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Quote Test

Hi I'm Damian.


I'm a average height young aduld with fair skin that wears glasses. Besides hair I also have facial hair. I don't want to talk about my look to much so pretend my infobox is my true appearance, which is currently Frog from Phantom Blood PS2 game.


Nice, but a little bit shy.




  • Making Polish pages (currently on Part 2);
  • Adding more localized names in Name Variants;
  • Code cleaning on various character pages as well as other stuff (fixed game appearances, Nsfw warnings, better links in galleries ect);
  • Improving chronological timeline (Most notably with Hot Summer Martha);
  • Expanded Morioh (locations and characters);
  • Adding more families in Families page;
  • Added a difference between vampirism in popular culture and main series, by pointing out that Dio's reflection can be seen in the cover for Chapter 130.



  • Main reason why I created this account is because I wanted to use dark mode.
  • When I created this account, I accidentally name it "Daminito" (Thanks Vish for fixing it).