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Oooh! Groovy idea! How about we call each other different colors? I'll call you Pink! What's up Pink? The name's Blue!
—Usagi Alohaoe, The JOJOLands Chapter 2: South King Street

Usagi Alohaoe (ウサギ・アロハオエ, Usagi Arohaoe) is a primary ally featured in the ninth part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, The JOJOLands.

He is first introduced as a student who buys drugs from Jodio Joestar and Paco Laburantes. Meryl Mei Qi then hires him as a fourth member of the gang's upcoming heist of a 24-carat blue diamond belonging to Rohan Kishibe. Usagi is a Stand user possessing THE MATTEKUDASAI which transforms his Stand into an object requested by someone else.


Usagi is a slim, well-toned athletic teenager. He wears a tight form-fitting dark suit that covers most of his body aside from the face and hands. He has a few light-colored spiky bangs protruding from under the hood of his suit, which is tight enough to show that he has a short standard haircut save for the bangs and a small ponytail, which is covered by his hood.[2]

His suit is noticeably darker near the stomach. In addition, the suit is decorated with circular crests at the shoulders. Initially, the crests displayed art resembling legs wearing a garter belt,[2] but the symbol was later flipped upside down, now resembling legs in simple panties and high heels, as well as the outstretched arms of his Stand.[1]

Over his suit, Usagi wears a pair of light shorts with a thick stripe, as well as a backpack. Usagi's accessories include a light-colored beret and a black choker with a small buckle, although his initial appearance didn't feature them. Usagi also wears thick eyeliner.

Color Schemes

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.
Eyes(Black with sky blue highlights)
(Green bodysuit with white emblems, black corset, red shorts with magenta stripes and beige waistband, and magenta shoes with beige soles.)
(Sky blue beret, purple and olive green backpack.)


Usagi clumsily bringing attention to himself

Usagi is a laid-back and irresponsible teenager. During his first appearance, he directly asks Jodio for drugs, even carelessly showing money for it in public on the school bus.[3] Usagi arrives late to an appointment with his accomplices and still merrily salutes them, making light of his tardiness and dismissing their concerns.[4] He acts recklessly during the diamond heist by not caring about how much evidence he leaves behind, as he attempts to steal several alcohol bottles from Rohan's villa.[5] He heedlessly disregards Dragona's warning about taking risks and immediately cuts open a painting on the wall just to look for a safe behind it.[6] He also chides Dragona for being nervous while they're browsing the luxury watches in Diamotch, but acts nervously himself afterward by saying the wrong watch brand name, worsening the clerk's suspicions of them.[7] Before starting their mission to get close to HOWLER's land deeds, Meryl Mei Qi stresses how important it is that they don't leave any evidence behind or do anything that causes witnesses to remember them. Regardless, Usagi immediately trips at the start of their mission and spills food that he brought inside, leading to three security guards surrounding him.[8]

Usagi has a habit of showing up with food ready to eat in his possession even in inappropriate situations. For example, he has brought a spam sandwich to his first meeting with other gangsters,[9] a drink to a second meeting to which he was late,[4] a fast food meal while waiting for their mission to begin,[10] and cup noodles with a drink on top of that after their mission began.[11]

Despite the crew's hostility, Usagi keeps on displaying a friendly behavior. He salutes them in an affectionate albeit loud manner and states that he looks forward to working with them.[12] During their mission, he proposes that they use codenames[13] and continues to call Dragona by the codename "Pink-chan" afterwards, even after Dragona asks him to stop.[7][8] He is an emotional and dramatic person, crying and feeling despair when Dragona is injured, and confessing his love for Dragona afterward even though they only knew each other for three days.[14] Although he is amiable with the group, he is also exploitative as he swindles them by pretending the car they were renting would cost more money than it actually does, so that he wouldn't have to pay for it.[15]

He is a client of Jodio and has asked him for drugs at least once.[16] However, Meryl claims that he is not a drug addict, and is actually a good student.[17] Nonetheless, Usagi later admits that he experimented with drugs two or three times in the past.[18] His odd behavior leads Jodio and the others to be skeptical of his nature despite Meryl's reassurance.[19]

Like Meryl claimed, Usagi is intelligent and often understands how to handle the situations the gang finds themselves in. He is knowledgeable of various facts, such as the difference between flasks and beakers which Paco and Dragona were unaware of, and explains to them what 'a'ā lava is.[20] Moreover, he knows of different endangered bird species in the jungle and admires how cool the place is.[21] Like Jodio, Usagi is inquisitive and manages to understand the basic properties of the Lava Rock, trying out various experiments to learn what it's capable of.[7] His clever plan to feed Wild Cat Size caviar and force them to be attracted to the Lava Rock saves the gang from their deaths.[22] He is also usually the first in the gang to realize when they are being attacked by a Stand and who the user may be, but his gangmates typically don't believe him.[23][24] He proves that he is quick-witted when he saves his own life by unhesitatingly piercing his chest with a box cutter so he can use a straw to perform tracheal intubation.[24]




Usagi's Stand THE MATTEKUDASAI can transform into objects that others around Usagi request.

Wish Granting Transformation



Usagi lives with his mother in Oahu. His father was a construction worker there, but passed away after being hit by a bus. He and his mother are living off his father's insurance money.[7]

The JOJOLands

Conspicuous Exchange

Eating a sandwich

On the bus to McKinley High School, Usagi approaches Jodio and puts his arm around him. He conspicuously asks for drugs and even takes out a bundle of cash. This angers Jodio, who grabs him and yells at him as if he was being bullied. This astonishes Usagi who doesn't speak to Jodio until they've arrived at school, at which point Jodio calls him over. Jodio apologizes and takes the money under the pretense that it was money being lent and then returned, but instructs his client not to take out money in public again, claiming that the school's statue of William McKinley can see them. Jodio then tells him to walk straight away from him. Paco Laburantes then arrives on an electric scooter and tells Usagi to check inside of one of the rain gutters, in which he is relieved to find the drugs he was buying.

Surprisingly, Usagi returns again and appears at a meeting between Meryl Mei Qi and her underlings Jodio, Paco, and Dragona. He has been hired and summoned to the meeting as the fourth member of the team who will rob a precious diamond from a mysterious Japanese tourist. Paco and Jodio are shocked to see him and disapprove of having a client tag along, but Meryl reveals that he isn't actually a drug addict and is a good student. Usagi finally says that he's glad to be working with them.[2]

The Diamond Heist

Usagi boards a plane to Hawaii Island, although he's late to his appointment with the group who has been waiting for him. Usagi nonchalantly excuses himself, claiming his plane was late due to maintenance, although he also took the time to buy a drink. Dragona chastises him and mentions that he was given the task to arrange for a car. Usagi reassures his partners and leads them to a car rental he assures is safe because the cars don't have onboard cameras or GPS trackers. He also proposes to split up the bill, $30 each. Incidentally, Dragona overhears the rental price to be $90.

THE MATTEKUDASAI disguises Usagi and his allies

The group drives to the Japanese tourist's villa. Jodio scouts the place and reports that the tourist is in the villa but doesn't look like he's going to leave. However, Jodio has also noted that it looks like the tourist will be swimming in the pool of the balcony, which gives the crew the time to sneak inside and look for the diamond. On the way to the villa, Usagi suggests using code names and dubs Dragona "Pink" while he becomes "Blue", which irritates Paco. At the boundaries of the property, Usagi then suggests that Dragona wishes for a camera. They do, and Usagi is able to summon his Stand, THE MATTEKUDASAI, a small bird-like Stand. It hops to the villa, climbs the wall and morphs into a security camera which Usagi explains will create a second fake recording in which the crew will look completely different. With their identities being shrouded, the group is free to sneak in.[1]

Jodio splits up with Paco, Dragona, and Usagi, with the three infiltrating through the front door. After successfully picking the lock and entering the house, Dragona reminds them to obtain a diamond and nothing else as to not arouse unwanted attention. Despite of this, Usagi still takes several bottles of wine inside his bag. Dragona warns both him and Paco to put back the items they stole and look for a safe. He sees a large painting and intrusively slits it with scissors, and then yells that there was no safe behind it. The group continues to explore when they enter a strange room scattered with volcanic rocks around laboratory equipment. When Paco mistakenly assumes that Rohan Kishibe, the manga artist, purifies drugs with the flasks, Usagi corrects him in that they were beakers. Noting that the rocks were cooled 'a'ā lava, he explains that beakers were for measuring and mixing while flasks were for heating. Paco dismisses this and scolds him to continue looking for the safe.

Usagi narrowly avoids the string by jumping

They find the safe hidden behind a bookcase just as Jodio reports that Rohan is returning with a strange stray cat seemingly leading him inside the house. They yell for Dragona to immediately open it with their Stand, despite Jodio's warning, since they had already come this far in the plan. While keeping watch, Paco and Usagi spot and recognize the stray cat which stares at them for a while before walking away. Usagi wonders how it manages to get in, though Paco doesn't see it as a problem as long as it doesn't make a noise. Dragona successfully opens the safe which reveals the diamond worth 6 million dollars. However, they notice the same volcanic rocks inside it as well. Just as they escape the room, a plastic string resembling a fishing line wraps and tightens around Paco's foot. Dragona runs to help before a string also wraps around their arm. Usagi manages to dodge a string that almost wraps around his foot, and it floats back into the hallway before disappearing. Usagi tells the two that the cat must be a Stand user and set up the string when it went down the hallway.[23]

Paco asks Usagi for his scissors, although he takes a moment to understand, frustrating Paco further. Usagi takes his scissors out and Paco snatches them to try and cut the strings. Following that, Usagi suggests that Dragona wishes for a copy of the scissors since THE MATTEKUDASAI could turn into a duplicate. Paco is unable to cut through the string and realizes it's a thin steel wire, prompting him to be awed at what he thinks is an unusual trap. However, Usagi repeats that the cat must be an enemy Stand user and points to the feline, but to Dragona and Paco, it looks like an ordinary cat who is also seemingly ignoring them. Paco then asks why would a cat even set a trap against them but Usagi answers that animals can also be Stand users. The argument is interrupted when the group hears Jodio warn them that Rohan is gone back inside and must have figured out the situation, prompting the group to don their respective masks. Paco and Dragona quickly get rid of the wires using their Stands. However, as Usagi is about to jump out of a window, Dragona realizes that Paco's backpack is open and that the diamond has somehow fell on the floor. As he approaches to pick it up, Rohan appears, turning Dragona's arm into a book with his power and reads their biography. However, the manga artist wishes to know more about the burglars. A fight ensues, and Paco manages to grab Rohan. Paco orders Usagi to quickly take out zip ties to immobilize Rohan, but Rohan distracts Usagi by tossing the diamond at him. Rohan is thus able to turn Usagi into a book, and then the manga artist manages to graze Paco and take him out as well.[25]

Turned into a book by Heaven's Door

After tying up Paco and Usagi, Rohan promptly contacts the police to report the robbery. He's instructed to stay on the line until help arrives. Displaying his phone as evidence of his ongoing communication with the police, Rohan estimates a patrol car's arrival within ten minutes. Rohan's money, which was previously in Paco's possession, also spills onto the floor. Rohan calmly retrieves it, commenting on how everything returned to him. Rohan's focus is disrupted by rain suddenly appearing inside his living room. This distraction and a trap set by Jodio allows him to capture and bind the manga artist. Jodio unties Paco and Usagi, who both threaten to beat Rohan up in anger. However, Jodio prevents them from doing so, stating that he respects Rohan and wants this day to remain a great day. Rohan points out that they would have been safer had he been the one to capture them, since they are being followed.

Having discerned Rohan's motive for staying in Hawaii, Jodio utilizes the two pieces of lava from Rohan's safe as leverage. He goes far as to crush one of them to emphasize his point, causing Rohan to panic. The gang speculates on the potential value of the lava, but no one understands its significance to Rohan. Regardless, it serves as effective leverage for the moment. Jodio forces Rohan to deceive the police about the burglary to secure a safe passage back to O'ahu for the gang. Feeling incapable of stealing the diamond, Dragona instructs Paco to steal it instead. Outside, Usagi asks Jodio to appraise a drawing he stole from Rohan, making Jodio jealous since Usagi won't give it to him. Unbeknownst to the gang, a group of cats begin to tail them.[26]

Jungle Warfare

Usagi and the gang run across the jungle back towards their car but Paco trips on a root, forcing the group to stop. While Paco and Jodio try to remember the way to the car, Usagi idly recognizes a 'I'iwi bird. However, Dragona sees that the diamond has fallen on the ground, which surprises Paco who is sure that he put the gem in his backpack and zipped it. Then, Jodio also sees the precious artwork Usagi had stolen earlier near him beneath some leaves. Somehow, the drawing has left Usagi's backpack. Dragona also remembers how several bank notes that Paco had stolen mysteriously fell out of his pocket earlier and realizes that this is not a matter of being careless or any trick on Rohan's part, but rather it seems that precious items are drawn towards the Lava Rock. Since Jodio was holding the lava, Dragona tells him to pick up the diamond, assuming it wouldn't fall again.

Usagi manages to neutralize a trio of cats who attack the gang.

However, when Jodio approaches the diamond, he touches a wire that was hidden in the grass. It coils around his ankle and lifts him up, leaving him dangling upside down from a tree. Surprised, Jodio drops the Lava Rock. The rest of the group is just as surprised as Jodio to see the wire attack continue even after they left the house. Jodio warns his companions about an animal lurking around and Usagi suspects the stray cat he's seen at Rohan's villa. Paco calls the attack a security system but Usagi insists it's a Stand attack launched by the cat. Paco asks why a cat would attack them, and while Usagi has no answer for this, he is sure they are being hunted by the cat. Meanwhile, the wire is also digging into Jodio's leg and Jodio is unable to break free. Thus, Dragona approaches to help him. Usagi tries to warn them but Dragona is still caught in a trap. Two other wires stealthily approach Dragona from behind, bind to each other, and then pierce their stomach. Paco rushes to Dragona's aid but when he grabs Dragona, the wires start to sew themselves into his arm, binding him and Dragona together.

During the struggle, Usagi disappears alongside the diamond, the artwork and the Lava Rock. Seeing the car moving away, Paco angrily figures that Usagi has fled and taken all the goods, leaving them to their fate.[21] However, Usagi actually went back to the car to get the hamburgers he bought. He put the expensive caviar he stole from Rohan's house into the patties and fed the burgers to the cats. As the situation seems dire against the other three, Usagi intervenes by crashing the rental car into the tree. He then has Dragona ask THE MATTEKUDASAI to transform into a net and lures the cats toward him. Usagi drops the Lava Rock he was holding, causing the cats to fall down since they would be drawn toward the Rock due to its properties. THE MATTEKUDASAI successfully captures them,[22] though they later manage to escape into the jungle.[7]

Testing the Lava Rock

Usagi and Dragona check out luxury watches

Usagi and the others wind down after escaping from the jungle. They drive to a cafe, where Usagi begs Dragona to lend him $20. Dragona wonders if his family is poor, so Usagi divulges his family's history. Dragona agrees to lend the money, which Usagi uses to test the Lava Rock's ability to attract valuables. Usagi places the Rock on top of the bill while they talk for a few minutes, then marks the bill with a symbol using a pen before throwing the cash to the ground. A man steals the bill and uses it to pay for food, angering Dragona that their money was stolen. However, the money eventually returns to the group after Paco gets a refund from a shop, confirming the Lava Rock's power. Dragona then suggests a test at a luxury watch store, Diamotch, so they can fully figure out how the Lava Rock's powers work before boarding the plane. Dragona and Usagi act nervously inside, making the salesman suspect them. The situation worsens when Usagi asks the clerk for digital "Polex" watches instead of "Rolex". Dragona shows the clerk a glimpse of the diamond in their wallet, so the clerk agrees to let them try on watches in the back room. However, the Lava Rock's power leads to a tense situation as one of the watches on the table goes missing, and the clerk assumes the pair stole it.[7]

Usagi and Dragona stand aside as the staff searches the sofa and finds nothing. When the manager is about to call the police, Usagi and Dragona loudly protest and threaten to accuse him of illegally detaining minors, dissuading the man. Instead, the manager tells them that they will watch the security cameras' footage and expose them. Usagi is actually mildly curious to see what happened. The first footage is made useless because the manager's shoulder is blocking the view at the moment of the wristwatch's disappearance. However, the second footage shows the watch under Dragona's wrist. The security staff search Dragona but find nothing. At this moment, Usagi spots the wristwatch on the store manager's shoe. Proven innocent, Usagi and Dragona are let go by the staff, who profusely apologize. As they leave, Usagi comments that the adventure was fun, and suggests to Dragona that they should cherish this memory.[27]

A New Ally

Dragona and Usagi exit the store while enjoying a bit of alcohol from Rohan's house. They celebrate their success and await the expensive wristwatch to return to them. Although Paco warns them about an enemy hiding nearby, Dragona and Usagi are distracted when they see the watch they targeted in another woman's possession. Dragona is disappointed but Usagi tells them that it means that the watch is already brought outside. Soon, a flock of birds approaches the couple. One bird takes the watch and flies toward Dragona, who attempts to grab the watch. However, this is actually an illusion, as the enemy is transformed into the bird and sky, with the real watch still remaining on the woman's wrist. The foe thus steals the Lava Rock and also stabs Dragona in the neck. Usagi watches horrified as Dragona collapses.[28]

Confessing his love for Dragona

Dragona manages to use Smooth Operators to drag the wound onto a bottle, saving themself. Relieved, Usagi confesses that he realized during this trip that he loves Dragona but Dragona isn't interested. Now, the group is focused on tracking the enemy, but as Paco points out, the enemy is able to merge with the environment. Usagi remembers that the foe was carrying a knife and tells Dragona to wish for a metal detector so THE MATTEKUDASAI can become one. Instead, Paco spots a blood trail left by the enemy when November Rain injured his ankle. The group follows the trail down to a parking lot and one particular car. The enemy was fused with the car door and ambushes Jodio. Although Jodio evades the attack, a moment of distraction allows the enemy to disappear again. The gang is left with no blood trail to follow, but they are reminded of the Lava Rock's ability to attract precious items when they see the wristwatch bound to the Lava Rock sliding towards the beach.

Dragona then uses the diamond as a compass to follow the enemy, which leads them to the coast. Even though Usagi suspects the enemy is hiding in the water, Jodio and Paco go first into the sea with the intention of cornering him and forcing him to attack. As the diamond leads them to a pier, Usagi worries about their enemy being too dangerous for them. However, Dragona is confident that they will be the winners as long as they don't let their fears overtake them. Eventually, the enemy ambushes Paco. Jodio grabs and drags the assailant into the sea with him. As the fight continues underwater, Usagi assists Jodio in pushing one inflatable raft into the range of November Rain's attack. The raft sinks, and Jodio is able to breathe in the bubbles leaking out of the raft, giving him an advantage. On the surface, Paco suddenly changes his mind and wants to spare the enemy, making him their ally instead.[29]

Thus, the fight ends and the crew starts an uneasy truce with their former enemy, whose name is "Charming Man". At the airport, Dragona seeks a souvenir in a shop to bring to their mother, not wanting to spend more than $30. Usagi suggests macadamia nuts or Kona coffee but Dragona mentions that their mother has an allergy. Suddenly, a man peddling goods exhibits his articles hidden under his coat. Dragona spots the precious watch from earlier and the hawker tries to sell it for $800, but Dragona and Usagi see that the hands have stopped and remember that the watch fell in the ocean, forcing the vendor to downgrade his offer to $30. Dragona thus accepts to buy the watch.

Team Jodio's new mission

Back at O'ahu, Usagi and the rest of the crew make their report to Meryl Mei Qi. Although they have stolen more than she ordered, she remains satisfied and thus hands the gang their payment for the job. Usagi becomes emotional, as this is the first time he ever received payment. After she puts the diamond in a safe, Meryl Mei asks them what happened at the big island because she knows that somehow, no one reported any burglary and yet they spent more than six hours on the island. The group hesitates to explain, Dragona notably having trouble finding the right words. Nonetheless, they point to the diamond that has somehow found its way back into Meryl Mei's hands, showing the first of the difficulties they've faced.[30]

Dragona, Paco, and Usagi react with an awkward cough when Charming Man mentions to Meryl that one of the Lava Rocks was destroyed, since Jodio was responsible for that. After Charming Man explains his past to Meryl, he believes that society itself is preventing him from rescuing his brother, which Usagi considers an absurd notion. Meryl reveals her connections with the infrastructure development company HOWLER and unveils a plan for the gang to claim the entire Hualalai Mountain as their own by taking over HOWLER's assets using the Lava Rock. Meryl plans to give them 4% each of the total estimated 50 billion dollars if they succeed. Rather than being robbers this time, they will just have to get close to the land.[31]

At the Land Registry Office

In order to acquire the rights to the lands in HOWLER's possession, Meryl directs the gang to Hawaii's land registry office so that they can make the Lava Rock touch all the original copies of the ownership deeds of the company. She assigns Dragona, Usagi, and Charming Man to go inside while Paco and Jodio stay in the car as support. While they are waiting for the office to open, Usagi chomps down on a hamburger. They eventually enter the building at 10:00. In the atrium, Usagi trips and spills his cup noodles on the floor. Dragona is appalled because Meryl instructed them not to get noticed nor to leave any trace of their presence. Nonetheless, the security guards leave them be, so the trio proceeds with their infiltration. Usagi wonders how they'll infiltrate the documents, but Dragona informs him that they could just request to see them through the natural process. Dragona gives Charming Man an altered ID, which he uses at the counter to request permission to view the deeds. Meanwhile, Dragona tasks Usagi with tampering with the cameras with THE MATTEKUDASAI so that their real appearances wouldn't be recorded. Although the clerk initially directs them to a PC to see digital copies of the deeds, Charming Man insists on taking a look at the original deeds by pretending that Usagi wants to study them.

The staff accepts and brings the group to the archive where the clerk presents the original land deeds to Usagi and Dragona on a table. By instinct, Usagi almost grabs the books containing the deeds but the clerk tells him that only she will touch the pages while wearing gloves. Dragona whispers to Usagi to play the part of the passionate history student and then stealthily touches the pages with the Lava Rock hidden in their pendant. At one point, the rock vibrates and attracts the deeds but Dragona separates them before the clerk suspects foul play.

After they are done, the trio quickly exits the building. As the plan seemingly went smoothly, Dragona is enthusiastic to see the results of their operation. Charming Man calls Jodio and Paco so that they drive back and pick them up but Usagi suddenly feels sick. Usagi collapses on the ground and starts to vomit, no longer being able to breathe. Charming Man notices that he's not throwing up food but a cloudy liquid and when he examines Usagi, he sees that his neck is covered in rock-like scabs. Dragona is just as puzzled as Charming Man by Usagi's symptoms, as they barely know him and don't know if he's suffering from a sort of chronic illness or has been poisoned. Dragona almost calls an ambulance but Charming Man warns not to because it will leave a trace of their presence. Anxious, Dragona suspects that they are under attack.[8]

Before he fully drowns, Usagi asks Dragona to wish for a straw. Dragona does so, and THE MATTEKUDASAI turns into a straw. Thanks to that, Usagi stabs his chest with a boxcutter and pierces his own lung with the straw to make himself a makeshift secondary breathing orifice. However, he's still extremely unwell. After Dragona and Charming Man bring him into the van, Usagi sees that he's being attacked by an enemy Stand and tells the group to drive away so they get out of its range. However, the group doubts his theory and Charming Man suggests that he's merely ill because he's a drug addict. Usagi protests, but he's proven right when an ambulance arrives and the medics evacuate the clerk who was turning the land registry's pages for him, as she's suffering from the same symptoms. Out of respect for Usagi, Charming Man decides to check inside his body by turning his eyeball into sand and dispersing it into Usagi's straw. Charming Man discovers the enemy Stand and tries to drag it out. Unfortunately, the Stand induces cancer into Charming Man, and Dragona also starts to have pulmonary edema.[24]



  • Jodio Joestar: Usagi is in a higher grade than Jodio at their high school. Jodio is surprised when Meryl Mei Qi added him to the heist team but he trusts Meryl's word that Usagi is a good kid.[2] Usagi is impressed with Jodio being on the same wavelength as him and asks if they can be good friends someday, but Jodio refuses.[7]
  • Dragona Joestar: Upon being introduced at first Dragona believed Usagi to be irresponsible, having an odd personality and being late to arrive at Kona Airport. Usagi responds to this by being more exuberant and giving Dragona humorous codenames like "Pink-chan".[1] After Dragona gets injured by Charming Man, Usagi yells out in fear for Dragona's life, crying.[28] Once Dragona saves themself from a fatal injury, Usagi sighs in relief, and admits that when he saw Dragona being harmed he felt "a sense of despair" wash over him, like he "was about to lose everything". Following this, he admits that this made him understand his feelings for Dragona, declaring his love for them. Dragona brushes this off and says they aren't particularly interested in that sort of thing.[29]
  • Paco Laburantes: Paco despises Usagi, often telling him to shut up and claiming that Usagi is a drug addict based on his energetic personality.[1] He also immediately assumes Usagi betrayed the gang and threatens to kill him once he catches him. However, Paco is relieved when Usagi saves the group and warns Usagi to get out of the way from the cats' attack, thinking he's in danger.[22]



Quote.png Quotes
  • How's it hanging, Jodiooo?! You sure seem cheery this fine morning! Did you bring the stuff? [...] Hey! C'mon man! I'm counting on you here, Jodio! You've got it, right? The you-know-what?
    —Usagi Alohaoe, The JOJOLands Chapter 1: Departure
  • How about we call each other different colors? I'll call you Pink! What's up, Pink? The name's Blue!
    —Usagi Alohaoe to Dragona Joestar, The JOJOLands Chapter 2: South King Street
  • Pink, say "I want a camera". You need to say it. "I want a camera." I can't be the one to say it.
    —Usagi Alohaoe, The JOJOLands Chapter 2: South King Street
  • Pink, do you want a pair, too? If there's something around here you want, just say so. If you want the same sorta scissors, then I can use my ability, THE MATTEKUDASAI, to transform into one.
  • This isn't something where it oughta matter if it's an animal or a human. Even animals can see Stand abilities!
  • Wheeeew! You're okay Dragona-chan?! Thank goodness! I... I... Geez, I'm just so freakin' glad you're okay! I just felt a sense of despair wash over me, like I was about to lose everything... That made me realize something really important. Dragona-chan, when I came on this trip to the island of Hawai'i... I finally came to understand this feeling welling inside my chest! I've realized I'm in love with you!
    —Usagi Alohaoe to Dragona Joestar, The JOJOLands Chapter 11: Kailua-Kona - Flight Waiting Time, Part 3



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