Steel Ball Run - Chapter 85

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Ball Breaker, Part 3 (ボール・ブレイカー その③, Bōru Bureikā Sono 3), originally Lesson 5 (LESSON5, Ressun Faibu) in the UJ release, is the eighty-fifth chapter of Steel Ball Run and the eight hundred thirty-seventh chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.


Johnny still cannot get over the grief as Valentine picks up a revolver, and empties it on Gyro's corpse to ensure his death before tossing it away and approaching Johnny. Johnny wastes several of Tusk's bullet nails on Valentine's gap before he remembers to add the horse's power to his Spin.

Valentine hides in the waves before reappearing near Slow Dancer as it gallops and slit its throat. Slow Dancer trips and unhorses Johnny who has only one nail left. Valentine slowly approaches, daring Johnny to shoot his last nail, and claiming that he will be the last sacrifice for the United States' happiness.

Johnny finally understands the meaning of Gyro's last words. He spins his Steel Ball and uses it on Slow Dancer's leg, causing a reflex like during their first interaction. Slow Dancer kicks Johnny up in the air and in the process, imbues him with the Golden Spin. With the Golden Spin and one nail bullet left, Johnny unlocks Tusk ACT4.


Gyro Zeppeli
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L.A. Boomboom
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Benjamin Boomboom
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Andre Boomboom
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Mountain Tim
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Recently, I've been really into art exhibitions and zombie movies. I just want to immerse myself in both.



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