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The hooks come out from where you touch! That's the job of the 'bait'! You can't do anything else!
Pork Pie Hat Kid, SBR Chapter 27: Tusk, Part 3

Wired (ワイアード Waiādo) is the Stand of Pork Pie Hat Kid, featured in Steel Ball Run. It manifests as a pair of hooked cables that the Pork Pie Hat Kid can manipulate.


Wired takes the form of a winch and two hooked cables inside the user, Pork Pie Hat Kid's mouth. When they're not active, Wired's hooks rest on Pork Pie Hat Kid's tongue.

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.

Hook and cables(Silver)


Wired's peculiar ability enables the Pork Pie Hat Kid to ambush victims from far away, and the hooks possess enough speed to act faster than the eye can see[1] and enough strength to tear someone apart, making it a rather powerful Stand.

Tongue Hooks

The Pork Pie Hat Kid can "send" his two hooks attached to two strong metal cables through a pan of water.

The water functions like a portal through which the Pork Pie Hat Kid can observe a limited zone as if peeking from above and if he places an object on the surface, he can send his hooks through said object who will come out of another object of the same kind to pull victims. For instance he can use a bird's feather's to make hooks appear on the underside of the feathers.[2] Pork Pie Hat Kid can also send anything through the object regardless of size, even a horse.[3]

Wired's hooks are strong enough to lift a full-grown man and even a horse and may even pull them while leaving items they may carry; the hooks are also fast enough to pull someone faster than they can react, so a distracted Johnny didn't notice Gyro being abducted.[1]

There are a few limitations to Wired. First, the water surface Pork Pie Hat Kid uses is small and only offers a limited view of his target, thus he can be fooled into making mistakes.[2] Moreover, anyone can use the objects as portals as well, which allowed Johnny to shoot through several feathers to hurt the User.[3]


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