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My Stand, In a Silent Way... One strike from its hardened sound is capable of splitting your entire body into nine pieces!

In a Silent Way (イン・ア・サイレント・ウェイ, In a Sairento Wei) is the Stand of Sandman, featured in the seventh part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, Steel Ball Run. It is a humanoid Stand with a tribal theme that allows Sandman to create constructs out of sounds.


In a Silent Way is a humanoid Stand, decorated with an assortment of references to the art of the indigenous peoples of the Americas, including a war bonnet and a head/face resembling the Mosaic mask of Tezcatlipoca.[1] Its arms and torso bear small, evenly spaced studs/bumps, and it wears two columns of two or three roses on its chest.

The Stand's design comes from Native American wall art and paintings, with roses on its chest in order to create a mismatch.[2]

Color Schemes

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.
Body(Gray skull and skin)
War Bonnet
(Golden with a purple jewel, and white and black feathers.)
(Yellow robes coated in red roses, orange and gray armor.)


In a Silent Way fights through indirect means such as planting sound hazards like traps or remotely piloting constructs. It never shows any form of combat ability.

The nature and versatility of In a Silent Way's sound power enables Sandman to attack enemies from afar in various ways. As a result, it is subpar at close range, which proves fatal against a point-blank shot from Johnny Joestar.

Sound Storage

A "chop" sound being released

In a Silent Way's basic ability is to store sounds in objects[3] or even people.[3]

By affecting an object with a characteristic action, like stabbing it, Sandman stores the corresponding sound in the object.[4] If someone touches said object, the sound is released as a hazard that is characteristic of the same sound (e.g. "burning", "cutting", "stabbing") affecting the thing it has touched.[4] For instance, if a cutting sound is stored inside a ladder, anyone or anything touching the ladder would be cut to pieces.[3]

It allows Sandman to ambush enemies with environmental hazards while hiding.

Three-Dimensional Sound Construct

Sandman deflecting a nail bullet with a "whoosh" sound effect

Sandman is able to construct three-dimensional sound effects with properties pertaining to what the sound effect is. For example, Sandman swings his knife around to create a "whoosh" sound effect that allows him to deflect Johnny Joestar's nail bullets.[5] Additionally, Sandman is able to use this sound effect as a platform to levitate above the ground.

These sound effects are similar in appearance to Japanese kana.

Sound Homunculus

A homunculus spawned from a beehive

If he needs to direct his attacks, Sandman can create and manipulate artificial homunculi out of the environment.[4]

Those constructs are able to move around and, with the right form, can fly to a target to attack them. Unlike the sound storage, sound constructs can selectively affect the object they touch, and like sound they can make the hazard either go through objects to affect a chosen target directly, bounce against obstacles, or create a constructive interference with several sounds to strengthen the attack. Depending on the material, the sound attacks can be dampened or enhanced. A "fire" sound going through mud will be weakened, and it is said that water is the best medium through which he can send sounds.[6][6][7]

In conjunction with Diego Brando's Scary Monsters, constructs can even be turned into dinosaurs that track targets while charged with destructive sound.[3]


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