Ocean Chapter 148: C-MOON, Part 8

Made in Heaven (メイド・イン・ヘブン, Meido in Hebun) is a Stand belonging to Enrico Pucci, featured in the sixth part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, Stone Ocean.

It is the final evolution of Pucci's Stand, preceded by Whitesnake and C-MOON, with the ability to accelerate time using gravitational forces for everything except living things. It was considered by DIO to be the ultimate Stand and the key to achieving "heaven."


Made in Heaven Front and Back Render Anime.png

Made in Heaven takes the appearance of a thin, masculine humanoid fused at its waist to the front end of a horse, resembling a two-legged centaur.[1] A large cable, forming a clean arch, joins the humanoid half between its shoulder blades to the truncated posterior of the horse.

Its humanoid head is slightly elongated with a long vine wound around the top. The center of its face has a smooth, black surface and a large speedometer embedded in the region of where its eyes and nose would be. The rest of its face is lighter, matching the colors of its body. It has long feathers protruding out of its neck and the sides of its forearms are slightly furry.

The horse half of its body wears blinkers and reins, held in the hands of the humanoid half.

In contrast with its predecessors, it does not have "GΔCT" symbols on its body. Instead, the Stand has large clocks embedded in its shoulders, forearms, hands, and on the horse's forehead, shoulders, and blinkers, to represent its ability to accelerate time.[1]

Color Schemes

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.
(White body, black face, yellow ears and pipe, green vine wrapped around head, pink feathers.)
Clocks/Speedometer(White face, yellow dial, cyan frame.)
(Reddish-pink eyes and rein, yellow blinkers and hooves.)
(White body, black face, yellow ears and pipe, green vine wrapped around head, mint green and light pink feathers.)
(Light blue face, gold dial, turquoise frame.)
(Red eyes, maroon rein, yellow blinkers and hooves.)
(White body, black face, yellow ears and pipe, olive vine wrapped around head, purple feathers.)
Clocks/Speedometer(Cyan face, yellow dial, blue frame.)
Horse(Red eyes, yellow blinkers and hooves.)
(White body, black face, yellow ears and pipe, green vine wrapped around head, magenta feathers.)
(Light blue face, yellow dial, blue frame.)
(Red eyes and reins, orange blinkers and hooves.)


Made in Heaven is the perfected form of Pucci's ability.[2] It is an extremely powerful close-range time-controlling Stand. Although its physical abilities may not be remarkable, its control over time grants it an overwhelming speed advantage.

However, Pucci isn't particularly interested in Made in Heaven's time acceleration, but rather its capability to bring about a new universe with extraordinary properties.

Time Acceleration

Time accelerates to extraordinary levels but living organisms are unaffected.

Made in Heaven's power is to accelerate the flow of time dramatically;[2] achieved through its ability to control the gravitational forces of the earth, moon, and seemingly the entire universe (in reference to aspects of the theory of relativity).[3] Upon activation, it can gradually speed up the flow of time for everything in the universe⁠, with the exception of living things which can't catch up.[2] Stand abilities, such as Kiss's stickers, are also unaffected by time's acceleration. The only living beings who can move freely within time's acceleration are Made in Heaven itself and its user.[2]

Pucci's increased speed.

The delay between people's perceptions and the actual flow of time causes everyone to see all non-biological events as being sped up, which is considerably dangerous to living beings. Objects sped up like vehicles and other moving objects become uncontrollable and dangerous.[4] At a certain point, objects will appear so fast that they can produce after images such as the sun rotating at higher and higher speeds in the sky until it becomes a strip of light. Phenomena like melting, freezing, and drying will accelerate until people can no longer react to them.[4][5] Over time, long term effects such as the erosion of rocks and the decay of objects and corpses will occur as well.[6]

Meanwhile, Pucci himself appears to possess extraordinary speed and reaction time,[7] and effortlessly outspeeds any of his opponents, even Star Platinum. Because of it, he can freely approach and use Made in Heaven to inflict mortal wounds like slitting the throat.[8] However, he retains all of his human weaknesses: running or swimming around will tire him,[9] while being exposed to a hazardous environment will endanger him noticeably faster than his opponents.[10]


You might think that knowing the ill fortunes of the future is despair but it's the opposite! Even if you knew you were going to die tomorrow, it is that 'resolution' that makes one happy! One's 'resolution' eradicates 'despair'! Humanity will change! This is what is strived for! This is Made in Heaven!
—Enrico Pucci, SO Chapter 157
The termination of a universe and the birth of another.

According to the cyclic model of the universe, after a certain period of time, the universe will eventually begin to contract rather than expand, eventually reaching a singularity point. This singularity point serves as both the end of one cycle of history and the beginning of a new cycle. In the resulting new world, the path of fate is largely identical to that of the previous universe, with the planet's formation and the lives of living organisms following the same course. Even powers that can reshape fate, such as King Crimson and Gold Experience Requiem, are accounted for by fate in advance.[11]

Through Made in Heaven's ability, those who survive time's acceleration are able to enter such a world. All surviving organisms from the previous world, even insignificant ones such as ants, are brought into the new world and positioned exactly where they should be according to fate. To these organisms, the formation of their new world will seem to have occurred in a split second. The souls of the dead at the time of the new world's creation cannot cross over, however; in their place, counterparts native to the new world appear, bearing heavy resemblances to their other selves and assuming their roles in fate.[11]

Though time begins to decelerate as it approaches the point where Made in Heaven was first activated,[11] Pucci is also able to forcibly reinstate time's normal rate of progression at a specific date and time he chooses. While attempting to sever his fate, Pucci chooses to stop the acceleration of time months prior to its initial acceleration, during his initial attack on Jotaro and Jolyne.[2]

The most esoteric property of the new world, and the one most relevant to Pucci, is that the fates of those who live through time's acceleration are engraved into their souls on a subconscious level. Thus, in the new world, people will receive subconscious premonitions of events in the future, though they remain unable to change the course of their fate. Pucci hopes that this condition will allow mankind to make peace with its own destiny.[11]

In order to ensure humanity's fate, time's progression must reach the point where Made in Heaven was originally activated. If Pucci happens to die before Made in Heaven's initial awakening at Cape Canaveral, an incomplete cycle of fate results, causing the fate of mankind to continue on a different path and nullifying the subconscious knowledge of it that those from the prior universe have received.[12] If Made in Heaven's time acceleration is active when this occurs, time will continue to accelerate in its absence until another new universe is formed.[10] After defeating Pucci, Emporio thus meets new reincarnations of Jolyne, Anasui, Ermes, and Weather Report, all of whom are living different lives from their original counterparts.[10]


The information below derives from a source not written by Araki. As such, it may or may not be considered canon.


Main article: Made in Heaven Ultimate Requiem

Made in Heaven also appears in the novel JORGE JOESTAR, although it belongs to an incarnation of Enrico Pucci from the 37th universe. Later, Kars gets his own enhanced copy of the Stand, known as Made in Heaven Ultimate Requiem.

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Name Variants

Made in Heaven (メイド・イン・ヘブン)Link to this section
Official Usage:
Japan Japanese
Spain Spanish
Poland Polish
Used in Japan JOJOVELLER, Spanish Ivrea release, and Polish Netflix subtitles.
Name Variants:
Language Name Usage

Japan Romanization
Meido in Hebun
Japan Japanese
Used in the Weekly Shonen Jump serialization.
Japan Japanese
Used in the Super Figure Art Collection figure announcement.
United States of America English
Spain European Spanish
Mexico Latin American Spanish
Brazil Brazilian Portuguese
Denmark Danish
Netherlands Dutch
Finland Finnish
France French
Germany German
Indonesia Indonesian
Italy Italian
Malaysia Malay
Portugal Portuguese
Romania Romanian
Sweden Swedish
Turkey Turkish
Maiden Heaven
Used in Learn a Lot of English with JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Netflix's subtitles, the anime's English dub, and the English localizations of All-Star Battle, Eyes of Heaven, and All-Star Battle R.
Croatia Croatian
Novi raj (New Paradise)
Used in Croatian Netflix subtitles.
Czech Republic Czech
Panenské Nebe (Maiden Heaven)
Used in Czech Netflix subtitles.
Greece Greek
Παρθενικός Παράδεισος (Maiden Heaven)
Used in Greek Netflix subtitles.
Hungary Hungarian
Mennyek Művének
Used in Hungarian Netflix subtitles.
Norway Norwegian
Jomfruhimmel (Maiden Heaven)
Used in Norwegian Netflix subtitles.
Turkey Turkish
Cennetin Eseri (Work of Heaven)
Used in Turkish Netflix subtitles.
Russia Russian
Сделанный на небесах (Made in Heaven)
Used in Russian Netflix subtitles.
Ukraine Ukrainian
Новостворений рай (Newly Created Paradise)
Used in Ukrainian Netflix subtitles.
Vietnam Vietnamese
Tạo Vật Của Thiên Đường
Used in Vietnamese Netflix subtitles.
China Simplified Chinese
天堂制造 (Made in Heaven)
Used in Simplified Chinese Netflix subtitles.
China Traditional Chinese
天堂製造 (Made in Heaven)
Used in Traditional Chinese Netflix subtitles.
South Korea Korean
메이드 인 헤븐 (Made in Heaven)
Used in Korean Netflix subtitles.
Flag of the Arab League Arabic
النعيم البكر (Pure Bliss)
Used in Arabic Netflix subtitles.
Israel Hebrew
נערת גן עדן (Garden of Eden Girl)
Used in Hebrew Netflix subtitles.
Flag of Thailand Thai
เมดอินเฮฟเว่น (Made in Heaven)
Used in Thai Netflix subtitles.





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