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Hi I'm Damian.
Damianito user wiki.jpg


I'm a average height young adult with fair skin that wears glasses. Besides dark hair I also have facial hair. I don't want to talk about my look to much so pretend my infobox is my true appearance, which is currently King Crimson in Fall Guys.


Nice, but a little bit shy (I blame asperger).


I first heard of the series back in 2016 in a YouTube video about stupid censorship in anime. In the video Jotaro smoking in SC Episode 35 was used as an example. Back then I wasn't really into anime and thought the show looked weird.



List of edits I made on this site:

  • Making Polish pages (currently on Part 4);
  • Adding more localized names in Name Variants;
  • Code cleaning on various character pages as well as other stuff (fixed game appearances, nsfw warnings, better links in galleries ect);
  • Improving chronological timeline (most notably with Hot Summer Martha);
  • Expanded Morioh (locations and characters);
  • Adding more families in Families page;
  • Added a difference between vampirism in popular culture and main series, by pointing out that DIO's reflection can be seen in the cover for Chapter 130;
  • Added missing Categories to over 600+ categories;
  • Removed dozens of red links;
  • Updated French and Brazilian pages without knowing their languages.

Help with translation

Main article: Chavan's page

As a main polish translator I'm looking forward for help from other users either by updating the info or making new pages. For the rules on polish translation visit Chavan's page (first polish translator on JoJo Wiki). However unlike with Chavan's rules I suggest on adding Polonica names to pages (if available) to keep it consistant with other articles on this site, for example Gyro Zeppeli and his pages in other languages.



  • Main reason why I created this account is because I wanted to use dark mode.
  • When I created this account, I accidentally name it "Daminito" (Thanks Vish for fixing it).